The Unique Mannerism of Gengfans

When I first followed Han Geng few months ago, it’s not only his amazing performance and charming behavior that caught my attention. There was something else that dragged my attention. The so called “Gengfans”.

For so many years, I have seen almost the same attitude from those called “fans” It was common to see the screaming fans, the queuing fans, even the extreme fans that following their idols everywhere, trespassing their idols’ privacy. Not only once I read the news about how fans harmed their idols because of their extreme obsessions.

That was why Gengfans dragged my attention. Though Gengfans ranging from young fans to mature and old fans, they all showing almost the same behavior. Their attitude and manner reflect their style in supporting Han Geng. Their attitude and manner were totally different from the other fans I knew before.

During my Geng fandom period, I also found more interesting manner that really unique. It was while welcoming or sending Han Geng at the airport. It was amazing to see how Gengfans stand on each side, at least one meter from the line to make sure there will be enough space for Han Geng to pass by. They sometimes form a human barrier to make sure there will be no one gets out of the line. The strong love and respect make Gengfans care about Han Geng’s safety and convenience.

Those unique & wonderful manners, made Han Geng very proud of his fans. Not only once or twice he stated that his fans are the best fans, because they’re sincere and mature.

“Every time I travel, they will go to the airport to receive or send me off,
they are really self-conscience, split into two rows and left a path for me to walk,
they will form a barrier to prevent others from going in. Yes, they are very mature”

The other most important is the manner of respecting Han Geng’s private life. No written rules about that, but its already becoming the legitimate rule for Gengfans, no pictures of Han Geng while he’s having his private time, including while he’s having medical checkup or holidays. No wonder it’s rare to see fan pictures taken while Han Geng is having his private time. Only private pictures shared through his personal Weibo, will be released to public’s eyes.

His fans made him strong but also made him safe. He never afraid to stay close to his fans, because he knows his fans will never harmed him. The unique bond between Han Geng and Gengfans is also well recognized by the people who work in entertainment industry. That’s also what made me proud calling myself Geng-sister fan, because it makes me the part of fans with unique mannerism too.

Han Geng grew bigger in the past year of 2010 and even bigger this year. His Weibo’s account broke the record of 2,500 followers for less than a year, showing the level of his high popularity. Not only gaining many awards, he also gained more international fans. On one hand, having wider range of fans is a great achievement for Han Geng. It makes his works get wider acknowledgment. On the other hand, the wider range of new fans made me worry. Slowly the unique manner is changing.

I can’t help myself, that from few of his latest events, I was quite freaked out by manners I didn’t expect before. Seeing pictures I never seen and shocking manner I never expected.

1. Close up pictures of Han Geng taken by fans, means that the fans got really close to Han Geng, something that never happened before. No human barrier to kept Han Geng from such too close action.

2. The screaming fans during few events. From the old videos, fans used to scream only while Han Geng was dancing, but when he’s singing, no screaming will be heard, so it was easy to enjoy his tenor voice and enjoying his singing performance. But lately, the screaming didn’t stop while he’s singing, that made the video on Han Geng’s performance totally difficult to enjoyed 🙁

3. Violating his private time by continuously tweeting his friend’s twitter account.

Our love for Han Geng is not a crazy obsessive love. Not a delusional love. Our love for Han Geng built from respect and admiration. We respect his distinctive characters and charming behavior. We admire his multi-talents as well as his hard working. Han Geng, by his wisdom and his kind-heart, is a great role model to many people including Gengfans, but those don’t make him a living god. We can admire him but not making him the target of our worship activities.

Han Geng is a superstar but he is also a human being. As a superstar, he will show his great performance on stage as well as his charming and heart-winning behaviors off stage in front of public and his fans. But as human being, Han Geng needs privacy and time for being himself. Time when he can put down his make ups, his diva attributes and enjoying his “me” time to recharge himself, so he can return to stage with full force to perform the best of him to re-pay all the supports given by who love him with whole heart including us, his fans.

Han Geng treats his fans as his friend. There almost no distance between him and Gengfans. But Han Geng also a man of respect.

“I will respect you, why won’t you respect me. I need respect too. But when I gave your respect but you didn’t give me respect, then I won’t be happy with you”.

Of course we don’t want that someday, we can’t welcome him anymore at the airport, because his management decided to take the exclusive entry rather than the regular one, to avoid uncontrollable crowd that could harm Han Geng.

Of course we don’t want that someday, we can’t see any of his Weibo’s update anymore, because he block his account to avoid disturbing messages to him or to his friends.

And of course we don’t want him to put distance from us, to avoid extreme behavior that could make his performance ruined or making him must responsible to delusional actions by his fans.

My intention of writing this blog is not to attack or harm anyone’s heart or actions. I write this blog to remind myself and hopefully to remind others who call themselves Gengfans about the manners that made Han Geng proud and praised by others.

From one interesting blog added by my own opinion, there are fundamentals that serve as the basis of the respectful and mature manners from the true Gengfans.

1. Lift anything related to Han Geng, especially fan signs and banner only to your chest height. Lifting fan signs and banner higher will block other people’s view to the stage. Han Geng on the stage would be able to notice it easily.

2. No need for chanting or screaming his name, while watching his performance during concerts, fan meetings or any other events. The purpose of attending the events is to enjoy Han Geng’s performances not for testing our voice volume or the strength of other’s ears.

3. No need to chase Han Geng around. No need to do fussy, noisy, rowdy actions, especially at the airport. Make his safety and convenience as our priority too. Han Geng will notice, recognize, and appreciate us.

4. Do not trespass his private area and personal time. Give him space to recharge and enjoying his holiday without bothered by candid cameras or unnecessary messages.

5. No need to leave continuous messages to his friends’ twitter of weibo’s account, to show that we really care about him. We are not his mothers :D. Han Geng is a grown up man. He knows exactly how to take care of himself. Try to imagine your feeling if you were on his friend’s shoes :p

6. If we need updates on him, just hang on to some trustable sources. No need to bother his friends’ twitter or weibo’s account to get updates. Based on my own experience, Geng-Bao.Net is one of reliable source for real time updates for those who don’t understand Chinese.

7. No need to try to make yourself, as if you were one of his favorite fans. Han Geng is a charismatic and total gentleman. He treats his fans equally with the same level of appreciation and respect. Every Gengfans has a special place in his heart.

Let us put ourselves in a proper place for a true Gengfans, supporting Han Geng from our places with full heart and commitment, because Han Geng already given his heart and commitment first

You all put in so much effort and never asked for any return. Everyone gave me so much strength and motivation, so I will work extra hard with more and better works to return all you have done (for me). I will not disappoint you

Han Geng has made us his Wings of Love. Let us put our respect and maturity as the most important points in supporting him. Let make Han Geng proud of us for the next 20 years and beyond by showing him our unique mannerism as Gengfans.

I write so I can share my point of view, my own analysis and what I see through my heart.

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