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Glowing Han Geng will make you feel safe

There are many experiences from his fans that can be shared, from those who saw him at the airport or those who had close encounter with him, for example to be on one stage and had close interaction with this handsome but super humble guy.

I shared one fan account on my latest blog. From Huiwen, who had an opportunity to met Han Geng during his visit to Singapore, last year. This time, from the same event and stage, I would also share another fan account, written from different point of view.

Watch the video first, then read the shared experience written with full-heart by Huayshan ( , who’s later known as someone who request Han Geng to speak louder and clearer keke..

fan account:

Hello hello I’m Huayshan, the person who read the letter in the Singapore fan meet~ Here’s my fan account! To add on to Huiwen’s. The italics in square brackets are my side-comments, round brackets are translations for the Chinese.

Anyway yayyyy the Singapore fan support project that we planned for so long is finally done! I’m extremely happy and super blessed, after this time Han Geng’s definitely gonna remember me, hahaha XD
I gotta state first though that I’m just gonna focus on the process of reading the letter, the other stuff Huiwen’s roughly talked about so I won’t repeat what she said 😛

After Han Geng finished singing Say No, a while later they cued us to walk from our seats to next to the stage to prepare; it took some effort but we finally squeezed out from our seats that were smack dab in the centre carrying all our presents, and then stood there very nervous, shivering, discussing what to do later on, and holding each other’s hands for encouragement. My friends’ hands were especially icy cold at the time.

As for what happened in the middle Huiwen’s largely talked about it, so I’ll just skip it okay.

The MC mentioned us, and the staff asked us to go onstage. I got pushed by my two friends to go up first[thanks you brats :P], and Han Geng did this ‘come come stand over here’ hand gesture, so I went to stand next to him, waiting for all the people who were giving presents to get on stage. After everyone was nicely standing onstage I took out the letter to prepare, then the MC walked to my side. She said to me “好,新加坡的代表,是的,有 message for him.”(Okay, Singapore representative, yes, you have a message for him.) Then she moved the mic to my mouth, and I said “Yes.”
[Afterwards I realised she said that because in our proposal it said we wanted to read a message for him, but trust me when I say this proposal was not written by me. But okay fine I did have a look through it before it was sent, so. And I was thinking at the time “why is she speaking to me in English lol” so I replied her with a deliberately english-ey and non-regular-singlish accent lmao. Pity there wasn’t any chance to go on speaking in English, I like deliberately toning my accent :P]

“什么样的message?” (What kind of message?) “就是一个,呃一封信。” (Just a, uhm a letter.” And then I laughed kind of awkwardly. [Oh damn what was I doing.] After I said this I heard a lot of commotion coming from the audience, and I was thinking come on I know that sounded stupid but I’m really nervous okay, don’t do this to me. [T.T] Then I went on to say “很长,还满长的” (Very long, it’s quite long). And then more awkward nervous laughter came out. [You have no idea how much I wanna stab myself when I think about this bit, believe me. Seriously.] Han Geng then walked over and put his mic next to my mouth too, then started to lean in close to see what was written in the letter. I was thinking dude why do I need two mics, but hey because of that Han Geng stood even closer to me so I’m not complaining hahaha 😛 [The other half of me was going oh my god I was not aware you were gonna be standing this close to me ohmygoddddddd but yknow as always, I put up a front cos I was on stage and all. I just decided to try to not look at him LOL]

Eesh my hands kept trembling like mad at the time, I kept trying my extreme best to hold it in. They didn’t say anything, and seemed to nod their heads as if wanting me to continue.

So I started reading. “亲爱的韩庚, ” (Dear Han Geng,) Geng then took the mic away from my mouth then said “Ei.” in this very obedient manner. When I heard this I almost figuratively spat out my water [obviously didn’t have any actual water in my mouth, so, yea, figuratively], he was being so ridiculous lmao. I don’t remember if I did laugh in the end or not, I might have? But anyway he quickly moved the mic back to the side of my mouth, leaning closer to continue reading the contents of the letter, so I continued reading. “谢谢你终于来到新加坡我们都非常开心,希望你在新加坡的这几天玩得开心吃得开心住得开心。” (Thank you for finally coming to Singapore, we’re all really happy, hope in these days that you are in Singapore you’ll have fun playing have fun eating and have fun living here.) I rattled off the last bit like I was memorising some book because I was so nervous. [;_;]But I was determined to do my best, and like when I’m on stage I want to make the audience laugh with me, because that somehow calms me down. So yeap that meant making him laugh, and the audience sitting below the stage laugh, and most importantly they had to laugh together with me, not at me LOL.

