The captivating package of Ben Barnes

As a newbie in the world of Ben Barnes , it was highly necessary to find more information about him. I watched lots of his videos, listening to his interviews, reading his old and new news, even took a close look to his public appearance pictures frequently. And the result was remarkable. Added more fuel in my senses to like him more. Ben was different. I found that along with the tantalizing appearance with a very handsome youthful face, came lots of genuine distinctive qualities.

First of course the whole physical appearance. With his classically tall and lean athletic build – that made any outfit look good on him – completed with aristocrat handsome looks, he could be male model. Combined with his hospitable attitude, he made the runaway look-a-like entrance worth waiting.

In most of his public appearance’s pictures and videos, he showed a very charming attitude, which made him a darling to his fans. His friendly and welcoming gesture made the signing sessions and picture taking were easy for his fans where ever they met him.

Even in a hectic situation, he still showed that he is the real Prince Charming

Completed with his heart-winning infectious brilliant smile which always plastered to his handsome and cheerful face, his appearance was always almost perfect.

He’s also chummy and easy to laugh. He showed it easily during the photo shoot or public appearance. With anybody, another guest model, the directors & co-stars of his movies, or interviewers.

His hearty smile & laughs were really captivating.

One of the most adorable attitude of Ben Barnes is his interaction with kids. Most of the time, he showed that he could handle kids and young fans attentively, including Georgie Henley, his co-star in Prince Caspian.

The other thing was his smooth entrance to the already bounded Pevensie family. Though he came only 6 weeks before the shooting of Prince Caspian, but his relationship with them were awesome. Like he said in one of his interviews, he loves to eat pizza with Anna, go to the gym with William and mock and be mocked by with Skandar. Again, I really adore his closeness to Georgie, his favorite one to hug.

Sometimes it was hard to believe that Ben was not only dazzlingly beautiful, but also very self-assured and witty, another distinguish quality that made him endearing. I laughed into tears when watching one of his best interview, the one with Jay Leno I could watch it again and again. The interview was worth-watching and of course, he looked totally adorable and fresh.

Carla Hay once wrote in her report for Examiner, “the first thing you need to know if you’re sitting in a hotel room with Ben Barnes is that you might need to find some aspirin nearby, after your sides start hurting from all the laughing you’ll end up doing. That’s because this talented British actor is completely hilarious and never boring”.

Ben Barnes was no camera shy, he showed that he could deal with the camera very well. But he’s also not camera most sought object. Type of down to earth guy and not fame hungry. He’s rarely made public appearance and barely has interviews, except for his movies. It’s quite difficult to find his out & about pictures, he’s not out there getting media attention. Though it’s not too good for someone crazy overdosed by him like me, but I am tremendously happy that his private life remains private. So he can stay focus on his career and can give out the best of him in acting to become an award-winning actor.

These are what I had in mind when I looked at his pictures. My writings is just my point of view, my own analysis and my personal opinion.

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