Dylan Wang Hedi, Another pretty face or real talent

Dylan Wang, one of Chinese prominent young actor, entered his Hall of Fame through his decision to go for a variety show audition (Youku Super Idol). No one knew by that time, that eventually, his decision to join the “Super Idol” was his entrance to the Hall of Fame. His journey to finally reach that stage of being famous was quite long and not easy.

The role of Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden, surely has propelled him to international stardom. He has enormous fan base throughout the globe, ready to support him to achieve his goal. (I am talking about the fans plus the shippers hehehe)

But would his captivating packages be enough to make him a good and award-winning actor? Would his name becoming a guarantee for great movies? How long can he stay in this business?  Is he just only one other pretty faces showcasing guy or is there a real talent came along with the package? Dylan Wang is working very serious as an actor. From various events he participated, I guess besides of his increasing acting ability, he also has other qualities to complete his package. I will rank the abilities ranging from those that seem unrelated to acting to those directly related.

Like most of young men, he loves playing basket ball. I am not a fan of basket ball, but watching many of his video and clips, I can say that he is a notable player. He participated in Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity Game hosted at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center since 2018 and keeps going till this year.  He also was becoming the youngest “Captain Ball” for Super Penguin Basketball Celebrity in 2018. (I love his hairstyles during these basketball events)

I found one interesting fact about Dylan’s basket ball skill while browsing IG page of Merrygoround777. Ganon Baker, an international trainer for players from the Professional level (NBAWNBA, CBA, Euro League and more), collegiate level (NCAA, NJCAA, U Sports and more), high school and middle school levels, mentioned about dreadlock and the pro noting on Dylan’s skills in shooting ball. You can see from this 5 minutes clip, minute 4.41

What else he can do? He can cook. And his cooking prowess for a young man is quite exquisite. You can see his smug face towards all the raves on his cooking (start from minute 0:56). His cute expression captured my heart. He mastered the food flipping skill, which he showed many times, while he’s joining the Inn crews resulting awe expressions from the other guests (go to minute 4:55). His meat chopping skill (from minute 2:56), pleased the major’s wife. (He is surely a husband material or at least son in-law material hahaha). He also answered the challenge to cook his dish “Little Prince Fried Rice” Long video, but he does know how to handle the cooking, surviving skill, learned from his family who own a restaurant, which then becoming his advantage.

Besides basket ball and cooking, which probably not a common talent that can be directly use in acting world, Dylan also known as singer. Even though some of his friends said that he was very good in rapping, but for him, rapping is different from singing. I watched Super Idol episode 10 several times, because I love all participants’ last stage performance. Dylan has not only showing his acting quality, but also his rapping skill, which also good. But as for Dylan, he definitely will say, he can’t sing.

I remembered one of his interviews after his year-end performance with his Meteor Garden 2018 co-star Shen Yue, singing Love Confession, answering a question on how he scored his performance, looked embarrassed and lacked confidence he said that he prefers to stick on his acting job. That’s a solid ground, he chose acting over singing.

I don’t think it’s like in Bollywood, where most of the actors must able to sing. But from Meteor Garden 2001, F4 members had their part in singing for the drama. So are the 2018 F4 members. Dylan Wang, along with his F3 buddies, he showed that he can sing. He possesses rough and low but in tune voice which made his solo for Meteor Garden OST impressive.

Not to forget his duet with Song Yi Ren, singing “Bu Yuan (No Blame)” OST of Ever Night 2. The song itself very beautiful and the combo duet voice were heart soothing. I must say, he has a good voice, but he needs to polish his singing ability, if he plans to make use of it.

Can he dance? Yes he can dance. He managed the dance choreography in short time.

I watched his performance video with Meteor Garden’s fellow, Caesar Wu. (I watched it multiple times, because I like the vibe). I give high credit to the owner of this epic picture.

As an artist, Dylan has many strong points. His package is almost complete. He can sing, he can dance and of course, he can rap as well. He mastered basketball and played like a pro. His cooking prowess is also significant. But as an actor, how far can he goes on his career and able to give out the best of him in acting paving his road to become an award-winning actor?

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di. The biggest challenge is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

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