I took a deep breath in my head. “那既然你这么爱吃。。。” (Then since you love eating so much…) I paused for a moment right here, pretending to be composed and smilinggiving him a side-eye look. Geng had a mildly scandalised look on his face like he didn’t know if he should laugh or cry and took back his mic again, looked at me and said “哎这不对吧。。。我。。还好。” (Hey that’s not right…I’m…not that bad.) [He completely didn’t know what to say there, the last two words were so weak HAHA :P] I just smiled and looked back down at my letter wanting to continue reading, so he very quickly moved his mic back to near my mouth and continued reading my letter over my shoulder.

“新加坡又有这么多好吃的食物,希望你以后常常来” (And Singapore has so much sumptous food, we hope you’ll come often in the future) and he took the mic back and said “Hehe” as if helping me read what he thought I had accidentally missed out. Now it was my turn to not know whether to laugh or cry and while exasperatedlly semi-laughing I subconsciously half put down the paper. He adorably smiled at me and stubbornly said “这几个呵呵这两个字得念出来啊。” (These few ‘hehe’s, these two words you gotta read outtt), grabbing my paper and pointing at it. The MC said “哦还有‘呵呵’。” (Oh, there’s still the ‘hehe’s) I wasn’t planning on reading those two words in the first place, those were just added when I was writing so that the letter wouldn’t sound so monotone LOL how weird would it be to actually read those. I mean come on, everyone adds the ‘haha’s and the ‘lol’s when they’re typing or writing but who reads them out loud, seriously.

So I was like “这个我不要念喇~” (I don’t want to read this laaa~), yknow like ‘what no I’m not reading those two words’ and I started kind of [unconsciously, again] backing away a little bit giving him a incredulous look. Then he looked at me being all stubborn and gave up and went “好,那我帮你念。‘呵呵’。” (Fine, then I’ll help you read it. ‘Hehe’.) Then he grabbed my letter again as if to put it upright for me. [I kind of think he half wanted to position it properly so he could continue reading it loool] So I continued. “说到吃的,听说你胃病常常发作所以想跟你说要好好照顾自己的身体,要听医生的话。” (Speaking of food, we hear your stomach problems happen often, so we’d like to say please take care of yourself and your body and your health, and listen to what the doctor says) At this point I heard laughter from the audience again, you know the story behind this statement, don’t you~ This next part of the letter was written in brackets, so Geng probably could feel it was his turn and voluntarily helped me read it: “医生虽然凶了点但你,呃,但都是为你好。哈哈。” (The doctor may be a little fierce but you, er, it’s all for your own good. Haha) [This fanmeet occurred not long after that weibo about being scolded by his doctor LOL] Hahaha he read it so adorably I couldn’t help laughing a bit again.

Okay then, continue. “呃。。那今天除了代表新加坡的歌迷以外,我也想代表很多很多国际的歌迷,比如说美国纽西兰加拿大澳洲。。” (Er…then today besides representing Singapore fans, I’d like to represent many many international fans too, such as [from] America, New Zealand, Canada, Australia…) [Shoutout to those who asked me to mention their country and squealed when Idid :P] Geng just kept nodding. “。。跟你说我们都会一直支持你,然后把待会儿的礼物送给你。” (…and tell you that we’ll all always continue supporting you, and then give you the presents that we’re gonna give to you later) I heard laughter again, and I was so uneasy like why are you laughing what’s so funny about that…so I got nervous again and stopped, giving him a look. [Afterwards Wens told me she thinks it’s because my ‘dai hui er’ sounds like taiwanese. But seriously though even that isn’t much to laugh about…I gotta say this part always bugs me. TELL ME Y U LAUGHED ._.] Anyway then Geng nodded and says “Oh, thank you.” [It sounded to me like said it really absentmindedly, I don’t know why? And him all along continuing to stare intently at paper.]

