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Pride & prejudice could make you lost your logic sense

Throughout my fandom period as one of the devoted fan to the Chinese most popular male singer, Han Geng, I don’t usually get irritated easily reading bad and unbalanced news about him. Usually I took those craps with open heart and strong believe that Han Geng was not like that. But surprisingly, I couldn’t reacted my usual reaction when I read about one of the senior Korean rock-ballad singer critizising Han Geng’s action, related to his latest CF of Tian Xia2 online Game.

The opening statement was totally getting my nerves. “On the morning of November 19th, the singer left a long message on his personal mini-homepage titled, “Hankyung is not manly enough to own up to his actions, how disgusting.”

It was harsh, mean and irresponsible accuse, but I don’t want to waste my time discussing Mr. Kim’s opinion about Han Geng, because for me, Mr. Kim only represented what I thought about sensitivity. Too sensitive will hurt your pride, make your sense gone, resulting prejudice and bad comments to other people.

I send my highest appreciation to Geng-Bao.Net, who in speed lighting, posted the original CF of Tian Xia in their forum. From there I can really see that from the first time of its released, the CF was destined as Chinese commercial to promote the online game.

Original Tian Xia CF – Chinese Version

What most of people tend to forget was the common action usually done to a commercial. Dubbing version of any commercials with other language when the commercials were to be released in other countries. I positively believe that’s what happened to the original version of Tian Xia CF, dubbed by Korean language to be released in Korea. No other purpose, only common things used to done for any commercials.

Unfortunately, the dubbed version was used by the antis as black campaign against Han Geng.

Tian Xia CF – Korean Version

Then, another news emerged. “SM Entertainment official say they would welcome Hankyung back”

I thought I’ve done with my outrage over the Tian Xia CF’s accident, but reading the written words on the news was totally brought my flame back. I quoted some of their statement below.

At the time of the contract signing, Hankyung was present with his mother and clearly heard the explanation that the contract would be for 13 years. He is the one that signed it. For him to come out now and claim that he received unjust treatment from Korea and that the entire contract is invalid is ridiculous“.

It was totally wrong statement. Han Geng clearly stated at Lu Yu 2010 show, that it was HIS FATHER who accompanies him to sign the contract not his mother. He also said that his father was objected, he felt like he sold his son that time. It was his strong heart that made him went forward to Korea and accepted the contract terms.

China has advanced a lot recently, but at the time, how could he have earned the skills in China in order to become an international star? Hankyung himself knew that SME’s star system was superior, which is why he came to Korea“.

I have spilled out my own opinion on this kind of superior statement from SME. People should never forget that Han Geng didn’t win the audition with no efforts. To the ratio 3000 : 1, Han Geng must be someone with excellent talent that met the requirement of SME. Through the whole years of his period in Korea, Han Geng didn’t just sit on a chair and let SME do everything to make him famous. He’s been working very hard with all of his heart and energy to make sure that the amount of money SME has spent for him would get repaid. SME received increasing benefit, especially when Hang Geng successfully lead the sub-division of Super Junior, SJ-M, break the Chinese music industry and made the group one of the most famous Korean boy band in 2008 – 2009.

One of my dearest friend from, babyskullhead gave her firm statement on my posted blog, Han Geng, a man of respect and commitment

“A lot of people also said SME put in a lot of money on Han Geng so he owed it to SME. But the fact is that a lot of the money SME put into their artists are deducted from their pay. SME is not dumb, their purpose is to make money.

Another fact is that yes, SME put a lot of effort into developing Han Geng, but equally Han Geng made a lot of money for SME. Han Geng led SJ-M into China and became very popular and made a lot of money for SME. But do you think this path could go as smooth as it did without Han Geng and the mass genfans support? It’s true that the other SJ-M members also performed well. But do you think they can do as well without Han Geng there helping them translating and making them feel as comfortable as possible in a foreign land? Han Geng knew what it felt like to be a stranger in a strange land so he tried hard to not let his members go through what he went through. Also, who do you think went around every record and bookstore posting Han Geng and SJ-M posters and promoting SJ-M to everyone? SME? Not a chance. It was genfans doing all the hard leg work. Who worked laborously day and night posting messages and making votes for Han Geng to appear on the popular Lu Yu talk show and be the Olympic torch bearer in the Beijing Olympics so more people in China could know about this wonderful young man and SJ? SME? No way! It was all by gengans’ efforts and Han Geng’s good merits. So please don’t tell me that SME made Han Geng popular and he wouldn’t have the career he have today”.

