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Antara IQ dan Kepintaran

Kisah inspiratif, bisa datang dari siapa saja, kapan saja, di mana saja.

Hari ini, gw ktemuan (lagi) sama salah satu sepupu dari pihak almarhumah nyokap gw, untuk yang ketiga kalinya. Dan baru kali ini, gw bisa foto bareng sama dia, karena ngerasa udah waktunya, gw ngangkat tulisan tentang dia. (udah ijin ya Kie..)

Tulisan gw kali ini terinspirasi saat gw pertama kali janjian ketemu sama Okie, sepupu gw ini. Awalnya mau ngobrol prospek kerjaan buat gw dan bisnis start up yang lagi dia rintis. Duduk di sebuah resto dimsum di Grand Indonesia,(jujur, gw baru sekali ini masuk GI, untunglah gw ga ilang di dalem), ngobrol panjang lebar tentang visi dan rencana-rencana sepupu gw yang bikin gw terpukau. Di kepala gw doang gw bisa komen.. “Ni anak bright amat ya..” btw, dia belasan taon di bawah gw umurnya.. (kali-kali ada yang nanya.).

Akhirnya tercetuslah pertanyaan kepo gw, “Kie, IQ loe brapa sik?” Dengan muka lempengnya (muka lempeng dalam arti sesungguhnya..) dia bilang “waktu TK, 95 sih cie.” Gw bengong. 95? Terus dia nyambung “tapi saya tu beruntung, karena koko-koko saya (dia punya 2 kakak laki-laki yang gw rasa sama pinternya kayak dia), ngajarin saya macem-macem. Cara baca jam, hitung ini, hitung itu. Jadi pas saya masuk TK, saya udah lebih banyak tau duluan dari yang lain. Dan guru pikir saya pintar.”

Okeeee… terus dia nyambung lagi ““Karena guru selalu bilang saya pintar, dan memperlakukan saya secara istimewa sebagai anak pintar, saya akhirnya percaya kalau saya memang pintar.” Hnah ini dia gongnya! Dan dia emang pintar beneran sih pada akhirnya..

T’rus dia nambahin “Saya percaya setiap manusia punya kepintarannya sendiri-sendiri. Hanya pintarnya dimana, bisa jadi setiap manusia beda-beda. Tapi sistem pendidikan kita cenderung mengesampingkan anak yang ‘lambat’ karena dianggap bodoh atau kurang pintar.” Ini nohok banget. Orang tua dan guru, kadang tidak selalu berhasil melihat kemampuan seorang anak hanya karena dia lambat belajar atau lambat melakukan sesuatu.

Yang menarik dari percakapan dengan sepupu gw ini, adalah bagaimana seorang anak yang di masa kecilnya dibilang pintar karena dia lebih tahu dari anak lain, lalu diperlakukan sebagai anak pintar. Dan perlakuan istimewa yang dia terima, membuat dia percaya kalau dia pintar. Dan ternyata, itu mempengaruhi IQ di masa dewasanya. Hasil tes IQ setelah dia mulai bekerja, selalu ditulis “Superior”

Ini jadi catatan penting yang pengen gw share buat para orang tua, khususnya yang masih punya anak balita. Bahwa setiap anak pintar. Perlakukan mereka sebagai anak pintar. Lihatlah bagaimana mereka akan bertumbuh, dengan percaya diri bahwa mereka pintar.

Catatan juga buat kita semua, termasuk gw sendiri.. orang pintar, bukan diukur dari IQ semata, tapi juga dari banyaknya pengetahuan yang dimiliki seseorang. Informasi dan pengetahuan yang diketahui lebih dulu dari orang lain, membuat seseorang lebih “pintar” dibanding orang yang lain.

“Knowledge makes power” Banyak-banyaklah membaca, banyaklah berinteraksi dengan orang-orang yang memiliki aura positif dan membangun. Pakailah gadget untuk menambah pengetahuan akan hal-hal yang bermutu. Biar jadi orang “pintar” kayak sepupu gw ini..

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Wedding Story: The Bride, her Tooth and runaway Ring

A memory from many years ago. A note to 21 years celebration of stronger love

Every girl has her own dream. Though not like most girls, I also had a dream, that someday, I could get married, to a man, close to my expectation. The journey was not as easy as I thought. But finally, I met the man of my dream. An Ambonese guy who made me laugh all the time and can easily accept my addiction to food. We prepared our wedding in full excitement.

The story began here. The wedding invitations have been delivered to every single invitee. I went to work. It was a usual Saturday morning, a week before my wedding. 7 February 1998. When I arrived at the office, one colleague asked me to have breakfast at Soto Blok M, near the office. Following my addiction to food, though I had my breakfast less than an hour before, I took the invitation with gusto.

I was hoping lightly, back to my desk to take my purse. When I almost reached the door, I slipped. What happened next was vague. I didn’t know what happened. What I knew only, I saw something popped out of my mouth. A few moments later I found out, it was a part of my front tooth. A three-quarter of it.

After a moment of hysterical episode, a few calls to my mom, my future husband and a dentist, I went home. A bride to be, lost her three-quarter of her front tooth, with a smile of Pippi Long-Stocking, a week before the wedding. My mom was crying. My future husband could not hold his laughter. My sisters stood in shock.

