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Dylan Wang He Di, the non flavor of the month trends actor

When I started writing my blog almost 2 months ago, never I imagined I would write many blogs about young Chinese Actor, Dylan Wang. I found him interesting. Dylan Wang proves that he’s not just another pretty face but a serious actor. After debuting in 2018 Meteor Garden remake, taking the titular role of Dao Ming Si, he joined the crew of Ever Night 2 as Ning Que. I watched his two dramas and confidently can tell, he nailed both his roles convincingly.

I didn’t surf the internet a lot. I might not have enough information on latest update of celebrity world. Yes, technology and social media give you broader options to do so. But about Dylan, I found valuable information on how he appreciated his roles. He posted a farewell letter to Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden 2018

Quoted from the letter to Dao Ming Si, which I found interesting

  1. Yes, I dare to say that Wang He Di is closer to you than anyone else, even when compared to Dong Shan Cai and F3, your mother and your sister. If I could really meet Dao MIng Si in real life, we will definitely be good buddies, because I understand you and believe that you will understand me too.
  • As to why Dao Ming Si likes Dong Shan Cai, it’s not just because she is the female lead and not because she is special, after all, everyone is different and unique. It’s because this girl is the combination of the most important women in his life. With Shan Cai, Dao Ming Si’s world is complete. With Shan Cai, he can grow from a boy to a man and accomplish things in his life.
  • You probably have no opinion on what I’ve said, after all, I lived in your heart. Don’t worry, I’ll move away soon and look for another character to know and understand. Now, I finally understand how exciting and interesting acting is […]

And farewell letter to Ning Que of Ever Night 2 (both letters translated by wanghediarchive).

I quote some heart-warming points from his farewell to Ning Que.

  • Period drama? Such long line? I don’t know how to act, can I not go for the audition? Those classical stories, I don’t have any interest!” This was my attitude when I first came into contact with <Ever Night>
  • Originally, I am someone who can put in a lot of effort for something that I really like. After I slowly understoon Ning Que, I was sure that Wang He Di’s second role would be him […]
  • […] If you expressed/acted well on the set that day, everyone will be happy for you, if you did not, everyone will give you encouragement and help. Everyone really loves <Ever Night> and acting. In this kind of atmosphere, how can you not improve?
  • […] I remember in the past, may interviews asked what kind of role I would like to try next, and I would answer that I would like to film an action show, would like to act as a manly character. And now that this has come true, I am happy […]

For a young actor, using this method to convey his journey in understanding his roles, explaining how he loves his character and finally bid farewell to it, really impressed me. In my opinion, this method would help him to break out from one role and prepared to take another new role.

Dylan Wang is productive young bloke with burning passion and fearless dedication. After wrapped up Ever Night 2, he took action in two more dramas which is in waiting for their airing schedule. These dramas put him in different roles from his previous projects.  

He takes on the very challenging role in a new period youth drama called, Our Southwest Associated University, set during WW2 as Cheng Jiashu, a University student majoring in Physics.

Dylan will work together with veteran actor, Wan Jin Song who also worked with him in Ever Night 2. (As Master Qi Shan)

Wang Jin Song & Dylan Wang (Mei Yi Qi [President, Tsinghua University] & Chen Jiasu)

This drama also shared some fun facts, that in my opinion made this drama worth waiting:

Fun Fact #1 the script of The National Southwest Associated University and Us has been carefully polished for six years, undergoing 14 revisions and 72 script discussions. The whole script of the play passed a major historical theme demonstration and received high praise and evaluation. 

Fun Fact #2 The creative team visited Tsinghua University, Peking University and Yunnan Normal University many times to conduct in-depth interviews.

For this drama, Dylan experienced for the first time, bombing scene, as you can see from this clip shared in twitter. Translated by one of my soul sisters, Dylan shared his experience and his genuine reaction towards the scene.