Which I totally agree with her. Most of the Geng fans were not the type of blind folded fans. We do know the reason why we support Han Geng with our full heart. It was the the combination of Han Geng’s hardwork countless effort from Geng Fans since the first day Han Geng in Korea that made Han Geng famous and brought enourmous amount of money for SME. Not the other way around.

“Despite all of this, SM Entertainment believes that it is better for both Hankyung and the company to come back together as opposed to terminating the contract. Whenever Hankyung wants to return, we will take him back.”

Sounds like a wise and very nice statement huh? But I don’t think it’s sincere. I will say that what Han Geng did to SME was something that really knocked the pride of SME. The sad thing was the 2 unfair news been posted and spread all over the entire globe resulting various reactions from both Super Junior’s fans and Han Geng’s. I will never speak for Han Geng’s sake, but for me, there will be no use for him to return to the company, who keep trying to cover the reality and forget about mutual respect. Since Han Geng placed his law suit at the end of 2009 , there were zillion proofs of black campaign with one purpose, blocked his career and bring him down to the zero level.

We should really learn these days that pride and prejudice would make you lost your logic sense. Pride and prejudice could blind fold your eyes from the truth. So, just put the situation this way, as long as the antis keep the black campaign going on, I will never stop writing my opinion to stand for Han Geng. Because like the other devouted Geng Fans, we all know the truth. Nothing can stop the real diamond from shinning.

These writings are what I had in mind and what I see through my heart. My writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

All pictures used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Han Geng, man of respect & commitment

I can’t really remember the day I totally devoted to one handsome Chinese guy who happen to be a singer with remarkable dancing talent, but I knew it was not long ago. All I can remember was the first day I heard him singing Wings of Love and totally fell for his thin soothing tenor voice. From that day, I never stopped torturing my internet connection and of course my poor eyes to search more about him. Not like the other fans, who’s been following him since his first debut in 2005 and have full of details information about him, I only got information starting from his contract termination at the end of 2009. Thanks for my OHD, Obsessive Han Geng Disorder that helping me to search deeper, seeing what on the surface was not enough to satisfied my OHD.

Through many translated articles and subtitled interviews as well as the subtitled variety shows since his period in Korea to his return to his own homeland, my admiration to Han Geng slowly increase. Like I said in my previous blogs, Han Geng was not the type of drop-dead gorgeous Chinese guy who can made your knee melts like jelly. He just one of the ordinary Chinese guy with feline handsomeness who sometimes looks ordinary among others. It was his great talents and distinctive personality that made him exceptional.

Though I have this crazy fan girl side in my heart, but my mature mind made me able to see him with different perspective. Han Geng was smart and charming, it makes his replies to all questions during inteviews were mundane but genuine and sincere. Han Geng also a self assured individual, though he said he’s introvert and shy, but in many of his appearances what exudes from him was self confident. His witty and sweet self deprecating attitude made him able to delivers delighting performance. His dancing talent, especially the traditional dance complete his charismatic personality and made his package positively captivating. As a performer, Han Geng has the personality and talent that can make him a superstar.


As I write this blog, it’s normal if I wish someday Han Geng would read it, but if he’s not, it would be okay, at least I’ve done my part in supporting him. I am writing this blog because I am a person who can not stand to see other people treated in-equally. I will speak out my opinion to whoever gets that kind of treatment. In this case, I speak out my opinion for Han Geng. Usually I didn’t really get annoyed by bad statement about Han Geng. I used to easy going, because I have my own opinion about Han Geng, though I never met him (yet). But lately, it gets my nerves. I can’t understand the statement of ungrateful Han Geng, or he bite the hands who fed him.

