Dylan Wang He Di, handsome young man with strong personality

Writing again about new star crush, after 10 years of writing hiatus period was not too difficult; especially when the star is rising, so the pictures and news are all over the internet.

After watching Meteor Garden 2018, my fun-gurling journey began. I got hooked up and entering the phase of “need to write because no one can understand my excitement.” I started my first blog “Introduction to Dylan Wang He Di” on 12 June, wrote 2 parts about how he captivated my heart and 3 parts on what completes his dashing package.

After finished with the eighth blog “Dylan Wang He Di, another pretty face of real talent”, I think I should also write my thoughts about his personality. The reason was because for those who decided to enter the world of celebrity, whatever the profession they choose, one must have strong heart and remarkable talent. The world of competition could bring many troubles for those who are not prepared, especially those who catapulted into stardom overnight. Dylan Wang will need more than just handsome face and talent. He needs big heart and strong personality.

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As the result of my search, it is clear that Dylan Wang is someone with high self-esteem (probably even higher than his height kekekeke). He was fully aware that he has good looks and not shies to confidently tell people about it. I found the way he describes his handsome appearance was cute.

“I’m Dylan and I’m handsome and cute, that’s what my family said and I believe in them”

I still giggle every time I see this picture and his smartly confident way to tell people that he’s handsome and cute. (I have no objection. It is so true that he is handsome and cute at the same time).

But he is not only a young man who possesses very good looks (sometimes even looks ethereal) but he is also someone with old soul. He’s intelligent, wise far beyond someone his age and have a beautiful heart. I gathered what people think about him.

Back to Big磅来了 F4 + Shen Yue Interview for PhantaCity in 2018, Chen Guan Hong aka Darren Chen shared his thought about Dylan as his co-star.

“I felt he was really cool, but after we got to know each other, he is someone with a lot of his own thoughts. He ‘still very cool, but also has a lot of his own thoughts.”

Inga Griese from Icon Magazine who worked with him for a Icon Magazine September 2019 issue photo-shoot along with his co-stars, Shen Yue, Darren Chen and Caesar Wu, mentioned Dylan on his birthday and addressed him as polite, talented, thoughtful  and  with warm heart.

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In his solo interview for the magazine, he was described as polite as he is relaxed, a cool personality with great potential.

Thank you to Pamela Kyle for translating his  interview  for Lifestyle which I watched it with an ear to ear smile. His savvy answer to the questions showed that he has brain inside his beautiful head.

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Q: If you had to choose an actress to exchange faces, who would you choose?

WHD: Why bother? Two people with beautiful face exchange faces and then both of them are ugly. This is something opposite on win-win solution

Anyway, he looks super fresh handsome and cute in this interview (personal opinion, of course.)

Or the expression that showed his understanding about Dao Ming Si, was also very heart-melting.

Interviewer: Now please recite the poem the way Dao Ming Si would sound like.

WHD: What? Dao Ming Si?  Dao Ming Si won’t listen to you!  He won’t recite this poem.

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But when it comes to something that he thinks not appropriate, he can be savage and sarcastic. Honestly, I salute him for his courage to answer the question about bully. He really knows what he’s saying.

Q: Have you been bullied?

WHD: Yes, many times, but I don’t fight back, because hurting animals was a crime.

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Someone witty is charming. Someone confident is also charming. But Dylan Wang is confidently witty. That makes him, especially charming.

Raised as the only kid in the family, I think Dylan grew into someone close to his parents. Even though he is growing famous but he still talked about his mother in warm and caring tone, as you can see in The Inn episode 7 (starts from min 24.26)

Because my mom is not good at speaking Mandarin and she’s also super shy, she doesn’t like to talk to people when she’s out with others. When I was young, it was her that encourages me to express myself and to communicate with others. Now, because of me, she’s living in Beijing. It’s my turn to encourage her to talk with other people. I often encourage her saying don’t be afraid and you can talk with them about this or that. Just these past two years, all at sudden, I felt my mom needs me so much.

But Dylan is also someone with big heart. In 2019 he launched the Super Penguin League Charity Event to giveaway shoes, jersey and experience professional basketball training for the student of Wenchuan Middle School in Sichuan (Didi’s Hometown)

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I have mixed feelings when I caught this expression during his conversation with 2 young kids who love playing Basketball and what their dream about it. He grew up. Dylan has experienced things and I think he wish to share those with younger people. Another quality that makes him endearing.

Physically Dylan Wang could be the object of embarrassing drool, but in person he’s a humble and affable chap with strikingly strong personality and wisdom.

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I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di. The biggest challenge is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

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