The MC thought I was done reading, and took away her mic, but Geng knew I wasn’t, and moved his mic back to my mouth and helped me hold my letter properly again. [aw so sweet and considerate…but part of me thinks he probably knew I wasn’t done cos he’d finished reading the letter already LOL]Anyway so deep breath, trying to get back that sense of calm and security I had when I first met Geng at the fansigning the day before, and I continued reading.“除了这些礼物,我们也打算把一部份的钱拿去做善事。。” (Apart from these gifts, we also plan to take a portion of the funds to do charity work…) At this point I suddenly kind of felt this sentence was too short, so I wanted to add something, and I blurted out the random thought that flashed through my mind just like that. Glancing at him, I said in a low voice like it was an afterthought [which it kind of was]: “因为。。你喜欢做善事。” (Because…you like to do charity work.)[Okay here I gotta clarify, I meant because he likes doing charity work so that’s why we’re treating it as part of the present for him, not like we’re only doing charity cos he likes it, yknow.]

Because this line wasn’t in the letter I think it was pretty obvious to everyone that it was added on last minute or something LOL. I heard laughter and cheers from the audience, the MC also laughed. That made me feel better a little, but I continued nervously keeping my eyes on the letter, then I heard Geng laugh and say “哎,你好听话” (aw you’re so obedient) and I felt him coming closer and his weight on me, putting his arm over to hug me. [Like omgggggg] Cheers from the audience rang out but his action gave me a slight shock and I instinctively moved away [I unfortunately still have this issue that I got when I was younger, I am kind of uncomfortable with people putting their arms over me, it’s okay when I’m conscious of it and I’m close to that person, but like when it’s sudden or I’m distracted…yea. I instinctively dodge. People keep telling me what a waste in this case it’s GENG OMG but otl I can’t help it. ]

Gosh that attempted hug really took me by surprise. I’d gotten the feeling that he was warm and friendly but like hugging me just like that omgg I almost turned into jelly .___. I took some time to recover from it, but still got a little nervous again eesh. Deeeep breath. Continue. “那总之,我们都希望你愿望和梦想都成真期待你下一个作品。” (In short, we all hope your wishes and dreams all come true, and we’ll be waiting for your next work.) Hehe here comes the most interesting sentence out of this entire letter, this sentence is extremely important indeed xD I don’t know how many people wanted me to say this, even I wanted to say it myself 😛 I must be sincere, and glance at him from time to time while reading it, I wanna see his reaction. “然后。。我有很多朋友要我跟你说这个。就是。。。你以后讲话可以尽量大声一点清楚一点,因为我们为了不会中文的歌迷翻译你说的话,我们耳朵挺累的。” (Then…I have a lot of friends who wanted me to tell you this. It’s uh…in the future when you speak could you try your best to be a little louder and a little clearer, because when we translate what you say for fans who don’t know Chinese, our ears get pretty tired.) I added emphasis and a few extra words in there to make the effect even better hehehe 😛

The audience applauded and cheered, and I was looking at his face, he had this face like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, completely speechless…He held up the mic to his face like he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t and gave up, putting down the mic again, putting his head down laughing helplessly. Since I was done with my letter I went back to stand together with my friends, all the while laughing and watching his expression 😛 After a while he took a deep breath and raised his body up super straight, jokingly saying in a loud voice“好!下一个!” (Okay! Next!)

At the time because I was finally done reading the letter, I was like in a half-dazed state, I only could just keep smiling. I kind of felt him looking at me but I didn’t catch his eye, just smiling at nowhere in particular. [D: eesh I should’ve looked at him. I think he was kind of disappointed that I didn’t catch his look. Then again maybe it’s just me thinking too much] I thought he was trying to change the topic and hurry on to the next person because I’d taken a good dig at him, so I laughed. Afterwards my friend told me she thinks he was saying it in a loud voice on purpose to prove he could actually talk loudly. [LOL aw if that’s so Geng you’re pretty obedient too yourself 😛 And I’m sorry I didn’t pick up on it D:] Then the MC said “好,都是新加坡的代表三位哦。” (Okay, so these are all Singapore representatives, three of them.) Geng turned to us, smiling, saying “啊谢谢谢谢” (Ah thank you, thank you) and bowing and shaking our hands one by one.