To those who’s been following Han Geng since the first day he stepped his feet on the land of Korea, would knew very well, how hard Han Geng worked to reach his dream. Twenty hours of various trainings, but he never said a single complaint. Even when he already took his path of going solo, he used to answered that his training period in Korea was like his school time in Beijing. He’s not whining. Never. Let’s try to put ourselves on Han Geng’s shoes. Would we do any better than him? Alone in a foreign country, missing your family would be the most scariest thing. Not much young people can really overcome the hardship without the support of the family around. Don’t you think that it’s better to live poor in your own country rather than live like a king in other country? No matter how good the support around you, it still can’t substitute the secured feeling when you’re in your own place. I am not saying that the Korean fans, the other members, or those who worked with him don’t have the big love and support for Han Geng, but it still won’t enough to fill the big hole in his heart caused by missing his family. Did he back off? No he continued his hardship for more than 5 years.

When people said Han Geng was ungrateful, what he’s done to received that kind of statement?. It’s true that the audition held by SM Entertainment was Han Geng’s door to the Hall of Fame. But do you think he would win the audition without talent and good attitude? He won the audition because he fulfill the 4 categories determined by the company. When Han Geng finally arrived in Korea, SM Entertainment didn’t just put a silver spoon on his mouth, let him sitting on his chair waiitng for the fame to came with no efforts from his side. It was really wide spread and you can read it anywhere on how hard was the training period. So Han Geng did his part, trainings. Do you think the company will put Han Geng in a group called “Super Junior 05” if he’s not really that talented? Han Geng said he even surprised that he can debut less than 2 years of his training period, while there are trainees who’s been trained for 4 – 5 years and still not debuted. It was Han Geng’s perfecionist and strong heart that made him able to pass the training less than 2 years. He did work hard.

During the period of SJ – M. Of course it was admitted that the other members also have talents, but do you think it would be a great success, if Han Geng as a leader didn’t give his best to lead the group? People should understand this too. “the pessimist complains about the winds, the optimist expect it to change, the leader adjust the sail” – John Maxwell. Han Geng was the leader. He never complained or only expecting things to change. He always adjust the sail to make sure that his group were safe and their purpose fulfilled.

There is a terminology called “Mutual Respect”. An important potion to any kind of relationship. Without that, both parties would suffer and the relationship will end. Both SM Entertainment and Han Geng have done their part for many years. The company provide all the necessary support while Han Geng gave his best effort s to meet the company’s expectation and to fulfill his dream. But I also believe, the company can see that Han Geng was the right choice. With his great talent, his charming personality and ability to enduring pain to fulfill the responsibility, Han Geng could be a golden boy to the company. But it was the time when mutual respect became un-equal. In my opinion, if the Company really appreciate Han Geng and not only use him as their money machine, they will give Han Geng space to doing solo. Listen to his brilliant and sophisticated ideas and give him opportunity to do more. Still keep him under their wings but give him space to spread his wings wider. Mutual respect for mutual benefit. Han Geng lost his mutual benefit position when the mutual respect became un-equal.

Han Geng bite the hand that fed him? Don’t you think that no matter how loyal your pet is, if you keep them mis-treated, someday they definetely will bite your hand. There will be no reaction without action. I tried to think back about Han Geng’s personality. One of the four points that made the company chose him was his good attitude. His Korean manager firmly said to Lu Yu at the 2007 show, that Han Geng was a kind person with good personality. He was different from all the others. He was kind and not pompous. Do you think Han Geng showed fake attitude during the audition? Is it possible that a young man kept his real personality for many years in the foreign country and suddenly shows the real of him when’s back to his homeland? I don’t think so. His personality was the result of his family background. When he grew older in Korea, his personality developed even stronger. His appearance in many Korean variety shows was proof that he has talent and personality that made him darling to hosts and TV stations.

