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Fandom World – The Birth of Soul Sisters

Ada teman yang mendatangkan kecelakaan, tetapi ada juga sahabat yang lebih karib dari pada seorang saudara. (Amsal 18:24)

God’s gift: Family, Friendship, Good Meal and Sunny Day

Fandom world was a new thing for me many years ago. I started my first with Twilight followed with few other actors and singer and lasted with Ben Barnes from Narnia in 2010. I made new friends every time I was in a certain fandom world.  Some friends are still in contact but most of them were gone with the wind.

There was a day, when I woke up with grateful heart. All I can remember was how great my life in the hand of my Savior is. Then a struck of memory brought me giggles. I remembered one long funny chat about kidnapping plan that I had with my friends in one WAG.  I am not a good writer, but this one event tickles my heart to write a story about friendship, which born from the Fandom World.

It was Elise, my friend from Twilight fandom who brought me to a group of women, called themselves as “CDrama Lovers.” Not that I agreed to join, but Elise has this kind “do first, report later” principle, that made me entered the group without my consent. But I never then regret it. My first interaction with the members was surprisingly fun and heart-warming. It happened that I was the eldest among the other 11 members. But for sure, my knowledge about Chinese-Korean-Japanese-Thai drama was kindergarten level compare the rest of other members. So being with them was like entering the grand library to seek anything I need to know about drama world.

We spoke a same “love to the Eternal Love of Dream drama” language.  Since it was on-going drama, we were always have long-witty-heart wrenching-chat about each episodes, the casts, the story, and of course how the couple made our heart ballooning. Isn’t it always fun, when you were in fandom world and you can meet friends with the same interest? In only a short time, this group becoming a compliment to my cup of morning coffee, my first to visit after my wake-up every morning- prayer.

Till one day, one of my friend drop an issue about underage girl who joined an adult WAG. We were quite intense in discussing how to handle that kind of situation. Kind of weird actually, how we concerned about an issue outside our WAG. Then, out of the blue, another friend asked us to send our ID, to make sure that no one in our group was underage. It was funny request, but the funnier came after that. I sent my ID, followed by all the others. (And the funniest part, now I have 11 IDs in my HP memory, which always makes me smile every time I remember, the reason I can get them). That was the moment, where the story began.

We flipped from discussing the underage girl to discussing years of birth and marital status. We chatted about some terminologies that not too common and too blatant. Then each member started to share their thoughts and experience towards marriage. A real heart to heart chat, which I never imagined I could experienced in WAG, with friends I never met and only knew each other for few months.  

Following to that, we started to call each other using Chinese term, though not all of us have Chinese blood. My good fellow Nat even made matrix level on how we can use it.

I collected fun facts about our birthdays

Nat (as usual, she’s the wise Zhe Yan) and I (a little assistance to what she’s done) describing us in words. (I put the original in Bahasa Indonesia, because it’s worth of love)

Adding to our craziness, we have tens of thousands of conversations, hundreds of videos, gifs and stickers. And using my power as Da Jie, the ancient deity, I decided we will stick as exclusively 12 members only. I have my own personal egoistic reason and the rest of the members’ just need to agree with my decision (I am too powerful on certain issues).

I’m not saying that I always in my happy mood. To be honest, sometimes I felt frustrated. When I posted about my bias (Dylan Wang Hedi), and no one takes it. (That’s only crumbs of fungurling). Besides that, I have eleven friends, each of whom is a unique, attractive, and sometimes so bloody annoying and shameless too (I quoted this from my Zhe Yan, Nat). But I have something more to be grateful.

We, a group of women who lives in different cities and continents, but always have time to check in. A group of women who shares their love and hate to Chinese-Korean-Japanese-Thai Dramas, actors and actresses, whom proudly call themselves as “Eonnie halu & mesum gaje” (Unclear perverted hallucinating sisters). A group of women who have scattered minds and many times resulting mixed conversations which sometimes difficult to follow but unbelievably caused burst of laughter.

In less than 6 months, we grew into a group of women with a strong bond. We became a group of soul-sisters, who stay awake till late to read, give advises, suggestion and help for whoever poured their frustrations or need assistance. One of the mementos was when we cried all together for one of our sisters who lost her husband, and really tried our best to pamper her. I kept her words and strongly felt it is important to put them in my writing, because those words represent my thoughts about us.

Thank you Da Jie, trust me, you’re all has done more to support me, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you show kindness that really touches my heart, something that I really need right now. Maybe you’re all angels sent by the Lord to help me during my difficult times. God’s length hands to show me He will never leave me alone. Once again, thank you my soul sisters…

The time spent with them, worth every second.  Sometimes I am just reflecting what have I done in my previous life (if I ever had one), so that I am blessed with a pack of wonderful friends? We are not sisters by blood, but sisters by heart. We are soul-sisters, born from Fandom World.


Asnawi vs Asnawi

Selama bertahun-tahun, setelah akhirnya bisa menerima keberadaan saya sebagai keturunan Tionghoa, saya selalu menyebut diri saya sebagai Asnawi – Asli ciNa betaWi, karena saya lahir di Jakarta. Tidak pernah terpikirkan bahwa istilah yang saya bahkan sudah lupa didapat dari mana itu, akan membawa saya pada sebuah pertemuan yang menjadi momentum berharga untuk disyukuri.

