Wedding Story: The Bride, her Tooth and runaway Ring

Memory from 18 years, 2 months & 4 days of marriage

Every girl has her own dream. Though not like most girls, I also had a dream, that someday, I could get married, to a man, close to my expectation. The journey was not as easy as I thought. But finally, I met the man of my dream. An Ambonese guy who made me laugh all the time and can easily accept my addiction to food. We prepared our wedding in full excitement.

The story began here. The wedding invitations have been delivered to every single invitee. I went to work. It was a usual Saturday morning, a week before my wedding. 7 February 1998. When I arrived at the office, one colleague asked me to have breakfast at Soto Blok M, near the office. Following my addiction to food, though I had my breakfast less than an hour before, I took the invitation with gusto.

I was hoping lightly, back to my desk to take my purse. When I almost reach the door, I slipped. What happened next was vague. I didn’t know what happen. What I knew only, I saw something popped out of my mouth. Few moments later I found out, it was part of my front tooth. A three-quarter of it.

After a moment of hysterical, a few calls to my mom, my future husband and a dentist, I went home. A bride to be, lost her three-quarter of her front tooth, with a smile of Pippi Long-Stocking, a week before the wedding. My mom was crying. My future husband could not hold his laughter. My sisters were stood in shock.

Well, there will be no wedding call-off. So we did every single thing to fix my teeth within a week. Voila! I was ready to get married on time.

The big day came. My tooth was back to it’s place and look quite pretty. No problem. At least I didn’t have to go to the Church with the look of Pippi Long stocking. I was well prepared to go to the Church and received the blessing for my marriage. The holy matrimony process went smoothly and sweetly. I even can said my marriage promise without a break. I remembered every single word. It was perfect. Then we were ready to exchange rings. My man did his part smoothly. Nothing would go wrong with me, right? Well, you can hope for the best. But sometimes, you must prepare for the worse too. When I took the ring from the Pastor’s hand, it slipped of my fingers, fell down and rolled. A big laughter burst from the congregation. What the?? It took few seconds, in panic mood to find the ring. I was lucky, it didn’t go too far. It only went under my skirt. My husband, who has the heart of an ocean, smiled and gave me the look of “it’s OK, I knew this gonna happened. I was well prepared for this” Blushing, along with chuckled friends and a grinning Pastor, we continued and finished the whole process till the end.

If I look back, I know I am grateful. My tooth and my ring incidents are few of the unforgettable embarrassing stories to tell, but they also part of the moments to remember. And a reminder to myself, how blessed I am to have a man, who love me with his whole heart, as my life partner.

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