After all the hard works, people still can say that he’s ungrateful? That he bite the hand that fed him? Han Geng never said anything against Korea. He even said many times that he didn’t want to loose his Korean fan, because they’ve been supporting him for long. His decision didn’t come in sudden. He considered his decision many months, hoping that the mutual understanding would come and they can work together again with renewed mutual respect. His statement was always about the mutual respect, which I think was easy to understand. You can’t work together with anyone or any company if you get no mutual respect. So his action was totally understandable. People must stop trying to find something that can bring Han Geng down.


In my heart, Han Geng was someone with distinctive personality. Though his personality didn’t make him flawless, but I still believe that Han Geng was a man of respect and commitment. “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind not with it” – Henry Ford. With his strong personality, Han Geng will fly against the wind, because he’s exceptional. No matter how bad the world outside him, he will always chasing the wind to see a very distant future. Even if the road was complicated, in the end he will be able to find the right way to go. He overcome the storm before, he will overcome even bigger storm in the future. Because he is Han Geng.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer:All pictures used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners, No copyright infringement intended.

Han Geng, a simple man with charismatic strong personality

After experienced so much, to my growth next time or to my career next time, I would be a very great help, no matter good or bad, any way just having a positive attitude. Good, that’s good. Bad, it’s giving you an experience. Giving you a lesson, next time you have to take a note

These days, there is one name that becoming the most important topic throughout Asia Entertainment Industry. The name that can raise rating of TV shows. The name that can guarantee the high sales of magazines. The name that can put countless attendants to one event. The new Chinese most popular male singer, crowned as the new Asian Dancing King, the new Asian superstar, Han Geng. But this good looking Chinese guy was not someone who’s been catapulted into stardom in one single night. His journey from a naïve young boy to a very famous entertainer was heart-breaking and painful.

Han Geng,Asian Superstar,Dancing King

Han Geng was not the only person who struggles to reach the ultimate dream, there are many other young people who try their best to reach the level where Han Geng stands now. But Han Geng experienced things that not much young people would experienced. His ability to endure every single pains and overwhelm the storm made his life story one of the phenomenal and inspirative to others.

Behind all the glamorous Diva status, Han Geng was a simple man. A guy with feline handsomeness, who likes simple colors of black, white, gray and silver for his outfits, after flying solo and in speed lighting, climbing his mountain of success, admitted that he has no ambitions. “I have no ambitions. It’s not like I want to be a big shot, be a superstar. It just like what I’ve said, do my job well, let things work out naturally. No need to force myself to do certain things, must get to certain status. I don’t feel that way will necessary get me to that place, I will only tire myself out”. To someone with no ambitions, Han Geng showed success beyond the limits.

Han Geng,Asian Dancing King,Chinese pop singer

Han Geng has a backgrounds that made him strong as a rock. He even emphasized that suffering was good for young people. “Actually, I think it’s good to suffer a little. It’s really good. So, after you experienced all these, you would feel that this is my gain. The other may not have these experience, I am happy because I have this experience”.

Born as the only child in the family in 1984, raised in not so good environment, Han Geng grew as someone who has to responsible to himself. Detached from his family in Mudanjiang to entered school in Beijing since his very young age, formed him into a person with strong heart. The condition of his family made him a person with great consideration and responsibility, “When I just graduated, I told my mum that I definitely not take a single cent from home anymore. I told her please do not worry, if I have no more money, I’ll work, you don’t have to worry about me. That is what I did. There was only once when I had no other choice, it was already winter, I had no blanket, I asked my family for $500.

A strong commitment since a very young age. The commitment along with his strong heart were the courage that made him certain to pursue his dream in a foreign country, South Korea. “One person’s attitude towards life determines the direction of his life. 10 years ago, I was just a boy who just graduated. I didn’t think about my future and only wanted to strike out on my own. At that time, I have always felt that the world out there is so big that there would be a day that I succeed.