Well, there would be no wedding call-off. So we did every single thing to fix my tooth within a week. Voila! I was ready to get married on time.

The big day came. My tooth was back to its place and looked quite pretty. No problem. At least I didn’t have to go to the Church with the look of Pippi Long stocking. I was well prepared to go to the Church and received the blessing for my marriage. The holy matrimony process went smoothly and sweetly. I even could say my marriage promise without a break. I remembered every single word. It was perfect. Then we were ready to exchange rings. My man did his part smoothly. Nothing would go wrong with me, right? Well, you can hope for the best. But sometimes, you must prepare for the worst too. When I took the ring from the Pastor’s hand, it slipped off my fingers, fell down and rolled. A big laughter burst from the congregation. What the?? It took few seconds, in panic mood to find the ring. I was lucky, it didn’t go too far. It only went under my skirt. My husband, who has the heart of an ocean, smiled and gave me the look of “it’s OK, I knew this gonna happened. I was well prepared for this” Blushing, along with chuckled friends and my grinning Priest, we continued and finished the whole process till the end.

When I look back, I am truly very grateful. My tooth and my ring incidents were few of the unforgettable embarrassing stories to tell, but they were also part of the moments to remember. A funny story as a reminder to myself, how blessed I am to have a man, who love me with his whole heart, as my life partner for the last 21 years.

A fan letter to Dylan Wang

Weeks ago, my personal fandom world was rocked by unexpected news about Dylan Wang. I didn’t realize that I already put my heart too deep, till the news really hit me. I need days to really able to cope up with the real situation. After the storm, I know I have to write something to express how I feel and to show my support for someone that I admire, I love from a very long distance.

A letter from unknown fan to Dylan Wang, because when you love, you will stay and support thru ups and downs.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di. 

Picture letter belongs to me, protected with my personal watermark. If you re-post or re-upload, please Do not remove the watermark.

Dylan Wang Hedi, his wisdom and eternal fame

The journey to enter the Hall of Fame for Dylan Wang was not easy. But we could not deny that his first role as the iconic Dao Ming Si for Meteor Garden 2018, catapulted him into stardom almost overnight. It’s been 3 years and seems like Dylan Wang is still rising. I am newbie in his fandom but I wish to see him grow bigger in his acting career. I wish to see his talent showed in more dramas or probably movies. I wish to see him shaping up to be a rather formidable actor

His journey would never be the same if He Jiong decided to eliminate him from Super Idol in 2017. He Jiong shared his thought about Dylan during Happy Camp in June 2018

I admire Dylan Wang as young actor with talent but also unique thoughts. This blog is dedicated to quote compilations of his thoughts about being an actor and how he put himself in fame world.

Quotes from his recent 2020 Chu Xi 出戏 Interview  (for Ever Night 2 将夜2)

He was asked about his working non-stop around the clock. The question was “have you ever wanted to quit this industry?”

When he’s asked to describe his feelings when he’s forced to work,

When asked about his top task of life, from his interview in 2019, he seriously answered,

Quotes from his 2018 夜问 Idol Interview

He was amused by a question about learning English, but he seriously answered that question. I do wish to see him improving his English so he can really has the opportunity to go play overseas.

Quotes from 入戏 interview by the end of 2018

For him, people recognition and approval of his acting would make him happier.

The way he conveyed his thought about good actor, surely showed his matured and humble thoughts.

He said that he has no burden as being an Idol, because if he’s not working then he became himself. And he doesn’t feel that he’s an idol. He just feels he’s an actor.

About his wild ambition when it comes to acting, he has his own words.

There was days when appearance is more important than good acting, but Dylan entered the period where people have more demanding expectation on young actors, he realized that the standard either of beauty or requirements for drama are all heightened. But as usual, he has strong thought about it.

When it comes to lesser opportunities because the bar is rising higher, he confidently shared his thought,

About his fame after Meteor Garden, he said that he never spent time to get used to it.

When asked whether he has any scenes in Meteor Garden that he’s embarrassed to watch again after done filming, he gave his matured answer.

Dylan is fully aware that he has very good looks and realized that’s what one of his advantage when he stepped into the hall of fame. But he’s also very understood that good looks won’t ever be enough. From the Inn 2 interview, he shared his thought.

But he’s still a young man who loves fresh face without make up

This blog is the closure to my thoughts about him and reason of my fungurling. From my sharing thoughts in previous blogs, I can firmly say that Dylan Wang is not just someone with very good looks (which confirmed by those who see him in person), but also completed with many talents,  that could support his career as an actor or whatever profession he chooses in the future. He is a young man with strong personality, who’s working very serious as an actor.

But it’s his wisdom that made me admire him more. This comes from his interview for Cosmo in 2018. He projected his life in 10 years. His dream was humble and simple. In my opinion, if he can keep his wisdom as his pillar to stand strong in the world of celebrity, not to get drown in fame or letting success go to his crown, then he can has that dream life, when he decided to retire from showbiz.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di. 

The biggest challenge in writing my blogs is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

Other than the picture quotes I made, protected with my personal watermark, all pictures used in this blog are belongs to or re-direct to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.