Dylan Wang He Di – What completes his dashing package – part 3

Once I started to star crushing, I usually get a strange push to write blogs. This action is only to accommodate my thoughts, which sometimes not much of my friends could understand. My blogs will partly written, started with introduction to the actor, continued to his journey to the Hall of Fame. Then followed with any qualities captivated both my eyes and heart.

Dylan Wang is surely has almost perfect appearance. He has “to-die-for” looks combined with tall and lean build, pair of warm almond brown eyes, heart-winning smile and cute wrinkly eyes laughter,  a lethal combo, enough to make many of his fans go “ga-ga” on him.

But Dylan Wang is more than just epitome of handsomeness object. He is also someone with adorable attitude. He has many videos that showed his interactions with people. But this one interaction from Super Penguin event caught my heart. He’s not only looked well-proportioned unforgettably handsome, but he’s also charming.

Dylan is also cheerful energetic bright young man. His cheerfulness was contagious and brings laughter to his surroundings as you can see from BTS’s video from Ever Night 2. To complete his cheerful demeanor, he is also very self-assured and witty. He acted freely and answer any questions as per as what he thinks. No filters. No cover up. Just the way he is.

Not to mention this one clip from Happy Camp. I can’t get enough watching this meow-meow moment. His confidently witty style always successfully burst laughter out of me. He knows how to cheer every moment up with his creative thoughts.

But cheerful energetic and self-assured witty attitude still can’t beat his adorable interaction with kids. Most of the time, he showed that he could handle kids and young fans attentively. He always has pictures of his off-screen interaction with young kids from every show he’s in.

From the set of Ever Night 2 and Meteor Garden

From the set of National Southwestern University and Us (this one is my favorite. The kid’s happy face shows his feeling towards Dylan)

And of course not to forget his interaction with kids during his participation in reality show called “The Inn”.

So far, my heart can see that Dylan Wang is still interesting to follow. This writing is about what I had in mind when I looked at his pictures. I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

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