Since the first day he arrived in Korea in 2003, entering the tight schedule of trainings, his first debut in 2005 to his decision to terminate his contract with the Korean Company at the end of 2009 and took a step to solo career in July 2010, Han Geng faced many experiences. Bitter sweet moments that sharpen his personality. No matter how hard the difficulties, he never gave up. “Every decision, no matter right or wrong, or whatever is the result, I’ve made them myself. I need to face the consequences and be held responsible; therefore, every step I’ve taken I have never regretted. My father always said to me, no matter what decision you make, it’s all your business, but it’s up to you to see how you treat it, how you are going to deal with it mentally”. I’ve taken everything pretty lightly now, very peacefully; whatever they say in the outside world is not for me to say”.

Han Geng,Asian Dancing King,Chinese pop singer

After the news of his contract termination emerged, many wants to know how he reacts on his case. Those who really support him or those who tried to find words that can bring him down. But Han Geng never whining. He took his period in Korea as one precious experience “To me, this is an excellent experience, and it also serves to remind me to increasingly appreciate my achievements now. If I hadn’t worked so hard in the past, I would probably be intoxicated by my status as a celebrity, and get stalled in my steps, or maybe even giving up when I meet even the smallest difficulties”. This kind of character easily pulls respects from others. Han Geng was not perfect, but about his principles, he’s almost impeccable.

The Chinese singer who exudes the aura of a king while he’s dancing also famous as the poorest Chinese celebrity. Not because he was the type of freespender celebrity, but his poor and difficult past gave him an ocean wide heart. A heart that put empathy for others who’s not as lucky as him. A mighty heart that made him crying with those who suffer. And his status as a celebrity gave him more responsibility to influence more people to hand in hand helping others. One of his dream was doing more charity, “”Last time in Korea I did not have the time to do charity. But now I have the time and chance, I hope that I can help more. I always believe that celebrities should encourage others and lead others, lead young people to help others. I have the responsibility to do that.”

Han Geng,Asian Dancing King,Chinese pop singer

He was one of the big supporter of “I want to go to School” program. He donate big amount of his fee to Taiwan earthquake’s victims and more other charity events. He even firmly said to his fans not to spend their money to buy things for him, during variety shows or through his CY, “Everyone, please don’t waste your money on purchasing gifts for me, it’s not worth it, because you can collect the money and donate it to people who need it more.” I totally admire him for this. He can buy anything he wants these days, but his action speaks louder than words, spend your money for more important things, charities.


The most unique of Han Geng was his relationship with his full of support fans. The charismatic Han Geng highly gratitude his fans, “When I step out of the airport, I can see them everywhere, and sometimes they even forgo their sleep and wait overnight at the airport. The amount love that they give is not something that can be repaid with one song or a dance”. On the other hand, though he appreciate his fans in high level, he’s not afraid to state his words about respect, “I hope that everyone would respect each other in work. My concert, my album, my hard work is all for those who have been supporting me. Even if that there is only just one audience left at the stand, I will still give my all on the stage. I am very sincere towards every one, I respect every show I attended. So, I hope that I will receive the same degree of respect”. And not like other celebrity who can’t not avoid that their fame would effect their family, Han Geng really protect his family and he firmly said that many times, “I’ve always been very protective to my family. Really very protective of my family. I don’t want their life to be added into my work or to let a lot of fans go find my mother everyday, finding her to take pictures or something like that. Because it’s really their life, but my work is my work”.

Han Geng,Asian Superstar,Dancing King

Since the first day I started my fandom, I positively believe that it was Han Geng who took the first step in building the mutual understanding and respect with his fans. His full of respect attitude was the starter to formed the unique relationship. It would be easy to understand if Han Geng might satisfied with his unexpected fame after going solo that made him the most famous Asian super star these days, but his humble and down to earth attitude made him didn’t posses the Diva – like attitude, because Han Geng was a simple man with charismatic and strong personality.

Han Geng,Asian Superstar,Dancing King

I never met Han Geng, not yet 😀 All of his statements above came from those who interviewed him or articles posted in I wrote this blog because I want to share how my heart sees Han Geng.
To my heart, Han Geng is someone with rare personality. To him, I give my humble and full support.

Disclaimer:All pictures used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners, No copyright infringement intended.

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