The love I found in Robert

I fully remembered. It was so hard when we met last time. Before we both finished our commitment for our projects. Before we could meet again for Comic Con. Both of us were hardly able to say anything. We were desperate to be together and truly miserable when apart. That’s the ultimate reason I decided to stay with him at Chateau Marmont. I need to be with him anytime I could. Being with Rob was the only thing I had in mind. Having him near me was all I need. In many ways, I knew it’s getting hard to stay away from him. His absence was the most torturing moment for me. He already became my drug. Just like Bella to Edward, Robert has been my personal brand of heroine.

Usually I didn’t write. But for him, I found it was not difficult to write something. He gave me his love note. It was remarkably wonderful. I knew he loves me. But reading his note about his feeling was another thing. So, I wrote one for him last night. This morning, I passed him my note. I wanted him to read it for me. He chuckled, gave me a warm hug then started to read my note with his husky voice and British accent I love very much.


It was thrilling moment. He lost his voice. He just stared at me. His eyes were darken. He took me back to his arm, caressed my cheek and with his trembled voice he said, “Kristen, I will do anything for us if I meant this much for you. Anything”. “I need you more than you can imagine”. He kissed me deeply. I could feel his commitment through his kiss. I trusted him. Robert is man of commitment. He showed me many times, that once he made his decision he would never retreat. One of his distinctive qualities that knocked my heart and made me irrevocably in love with him.

So when I left him, my heart was ballooning. We already stepped into a higher level. Soon, we could go out in public. A love couple. Me and my British gentleman. Robert Pattinson.

The wordings in the note came from “The love I found in you” by Jim Brickmann.
You could see the complete lyrics and listening to the song here

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27 thoughts on “The love I found in Robert

  1. aisyah robsten

    that was sweet and very honest. i wish all of these were true, mommy. then i wouldnt weep over the picture of megan fox with him. he should be with kristen.

    love, aish

  2. breanna

    omg how sincereto rob and kristen i dontlook up to yall as twilight stars i look up to yall as romodels i may only be 11 but yall make me feel older cus yall r muture and succcseful no mader what the magizens say ……..!!!!!!!!!

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