Twilight made me write


I’m a 38 years-old woman, a wife and also a mom to my 9 years-old son. Let me share my experience with Twilight World.

I was not interested at all when the information about Twilight novel sent by Harlequin group of Gramedia reached my inbox. The book was too thick compared to my-used-to-read Harlequins, but I got anxious about this vampire-human love story, when the movie was wide-spread published and I saw Robert Pattinson portraying Edward Cullen.

Then, I started to borrow the books from my colleague at the office. Brought Robert’s face during my readings, I was not able to stop. I even spared extra time to read the e-book of Breaking Dawn at my husband’s notebook, nonstop from 3 pm to 10 pm. But the craziest thing was comparing the English – Indonesian version for 3 – 4 times.

I also forced my husband, my son, my brother and his wife to accompany me to the cinema to watch the movie, few weeks after the movie was released. In practice, it was only me and my sister in-law who watched it :D. After that, I can’t get rid Twilight and the drop-dead gorgeous brooding vampire, Edward Cullen from my head.

I made my own analysis. I was obsessed with Twilight, so when I first decided to join Twilight Indonesia, I had only one big aim. To get more information on Twilight, to ease my obsession about it. And it was true, after few months of joining, my obsession was cooling down. I can hold myself from talking about Twilight anywhere, anytime to everyone. Problem solved? Well, nope.. because my decision of joining Twilight Indonesia, gave me a new obsession, stronger than my previous obsession. New obsession called Obsessive Robert Disorder

Robert Pattinson

I’m no fan of Edward Cullen, I know he’s damn hot handsome sexy vampire, but it’s very easy for me to down my fond of him. Simply because I know he’s just imaginative figure, no such male could be that perfect. No man can live more than 90 years old nowadays and still look that handsome. And, vampire is not exist in my real world :D. It was also easy to say enough to Twilight movie and novels because again, they’re only imaginative things.

But to my obsession of Robert Pattinson, no way. I found it very difficult to wipe him off. My problem is getting bigger and bigger everyday. My obsession of him becoming an overdose. I can not resist his charm and not perfect personality, I can not deny his alluring, dazzling figure. I can not do anything to ease my overdose, because for sure, he’s no imaginative figure. Edward Cullen could be that damn hot, because Robert Pattinson is damn hot himself. He is real, existing in my real world. He’s out there.

I need my personal place. I knew, someday Twilight Indonesia would not be enough to accommodate my new freaking crazier obsession.

Thanks to my friends in Twilight Indonesia, who I can’t name one by one here, but totally encouraged me to have my own blog and to write more. I also give special thanks to my husband who gave his trust on me and spent his precious time to prepare my personal blog.

I will not counting my writing days. As long as I can find interesting photos, which could touch my heart, I will keep writing and share desire for my friends.

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