Dylan Wang He Di – What completes his dashing package – part 2

Star crushing is not something that I experience all the time. It comes once in a blue moon. It could happen to any actor with good looks and genuine distinctive qualities. It was Ben Barnes, British heartthrob, catapulted to stardom because of his role as Prince Caspian, who caught my attention; brought strong push to me to write and still following his updates until now. After more than 10 years, my eyes again, captivated by the Chinese heartthrob, Dylan Wang.

I have to admit, good looks was the first impression. But physical appearance won’t be enough. My star crush must have other qualities. Qualities that make my star crush differ from others. In Dylan’s case is his pair of dark brown eyes, contagious smile and spontaneous hearty laughter. Is that all?

To his fans, Dylan Wang was perfect or well, almost perfect as an actor as well as a gentleman. Of course I have no objections at all, because I am one of his freaking crazy overdosed fans. Who can resist his well-proportioned unforgettable handsome face? And Dylan Wang was not only dazzlingly handsome, but also charming and very cheerful.

Dylan Wang is rising and I believe he is talented too. Besides of his cheerful attitude, he is also a man of many facial expressions. He knows very well how to play with his eyebrows and frowning. Another distinguishes quality that made him endearing.

His facial expression could make him looks handsomely cute

Or made him looks endearingly cute

I believe, his facial expression along with his lively pair of eyes could be a dynamic combo to his acting chops. 

This is the 6th blog of Dylan Wang’s Project. And I still have many thoughts which I would like to share. This writing is about what I had in mind when I looked at his pictures. I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

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