Dylan Wang He Di What completes his dashing package – part 1

Tons of Dylan Wang’s pictures all over the internet, for sure brought headache to my head.A pair of beautiful warm dark brown almond eyes, will always becoming one of his attractiveness. Smashing expression plastered to his handsome face could be the reasons for devotion & fanatics.

As for me, brooding is one of his expressions I love the most. He never failed to look perfectly handsome, when he broods.

But that’s not all. He has other quality that completes his dashing appearance. His heart-winning contagious smile, which reaches his eyes, makes them twinkled and lively.

His smile completes his polite demeanor and makes him very endearing.

He sometimes flashes a genuine smile. The wide grin and the contours around his eyes are a giveaway. It announces his happiness to the world. This smile is also contagious; it makes everyone around him happy too.

But sometimes, he showed closed lip smile that indicates he knows something of importance to you but has no plans of sharing their secret. This kind of smile makes him look very cute.

It’s not only his smile that captivated the heart. Dylan is also chummy and easy to laugh. He showed his spontaneous hearty laughter easily.

He’s not afraid to burst a laughter which brings out his cute wrinkly eyes.

I have to say big thanks to Jhurana for her video compilation of Dylan Wang’s laughter

Every time I see him laughing, it’s contagious and brings happy feeling. Dylan Wang has something other than his good looks, which is for sure captivated my heart and many others .

This writing is about what I had in mind when I looked at his pictures. I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

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