Robert Pattinson make my fiction figure real

Before I became the freaking crazy fan of Twilight Saga, I was a Harlequin-romance novel lovers. I read hundreds of Harlequin novels from 2000 to mid 2008. I started to lost my passion for Harlequin when I finally introduced myself to Twilight world. Not only becoming crazy fan of Twilight, I also had to face my new world and my new habit. Because Twilight not only made me did the silly things but Twilight also made me write.

So in the needs of romantic quotes for my imaginary writings, I started to re-read one of my fave Harlequin novel, “It came upon a midnight clear” from the Tall, Dark & Dangerous series wrote by one of my favorite Harlequin author, Suzanne Brockmann.

I just ran few pages when I got strike by an amusing fact. The male character is Lt. William “Crash” Hawken. In the novel he was described as extraordinary handsome. Calm & mysterious. His bone structure was as described by epic poets, symmetrical. Completed with aristocrat descent nose and masculine jawline. He has a gothic romance lips, pretentious, touchy and taut. His eyes was gray-blueish, the strength of his eyes could pierce your mind and stop your heart beats.

When I read all those descriptions, I could only figure one name. Robert Pattinson. To make sure it was not only because I am freaking crazy overdose of him, I tried to check his looks base on those descriptions.

a symmetrical bone structure.


Masculine jawline. UK TV in 2006 described his jawline as so finely chiseled, it could split granite.


the aristocrat descent nose.


a Gothic romance lips, pretentious, touchy and taut.


Gray-blueish eyes. It could pierce your mind and stop your heart beats.


Before this, I used to think that no man could look that perfect. Robert Pattinson proved that he could. He is extraordinary handsome, calm & mysterious.


Now, when I read “It came upon a midnight clear”, I could not take his captivating face off my head. Robert Pattinson made my fiction figure real.

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