“Of course, when I filmed the bombing scene for the first time, I was actually very nervous and scared, because you didn’t know how it would blow up. What is the scope of the explosion? How powerful is it. The one after the filming was finished, but I was not actually acting at all. So things are real reactions. I remember I had a scene where I ran forward, and the soil bomb exploded directly on my body, and the soil bomb approached my ears. At that time, my mind buzzed.”

His latest role was Wei Chi Longyan in Xianxia drama, titled Yu Long. A drama written based on the popular game of the same name.

Tells a story about young maidservant named Liu Ying (played by Bambi Zhu Xudan), who saves a snake on behalf of her young mistress in a chance encounter. However, the snake turns out to be a thousand-year ancient dragon named Wei Chi Longyan (the Dragon King), who thenwants to marry her to repay her kindness. The two’s lives then become entangled with each another as their love transcends over three lifetimes.

I guess he would portray at least 2 different characters, since the story is where Weichi Longyan and Liu Ying become entangled in a heart-wrenching romance that transcends Three Lives and Three Worlds arch, with Liu Ying taking on the identities of fisherman’s daughter Ruan Ahyu, general Feng Chenyue and Kunlun Sect disciple Gu Qingyan.

Dylan Wang is only 21 years old when this blog is written. Although he only had 4 dramas, with only two that could be watched, he is worthy of our expectations. The most important thing is that he is still growing! His spirited energy and talents rolled into one package of angelic features and devilishly good looks, I guess it makes Dylan Wang one of the most versatile young artists in his generations.

But good looks can only take one so far, it’s talent that will take him to higher places. I believe he is not just a poster boy. His choices on roles so far, showed that he’s the type of non-flavor of the month trends actor. In the future, he should be allowed to experiment with different roles, explore and challenge himself, to showcase his acting chops.

The biggest challenge in writing my blogs is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

All writing materials used in this blog including pictures and videos are belongs to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Dylan Wang He Di, his choice as Ning Que

Dylan Wang was debuted his career in 2017 and took his first role in Meteor Garden 2018 as Dao Ming Si. His second role was Ning Que in Ever Night 2.

I came late; therefore I only knew that this role was not something that Dylan easily enters. He stepped in replacing Chen Fei Yu, Ning Que in Ever Night 1, who gained praises for his ability to convey the role very well. Dylan faced the reality that many of Chen’s fans were upset because of this casting choice. He must able to prove that he can interpret his role to meet the high standard set from Ever Night 1. Not to say his ability to show chemistry with Song Yi Ren portraying Sang Sang.

As I wrote in my previous blog about Dylan’s choice as Dao Ming Si, what caught my attention were his changing feelings through his facial expression and spoken eyes.  It goes the same when I watched Ever Night 2.

One significant scene that captured me was Ning Que’s facial expression in episode 4, when he found out that Sang Sang changing reality, from Daughter of the Light into Daughter of the Darkness. You can see his mixed feelings about the situation in this clip. He was confused, panic, denial, acceptance and finally, wrath.

For a rookie who just has 2 dramas, his expressive eyes and micro facial expressions surely his asset to bring him acting recognition in the future.

Ever Night was not only strengthen his ability to convey feelings through facial expressions and his expressive eyes, but also brought him to a new level of experience. He put lots of his energy into 10 days of fierce fighting training for Ever Night 2.

He learned sword fighting, archery and how to deal with wire.

In his interview for Ru Xi, he shared a lot of his experience during Ever Night 2 filming.

“If we had to fly from the top of the mountain, we really hang from a wire and fly really high, jumping down from the top of the mountain.”

He was tiring himself into 34 takes for one scene, only to make it perfect.

He experienced heavy shooting situation, when storm hit filming location in Turpan. I think he lost weight too.

But his hard work paid off. As he said in his interview, Within the martial arts crew on set, I have nick name as Gold medal stunt double because I am my own stunt double.”  And it’s not only his saying. One of the production team shared thought about his professionalism.

