When pictures ballooning your hope

I am not a good writer and never thought to become a writer either. But seeing these pictures gave me a non-creative idea.

First, thanks to Twilight Indonesia for giving me enough space to pour my tortured feelings in writings.

then, thanks to ivabella, to brought these inspiring pictures to her photo album.

These pictures are 100% manipulation, but they are the best manipulation I ever seen

the first inspiring picture brought me to Esme Island. I was imagining Edward’s face while he teased Bella and said “so you seduced your all-too-willing husband…

I can also imagine Bella’s happiness after she experienced her second honeymoon with Edward, “I was never to get tired, and neither was he. […] he had the most beautiful perfect body in the world and I had him all to myself […] I always going to have more

I think this picture really caught Edward & Bella’s emotions.


then the second inspiring picture. I have mixed feeling for this picture.
At the beginning, all I can remember from this picture was Edward’s statement, while he asked Charlie’s blessing for them. ” I love her more than anything in the world, more than my own life, and by some miracle — she loves me that way to“.

The statement was strong and worth a long life time.


but then, I realized. The manipulation was too perfect, too sweet, it really made me wishing again.

My hope were ballooning, when these non-manipulated pictures emerged couple days ago.
the picture of undeniable adoring happiness


and the picture of undeniable intimacy


My heart would not strong enough to bear the hope. But now, I dare to wish that the strong and worth long life time statement about love not only belong to Edward & Bella…

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