A piece of my Little Heart for Robert Pattinson & Ben Barnes – The Beginning

It was a day, when I watched again The Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian and surprised by the fact that the Mediterranean accent of Prince Caspian played by Ben Barnes was very bold and amusing. I don’t have to say anything about how astonishing was his looks as the Telmarine Prince. Within the last few weeks, my attention was fully dragged to a new star crush.


I started digging more information about Ben Barnes. Without able to hold back myself, I poured many photos of him to Facebook and harvesting questions, comments and even protests from my lovely friends around the globe. Yeap, around the globe, because my friends in France & Croatia left their comments too. It was superb 😀 Some even questioning how could I gave up easily on RPatzz, lost my passion for him in just a very short time. I must admit, though I was freaking crazy overdose about Robert Pattinson, but I am no fanatics. If I lost the amusement facts on Robert, I would be easily turning my head for another hunk. In this case, Benjamin Barnes was there.

It won’t be a goodbye for Robert Pattinson, because I still looking forward to see his future projects as a qualified actor. I could not deny that almost a year ago, Robert was rocking my little world and changed my perception about star crushing.

During my freaking crazy overdose on Ben Barnes period, I found lots of interesting facts about Robert Pattinson & Ben Barnes, which then becoming my basic reason to write about them. I tried to compile lots of apple to apple pictures of them, did little research and ready to give it out. For sure, I will not leaving the club. I still want to share my personal opinion about these two alluring British actors. .


I will write partially because I knew it won’t be easy to write about these two multi-talented handsome and famous actors. I will start my writings from the very basic information, the connection between Rob & Ben.

Both Robert & Benjamin were British. In a way, they were connected. They were sharing Thomas as their middle name, Robert Thomas Pattinson who was born on 13 May 1986 and Benjamin Thomas Barnes who was born on 20 August 1981.

Ben, 5 years older than Rob used to sing with Lizzie, Rob’s older sister in school. Because Lizzie was a musician, Ben used to go Motown and soul night with her. Even Rob who met Ben a year before, could remember there was a time he went to see Ben & Lizzie on stage. This information written on the page of Bliss Magazine; October 2009 issue, from Ben Barnes Fan. You can check the complete story here

I found it very interesting to write more about these two drop-dead gorgeous multi-talented British actors. For now, enjoy this picture of the breathtaking handsome faces and thank you for reading 😀


Disclaimer: All photographs used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners.

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  1. Quenzabeth

    They r both my favourites I must confess. Robpatz is a talented actor so is Ben Barnes. They r both great and extremely talented… Keep it real.God bless.

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