Didi is really an idol who deserve of your love. He’s a good actor who works very hard. There’s nothing much (bad) to say about his character and professionalism. You guys did not support the wrong person. He deserve of your love. He preserved through 15-16 hours of filming everyday in Xianyang. Didi is really good when filming the fighting scene

I watched all 103 episodes of Ever Night Season 1 & 2. Despite of this mixed reviews I read all over the internet, comparing the scripts, cinematography, special effects, costumes, etc. both seasons gave the same good vibes for my personal taste.

But this blog is not to review the drama. I write to share my personal opinion on how Dylan Wang progressing from his first drama.

I admire Dylan’s hard works and his determination to learn more. I don’t see Dao Ming Si in Dylan’s interpretation of Ning Que. Dylan successfully changed his character from playful, cocky, super rich handsome Dao Ming Si, into matured Ning Que, who’s no longer consumed by anger and vengeance but becoming a man with responsibility to protect Sang Sang, his love and life as well as Tang Dynasty. In my opinion, he nailed convincingly (once again) his role in his second drama.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di on his choice as Ning Que of Ever Night 2. If he keeps the same method in doing his following projects, I believe he can portray many character convincingly. And that’s his ticket to becoming formidable actor.

The biggest challenge in writing my blogs is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

All writing materials used in this blog including pictures and videos are belongs to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Dylan Wang He Di, his choice as Dao Ming Si

In my previous blog I wrote that, as an artist, Dylan has many strong points. His package is almost complete. He can sing, he can dance and of course, he can rap as well. He mastered basketball and played like a pro. His cooking prowess is also significant.

Back to his younger days’ interview, though he said that being an actor was never his dream, but he was confidently saying that his face should be on TV. Upon winning the first prize of Youku Super Idol 2017, seemed like Dylan believes that acting is what he really wants.

But as an actor, how far can he goes on his career and give out the best of him in acting to become an award-winning actor?

Here comes my thought on his acting skills, based on how he interpreted his-only-two-roles-so-far from two already aired dramas (and I have could watch too), Meteor Garden 2018 and Ever Night 2.

Dylan Wan was picked by the producer of the original and current remake of Meteor Garden, Angie Chai to play the titular role as Dao Ming Si. (They said he was selected from 30 thousands candidates from various universities in Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore and Los Angeles. I really don’t know whether this info is exaggerating or not, but if that what was happened, it surely surreal).

But I am pretty sure that Dylan has studied the Manga version of Hana Yori Dango so thoroughly, that he perfectly translated his facial expressions from the comics’ pages to the small screen. In my opinion even if he’s the most handsome actor in the universe, the portrayal would have fallen flat if he couldn’t act.

“I added my own style and flavor to it. I also tried not to copy Jerry too much because he was doing his best to interpret the role as his own. I tried to do it in a way that I will represent the role (translated from Chinese),” Dylan said in an interview at the press conference of BENCH.

Shen Yue, his co-star who played Shancai, gave her impression on her first meeting with Dylan

“I saw him from the mirror and thought, ahhh, this must be Dao Ming Si. Because his Dao Ming Si’s demeanour stands out! His looks feel like Dao Ming Si.”

I watched Meteor Garden 2018 more than 3 times. The more I watch, the more I understand that portraying Dao Ming Si was not as easy as seen on the surface. You can’t just act like as arrogant handsome rich boy who does whatever he wants to get anything he likes. And what Shen Yue said about “Dao Ming Si’s demeanor” plastered on him since the first time you watch episode 1.

Dao Ming Si grew up lacking attention from parents, turned him into someone who was used to have his way and if he didn’t, bully was his last resort. But Dao Ming Si is also someone who has built all these walls to protect himself from loneliness, and who just wanted to be loved. The moment he met Shancai, his wall slowly broke down, his attitude changes throughout the episodes.