Kurang lebih 4 tahun lalu, saya berkenalan dengan seorang wanita, seorang ibu yang ternyata Asnawi juga. Dan kali ini, bukan karena beliau keturunan Tionghoa, tapi karena memang itulah nama keluarganya. Wiwiek Asnawi. Mbak Wiwiek, begitu saya menyebutnya, seorang wanita Jawa yang entah mengapa, punya karakter kocak yang seringkali membuat saya bisa tertawa terbahak-bahak ketika mendengar celetukan-celetukannya. Ayam geprek beserta sambelnya, kerap membuat saya lupa berat badan. Mbak Wiwiek, memang jago masak. Dan semua masakannya, cocok di lidah saya.

Hari ini, mbak Wiwiek berulang tahun. Tak saya tanya juga, berapa usianya. Buat saya, itu tidak penting. Tapi yang penting adalah, saya bersyukur bisa mengenalnya. Memiliki seorang teman yang berlaku seperti saudara. Menjadi inspirasi dalam perjalanan iman saya.

Seorang sahabat menaruh kasih setiap waktu, dan menjadi seorang saudara dalam kesukaran.  Amsal 17:17

Selamat ulang tahun, mbak Wiwiek. Damai sejahtera dan sukacita melimpah untukmu. Membuatmu tetap sehat, sehingga terus bisa menikmati kasih setia Tuhan Yesus, di sepanjang sisa usia. Tetaplah giat melayani dan menjadi berkat bagi setiap orang, yang mengenal dan berada di dekatmu, melalui kisah-kisah hidupmu yang luar biasa. Tuhan Yesus memberkati.

Balada Tong Sampah

Kamis, 17 Oktober 2019

Curhatan ke Manager Proyek Apartemen tempat aku tinggal..

“Barusan aku nyemprot 3 ibu. Mereka habis nemenin anak-anak SD, yang berbahasa Inggris, berenang ramean.. kayaknya abis makan, sampah bekas makanan ditinggal gitu saja di kursi-kursi di pinggir kolam.

Kupanggil lah para ibu itu, trus nanya “bu ini apa ya?” (sambil nunjuk ke kantong plastik di lantai. Salah satu ibu menjawab, “ oh itu cuma sampah.” Naik darahlah aku.. Mungkin ibu-ibu itu pikir aku nanya, karena takut mereka ketinggalan sesuatu.

Sambil mungutin sampah-sampah yang mereka tinggalkan, aku bilang, “mungkin lain kali anak-anak bisa diajarkan langsung saja buang sampah ke tempatnya kalau sudah selesai makan.” Catatan hatiku: Ngomong pakek bhs enggris ning klakuan kamso..

Buang sampah pada tempatnya rasanya bukan sesuatu yang istimewa. Rasanya itu sebuah kebiasaan baik yang diajarkan sejak anak-anak masih kecil. Sama seperti mengucapkan terima kasih, permisi, meminta maaf,mengucapkan kata tolong. Rasanya hal-hal umum yang berlaku universal. Berlaku di mana saja. Jadi keinget kotbah pendeta Nugroho Yudhi Rumpoko, yang sudah saya mintakan ijin untuk di-“pajang” di blog saya, “Hidup Benar Pasti Bahagia.”

Ternyata banyak kebiasaan-kebiasaan baik yang dulu ada sekarang sudah hilang. Akhirnya, ketika ada orang melakukan hal-hal yang sepertinya biasa saja, seperti mengantri, membuang sampah di tempatnya, menyeberang melalui zebra cross atau jembatan penyeberangan orang, mengantri, sekarang jadi fenomena untuk diviralkan.

Lalu bagaimana anak-anak bisa bertumbuh menjadi pribadi yang memiliki karakter yang baik, jika orang-orang dewasa yang terlibat dalam proses pertumbuhan mereka, tidak memberikan contoh yang baik.

“Oh, itu Cuma sampah” kalimat yang keluar begitu saja, tapi bermakna ketidakpedulian dan yang bikin “tanduk” di kepalaku muncul. Kalau Cuma sampah, kenapa juga ga langsung dibuang aja ke tong sampah.

Children are great imitator. So give them something great to imitate.

Membangun generasi penerus yang berkualitas, tentunya tidak hanya dengan kepintaran otak saja. Tapi dibutuhkan kemampuan untuk berempati, mengerti kebutuhan orang lain, peduli pada lingkungan sekitar. Dan untuk mencapai tujuan itu, dibutuhkan orangtua dan lingkungan yang memberikan contoh yang benar kepada setiap anak yang ada dalam tanggung jawab mereka.

Jarak tong sampah dari kantong plastik yang ditinggalkan hanya sejauh itu.. jadi memang bukan soal jarak, tapi soal kebiasaan baik yang seharusnya dicontohkan, sayangnya masih banyak dilupakan oleh para orang dewasa, yang menyandang gelar “ORANGTUA”

I write to share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

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