His arms is my happiest place.

I was happy. I knew for sure. I was tremendously happy. When we finally met again before New Moon started, I could smile fully. Nobody makes me laugh like he does. He was my joy. My comfort. My best friend. The half that make me whole.


I never imagined that my relationship with Robert could get stronger. I had no confident. It was very difficult at the beginning. But he’s been very patience and understanding. Though I faced the flammable jealousy to Erika & Emilie, but Robert has proven his commitment. I have put the permanent and unbreakable hold to his heart. After he kissed me at King Leon’s concert and the way he faced the painful b**** accident after Bobby Long’s, I knew he’s someone who truly loved me and someone I could trust.

We were sitting lazily on the cozy couch in his room, talked and laughed together about random things. We discussed the possibility of attending the VMA. We planned many things as usual. He was so funny. I enjoyed every single moment I had with him. Then I pulled my self closer and crawled into his embrace. Positioned myself to his warm and comforting arms. Closed my eyes, breathed slowly, inhaling his aroma. “You know Rob, they said Disney world is the happiest place on earth. Obviously, they never been in your arms”. Then, something struck my mind. His arms is truly my happiest place. He laughed. Hold me tighter to his build. Kissed my lips lightly before saying, “Oh Kristen, I love you. How can I stop when loving you is like breathing”. His British accent was so wonderful. I could listen to it all day. We forgot all of our plans about VMA. We just value every second of our togetherness.

We were there. On the stage. All together again. The three of us. Me, Taylor and my perfect Edward, Rob. I knew it was not easy for Taylor. He moved and talked awkwardly near us. I could not blame him. It was very difficult for me to not show my tremendous happiness being with Rob. I really want to brand him as mine. I was wondering. Did Robert loves me because I am beautiful, or I am beautiful because I knew he loves me. While we were listening to Taylor answering some questions from the audience, Robert was right behind me. Towering. Suddenly all my surroundings became blurred. I only could focus on one thing. His eyes on my back. His warm eyes, the gray-blueish soulful eyes I adore much, sent a shiver down to every core of my bodice. I almost lost my patience. I wish we could finish everything so I could go back to my happiest place. His arms.


I knew, even though I didn’t feel anything toward Taylor, but being together in front of the camera with your co-stars who’s crazily in love was not easy for Taylor. I could not do anything. I didn’t have a strength to keep my distance from Rob. Back stage, my necessity for being in his arms was getting stronger. He put his arms on my shoulder, pulled me closer again. I felt the woosh of happiness. There was nothing better than being so closed to someone you’re in love deeply. I put my right hand into his inside jacket, love the feeling being so intimate. I realized, that was the second veiled announcement to public that we were in love. No words. Just the intimate action. We were in love. I really didn’t care anymore. From time to time, my confident is getting stronger. I have to be with Robert. I only could be happy with him. His arm is my happiest place.


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