The whole process of the gift giving Huiwen’s probably mostly talked about so I’ll skip most of it. In any case the part I remember the clearest is the letter bit XD I just wanna add on a few things…That pair of shoes I bought together with Wens, took a day to find one that we thought was suitable. We’d gotten the info about his shoe size quite a while before that, the shoes were bought on the 26th of September and I still have the receipt with me hahaha 😛 We couldn’t believe his feet were that small, we both tried that size on HAHAHA XD I could wear it lmao…his shoe size is probably just larger than mine by two sizes-ish. Finee I have big feet, but I’m tall. So there 😛 We were really worried they wouldn’t fit, but we’ll probably never know if they do unless one day he decides to wear them in public I guess.

And then I remember really clearly…Han Geng’s eyes are really sharp, once Wens took out the small bottle of candy he immediately could see his names were on their middles, he was like full of curiousity and lightly grabbed them over to look at them more closely hahaha XD Oh and when she took out the cross stitch the expression on Han Geng’s face made me so proud, Wens’ skills and patience are just the best ever 😀 And then there actually was still another gift we didn’t take out to show, it was a poster of many many photos of him made into a collage of one of his looks for the album, yknow the one of him jumping in the dark and his hair is all up. It was all rolled up nicely in the tube, we didn’t want to take it out. Hope he got a nice surprise when he got back and opened it hehe 😀

I shall skip the other people’s present giving, Wens probably talked about it in her account anyway 😛
Then after everyone from the other countries gave their gifts too, Han Geng hugged each person one by one, when he came over Huiwen asked (very naturally indeed, like it was the most natural thing in the world to ask for a hug from Geng) if she could get a hug too, and unexpectedly he hugged her and my other friend together at the same time LOL I was pretty surprised. I was kind of thinking aw couldn’t we have like a four person group hug…uh….then what happens to me…and then I started thinking yknow it’s okay I don’t really want a hug, so I was just standing there with this very conflicted expression, and still a bit dazed. Then he came over to hug me alone, and I am very ashamed to say I think he saw my expression and I was kind of out of it and I completely fail at hugging people. So the hug felt realllly awkward to me lmao it was probably more like an awkward half-hug half pat on back thing or something. BUT IT’S OK. I will correct this when I next get the chance XD I hope I get the chance? Fingers crossed.

Han Geng then continued standing next to me, and the MC said to sing Wings of Love. [At this point me and my other friend were both like shooot we aren’t really very familiar with the lyrics to this. Don’t judge me okay I was a considerably new fan back then. I think I did a pretty good job nonetheless xD] But anyway we had to sing, so when the music came on I started singing the first line, and Geng moved his mic to my mouth. I was surprised and turned my head wanting to say thank you, but I didn’t because well it hit me that the mic would receive it. So I just looked at him, and I think I saw the sides of his mouth like move slightly upwards in a faint smile. I looked at his beautiful side profile and seriously I just wanted to keep looking forever, but he was standing so close it would be so obvious so I didn’t dare and looked the other way, from that point on never looking back at him again till it was over cos I was shy LOL oh god. Seriously though. He’s so beautiful it’s like he just glows, but it’s not an overpowering glow, it’s a kind of glow that leaves you in awe but you feel so safe, like he’s family or a really good friend.

And then when we were done singing he thanked us again, I smiled at him then we all went off stage.

To read the author’s note and the original letter written and read for Han Geng, please visit Huayshan’s LJ

Let me once again take note on this statement

“He’s so beautiful it’s like he just glows, but it’s not an overpowering glow, it’s a kind of glow that leaves you in awe but you feel so safe, like he’s family or a really good friend”

There are many words can be used to describe the most shining Chinese superstar, Han Geng, but from many fan account I re-posted to my personal site, I only have one word to describe Han Geng, he is the real exceptional person. Glowing Han Geng can make you feel safe.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer: Video used in this blog belongs to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Because Han Geng is not breathtaking but heart-soothing

How long have I been following Han Geng? Questioning myself everytime I start to write a new blog about him.
My first “encounter” with the adorable-shy only Chinese member in a famous Korean boyband was on September 2010 and started to wrote my first blog about him on October.

From many blogs I wrote, I noted special keywords in my writings. Han Geng’s distinctive character. I learned that he’s a simple man with strong and charismatic personality. He’s a man of respect and commitment. Above all else, Han Geng is a humble and sincere superstar, who treated other people including his fans in equal way.

