Dylan Wang He Di, what captivated the heart – part 2

This is the second part of my thought on his physical appearance that captivated my eyes. The first part was about his physical appearance that captivated my eyes for the first time I saw him.

Dylan Wang is undoubtedly very handsome. According to those who had the opportunity to see him in person, the word handsome was understatement to describe his looks. Well, I really don’t know how good looking he is in real life, but from his pictures, he definitely is good looking and camera darling.

But after watching his dramas (Meteor Garden & Ever Night 2), I found that the most important part of his captivating good looks was his eyes. He has a pair of warm and soulful almond dark brown eyes which surprisingly, very expressive. His eyes bring many expressions to his handsome face.

His eyes could make him look perfectly dreamy.

His eyes also can make him look otherworldly but still totally endearing

But his eyes can give also you piercing deep-sharp stare. His solemn stare could easily steal your breath away.

It reminds me of what Lin Siyi, member of SNH48, who’s been electrocuted by his good looks said, “I think he’s quite good-looking. Very good-looking.” (A/N: I guess she’s really electrocuted. She can’t properly said, whether Dylan is quite good looking or very good looking. Haha) His eyes are very lively. It makes you feel like ‘wow’ this person will become an idol in the future.”

His eyes are his primary asset. He should continuously work on them to create more expression to bring him acting recognition in the future.

This writing is about what I had in mind when I looked at his pictures. I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis. I have done my homework on his physical appearance, which no doubt captivated many hearts. But in his journey to become respectful actor, he needs more than just striking good looks. And my heart sees more than just that.

My biggest challenge is language. I have zero understanding in Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos. Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

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