Dylan Wang He Di, his choice as Ning Que

Dylan Wang was debuted his career in 2017 and took his first role in Meteor Garden 2018 as Dao Ming Si. His second role was Ning Que in Ever Night 2.

I came late; therefore I only knew that this role was not something that Dylan easily enters. He stepped in replacing Chen Fei Yu, Ning Que in Ever Night 1, who gained praises for his ability to convey the role very well. Dylan faced the reality that many of Chen’s fans were upset because of this casting choice. He must able to prove that he can interpret his role to meet the high standard set from Ever Night 1. Not to say his ability to show chemistry with Song Yi Ren portraying Sang Sang.

As I wrote in my previous blog about Dylan’s choice as Dao Ming Si, what caught my attention were his changing feelings through his facial expression and spoken eyes.  It goes the same when I watched Ever Night 2.

One significant scene that captured me was Ning Que’s facial expression in episode 4, when he found out that Sang Sang changing reality, from Daughter of the Light into Daughter of the Darkness. You can see his mixed feelings about the situation in this clip. He was confused, panic, denial, acceptance and finally, wrath.

For a rookie who just has 2 dramas, his expressive eyes and micro facial expressions surely his asset to bring him acting recognition in the future.

Ever Night was not only strengthen his ability to convey feelings through facial expressions and his expressive eyes, but also brought him to a new level of experience. He put lots of his energy into 10 days of fierce fighting training for Ever Night 2.

He learned sword fighting, archery and how to deal with wire.

In his interview for Ru Xi, he shared a lot of his experience during Ever Night 2 filming.

“If we had to fly from the top of the mountain, we really hang from a wire and fly really high, jumping down from the top of the mountain.”

He was tiring himself into 34 takes for one scene, only to make it perfect.

He experienced heavy shooting situation, when storm hit filming location in Turpan. I think he lost weight too.

But his hard work paid off. As he said in his interview, Within the martial arts crew on set, I have nick name as Gold medal stunt double because I am my own stunt double.”  And it’s not only his saying. One of the production team shared thought about his professionalism.

Didi is really an idol who deserve of your love. He’s a good actor who works very hard. There’s nothing much (bad) to say about his character and professionalism. You guys did not support the wrong person. He deserve of your love. He preserved through 15-16 hours of filming everyday in Xianyang. Didi is really good when filming the fighting scene

I watched all 103 episodes of Ever Night Season 1 & 2. Despite of this mixed reviews I read all over the internet, comparing the scripts, cinematography, special effects, costumes, etc. both seasons gave the same good vibes for my personal taste.

But this blog is not to review the drama. I write to share my personal opinion on how Dylan Wang progressing from his first drama.

I admire Dylan’s hard works and his determination to learn more. I don’t see Dao Ming Si in Dylan’s interpretation of Ning Que. Dylan successfully changed his character from playful, cocky, super rich handsome Dao Ming Si, into matured Ning Que, who’s no longer consumed by anger and vengeance but becoming a man with responsibility to protect Sang Sang, his love and life as well as Tang Dynasty. In my opinion, he nailed convincingly (once again) his role in his second drama.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di on his choice as Ning Que of Ever Night 2. If he keeps the same method in doing his following projects, I believe he can portray many character convincingly. And that’s his ticket to becoming formidable actor.

The biggest challenge in writing my blogs is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

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