During may obsessive disorder fandom period, I also met new friends who’s also a fan to Han Geng. Most of us admire Han Geng not only because of his breathtaking features or his flawless dancing skill, but more because of his charming and adorable attitude. The other thing that made admiring Han Geng is different from admiring other stars was, I never bored in watching videos or reading articles about him, no matter how old the they’re.

It was an ordinary day. Normal office activity, when I found old print out from one fan account, sharing experience when standing on stage with Han Geng, during Singapore fan meeting, October last year. Re-reading the story, dragged me back to an old video from that event. I remembered watching that video not long after the initial event. But re-watching it after re-reading the fan account story gave different feeling.

I felt an urge to bring all back to my personal blog, share it to more people, because the story confirmed my thought about Han Geng, he is exceptional. Share in 2 parts. This is the first one.

fan account, written with warm-heart by Huiwen Yeo

At around 8:25 PM, we were called out by the ushers to prepare for stage time. We were standing on the right side of the stage, while the host and Han Geng is talking, Han Geng did look over at us, probably wondering what is all the commotion about XD

I remembered about something the host said. She said, ‘Han Geng, you should have received lots of love letters before, am I right?’ This cheeky boy replied, ‘Not really, just 2 to 3 letters a day. Everyone laughed at his reply. You guys should know which song this conversation leads to. Yes, Love Letter to stranger. (Oh my goodness! It’s my favourite song) But, I couldn’t watch it from the audiences seat, kind of sad! But when I was watching the fan videos, goodness, he just looooook sooooooo good!

Two fans got chosen and went up to the stage, there was a lucky draw and they won a chance to interact with Han Geng. One of the fans was really agitated, after she whispered something to Han Geng, she started crying all of a sudden. Han Geng probably panicked and comforted her immediately. However, the fan is still crying, so he cutely said, ‘Don’t cry anymore! Don’t cry!’ He tried to act angry but he doesn’t sound or look angry! Haha! After she calmed down, she read out a poem she wrote herself. As Han Geng was signing on the little panda, he was listening to her poem as well. After she finished reading, he said that it has a really ancient feel.

Then, it’s our turn to go up to the stage, there were 3 Singapore reps, 2 Hong Kong reps and 2 China reps.
Han Geng said that it was like a sports meet and hummed a tune. Dadalada ~~
The host then said, ‘Look at our representatives, carrying big and small bags.’ Firstly, my friend, Huayshan reads out a letter on our behalf. Han Geng is too cute. He stood by her side, held o to the microphone and look at the letter, looking serious ~

She reads out: ‘Dear Han Geng’ Then he replied, ‘Hm’ (Really cute!) She continued with the letter: ‘Since you love to eat so much…’ she stopped and looked at him. I don’t know if he wanted to laugh or to cry XD he had that complicated look on his face. Then he said, ‘oh no, this is not correct, I don’t really love to eat.’
She continued to read the letter and Han Geng actually reads out the words in the brackets.
Huayshan: There are so many nice foods in Singapore, we hope that you would come more often.
Han Geng: Hehe! (Huayshan did not plan for this part to be read out)

Now, it’s Huayshan’s turn to laugh and cry, she put down the letter and felt helpless. But he smiled and stubbornly said that everything in the letter must be read out. He pointed at the letter and said. Huayshan then said that she didn’t want to read this part out. He replied: ‘I will help you then, hehe!’ According to Huayshan, he helped to hold on to the letter again and she thinks that he wanted to read the letter himself.
Then, she talked about his gastric problem and asked him to listen to his doctor. Everyone started laughing, I am sure that everyone know about the story of the doctor and him. There is another line I a bracket and Han Geng read it out voluntarily: ‘Although the doctor is fierce, er, but it’s all for your own good. Haha!’
He said ‘Haha” so cutely that it made all of us laughed. She also named the other countries to mention about the international fans. He thanked her and the host took the microphone away thingking that it’s over. But Han Geng kept his microphone there. (He must have really finished reading it)

Huayshan also mentioned about donating portion of the funds for charity… because Han Geng would love to do charity works. Everyone cheered and Han Geng complimented that she is really obedient and hugged her a little. Huayshan said that she was shocked and panicked a little. The most important part, she told Han Geng to speak louder and clearer in the future because translators are having a hard time listening to him He had this helpless expression again and he didn’t know what to say. But instead, he took a deep breath and said loudly, ‘Alright, NEXT!’