Put aside portrayal of Dao Ming Si from previous versions, for this 2018 remake, Dylan must able to convey many layers of complexities. In this area, his facial expression holds important role. Dylan can go from ignorance-challenging feeling into surprised, confused and satisfied just in one flick of head and one blink of eyes. He can performed comical facial expression from very manly bloke into enchanted “damsel” in one scene.

Throughout the drama, you can see Dao Ming Si’s signature cold, angry glares that are meant to intimidate people. But you can also see his pain, confusion, frustration and anger as well as his cute, happy, playful feelings. All mirrored palpably in his eyes and his facial expressions.

One of the most epic scenes was when Dao Ming Si came for Shancai’s rescue in episode 18.  His changing feelings from anger to worried and finally realization that he has to sacrifice himself in order to save the woman he loves, clearly showed through these set of captured pictures by Dylan_wang_dd on Instagram

But his eyes as his primary asset, also able to convey his worried, warm and loving feelings towards Shancai.

Besides of his facial expressions, I also need to share, what in my personal opinion as one of the most heart-breaking scenes. The last hotpot meal in London from episode 42.

Both of Dao Ming Si and Shancai put a brave front while letting each other go. They pretend that their teary eyes were a result of a hilarious rather than heart shattering conversation.

Dylan Wand and Shen Yue’s acting in this scene is superb and they deserve all the attention and love for this emotion-filled moment. This scene certainly broke my heart into pieces.

For a rookie, with no acting background, Dylan convincingly showed a lot of potential in his debut role, giving the character a lot of nuance. His chiseled feature, which made him look like the manga had come to life; may be the first thing that gets people’s attention. But it’s his impressive way to interpreted Dao Ming Si that they’d remember.

Adding into this blog, fun facts about Dylan as Dao Ming Si:

Fun fact #1 Dylan Wang was voted by netizens around the world as the Asian Drama Actor for the year 2018 via Starmometer’s online poll for the Asian Drama Awards. He also won Most Influential Drama Newcomer of the Year at the 2019 Golden Data Entertainment Awards.

Fun fact #2, Dylan was born on Dec. 20, 1998, which makes him the youngest to do the iconic role of Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden’s 2018 reboot (Jerry Yan was 24, and Matsumoto Jun and Lee Min Ho were both 22 at the time they took on the iconic role).

Fun fact #3 In August 2018, Yoko Kamio drew a picture of Wang as Dao Ming Si and shared it on her Instagram.

Fun fact #4 When Kamio visited China in November 2018, she gifted several illustrations to the Meteor Garden cast. Wang’s illustration featured Tsukasa in the background and his portrayal of the character in the forefront.

If you need to have a review on Meteor Garden 2018, I found a review by Christine Fang describing the most outstanding episodes throughout the whole 49 episodes, which could help you understand why this 2018 version is worth-watching.

Another piece that I love, after Shancai took initiative to gave him a kiss. You can tell that he was confused, but yet very proud and happy.

In conclusion, from the whole versions of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden/Boys Over Flower, Dylan Wang was the second best of Tsukasa Domyouji/Dao Ming Si/Gu Jun Pyo. The best one will always be Matsumoto Jun, as Tsukasa Domyoji of Hana Yori Dango.

However, exclude the Japanese version, then I will choose Dylan Wang as the best Dao Ming Si. He convincingly nailed the role with his comic facial expression and his ability to display Dao Ming Si’s changing demeanor from swagger bloke into responsible young man with warm heart.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis about Dylan Wang He Di on his choice as Dao Ming Si. My thought about his choice as Ning Que will be on separate blog.

My biggest challenge in writing is language. I have zero understanding on Mandarin. I am surely depending on English articles and English subbed videos.  Therefore, I give my special thanks to wanghediarchive; DylanWang Daily; Merrygoround777 Wei and WANGHEDL subs for their English subbed videos, so I can get more information about Dylan Wang.

Other than the collages I made, protected with my personal watermark, all writing materials used in this blog including pictures and videos are belongs to or re-direct to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.