When I see her, my heart smiles

Kristen has been the whole thing in my life since the first time I met her. The multi-talented young actress who has unusual beauty, good voice and free soul character that made me want her more and more.


It was not easy to woo her at the beginning. A stern warning from Catherine was one of the most bewildering. Not to get close to Kristen because her BF was Catherine’s best friend. But how could I resist her strong enchantment. For non-understanding reasons, I found my new habits. Feeling whole while she was around. That’s why it was very easy to show my comfortable gesture every time we were together. Was easy to smile when I have her in my arms.


I clinged to my commitment. If you love someone, you don’t give up. My growing feelings kept the commitment stronger and stronger. I didn’t care about the past anymore. Without her I have no future. I only need her. She’s becoming too important for me. My sunshine, my angel, my life. But after the b**** accident after Bobby’s concert, I knew I must try harder to make her confident. I remembered that night, before she finally slept on my chest, I told her that I only need 3 things in my life. The sun, the moon and herself. I need the sun for my days, need the moon for my nights and need her for the rest of my life. She didn’t say anything, but I knew she understood. The rest of that night, she kept her self in my arms. My sleeping angel.

She was adorable at the VMA. She asked me once my opinion about her black jet hair (I didn’t know the color of it actually, I only see her her turned from brown to black). I told her that I love her long & dark brown hair, but I realized one thing after all. When I saw her in the picture with that short black jet hair, I didn’t see her hair anymore. My heart was only to her. She will always be the most beautiful creature in my universe. I was standing behind her, listening without concentration to Taylor. Admiring her. Then I felt it. Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes can’t. My heart started to grow bigger. My heart smiled widely. I was amazed. Every time I saw her my heart smiles. Having her in my arms back stage was the most thrilling moment. With her confident, it was easier for me to be with her in front of the crowds. No words need to say. I just value the moment. We were in our own bubble. Only me & Kristen.


She is every reason, every hope and every dream I’ve ever had. No matter what happens to us in the future, every day we were together was the greatest day of my life.
– quoted from Notebook (movie) –

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These are what I had in mind when I looked at the pictures. Whatever the true story behind the wide-spread pictures & newest gossip, within the next few days and months, my writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

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