Everyone laughed and Han Geng, you are obedient too. He shook our hand again. The next gift is a pair of black Puma Shoes. He said that it ws pretty. HAHA! The host then said that we are confident about the size and Han Geng thougt that we colluded with the host at the fansign to get his shoes size. To be honest, we bought that pair of shoes on the 26th September so we didn’t ask the host to ask that question. We took so long to buy as well because we couldn’t believe that his feet are that small. We both tried the shoes and were skeptical about the size because we could wear. LOL!

Next gift was the candies. I asked him to open the box himself.
He hobbled backwards a little and said… ‘is it?’ I was like… no, it’s not. It’s foods. And he went… food again?! HAHA! This is my first time seeing him grumbling about food. Heh! When he opened the box, he took out a foam buffer and asked, ‘this is for me to eat?’ I said no immediately and everyone was laughing when he said, ‘oh no. this is a foam bubble’. I took out the bottle for him and his eyes are sharp! He practically snatched the bottle from me when he saw his name on it.

He snatched it lightly XD He asked me a total of 3 times, how did I make them? So I answered, I customized it. Well, it’s a duh~ answer but saying the whole process would take forever. Then the funny part came, I reminded him not to finish the whole jar himself and he laughed out loud and asked why I gave it to him. OMG! I made his classic laughter came out! Well, everyone laughed with us.

And one last present, the cross stitch I did.
When I took it out, everyone cheered *aww~ shy* Han Geng asked how long I took to complete the stitch. I kept hiding from his microphone. I answered him, around 1 month and more. He was stunned seriously and kept saying that it’s impressive. He held on and took a look at it again. Oh goodness, his look of admiration shocked and touched. I felt really accomplished! He asked me how did I do it? I was like, what else can I say? I answered, ‘by hands’ That’s what came into my mind. Han Geng doesn’t know what to rebut and laughed, ‘of course, I knew that you did it by hands’ Everyone laughed so hard. But I really don’t have anything else to say!

Someone shouted, VERY COOL from the audiences and Han Geng replied, ‘WHAT?!’ Han Geng thanked me again and the host said that this would be one of his collections. I hope so too Okay! We all felt really accomplished.

This video captured only the part when the Singaporean fans interact with Han Geng, because Huiwen is one of them 😀

Last week, Huiwen brought back her memory about her encounter with Han Geng and summarized it as “whn i met Geng, i felt calm and was just doing what comes to my mind. So the point is… I CAN THINK WHN I MET HIM. What a feat xD

In my opinion, Han Geng is not breath-taking. He’s heart-soothing..


I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer:Picture & video used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners, No copyright infringement intended.

Han Geng and his deep love for Gengfans

Every time I speak or write about Han Geng, I can’t avoid his past in Korea. Though it was a one very painful and unbelievable experience, but Han Geng never stated a single complain about it. I learned that Han Geng is someone who tried to keep every pains only to himself. Not much people can really understand him. Only those who really close to his heart. Out of the circle, there are group who always with him, since the first day he left China. The group that grew bigger every day. The group called “Gengfans”.

Since my first day of Geng fandom, beside himself, the uniqueness of his fans also caught my heart. The relation between Han Geng and Gengfans is different from other star – fans relation I ever knew. Spazzing to more fan accounts, I found one very touching one posted on tumblr. Left me a very deep impression. After reading the translation from its original lyric sang by Han Geng in below video, I know the song has strong meaning for Han Geng and his fans. As you can see, when the camera took a short shoot on the audience’s side, most of them were crying, because they knew completely how Han Geng felt that time.

Fan account: gengwuolai

I’m sure you’ve all seen this clip before with Han Geng insisting on singing “I’m Willing” to his Gengfans while he was ill. Have you ever read the lyrics? Well, here it is.

Yearning is an extraordinary thing
Accompanies like the shadow
Silently, from deep within the heart
In an instant, swallows me in loneliness
I have no strength to resist, especially at night
Missing you until I can’t breath
If I could only run towards you at once
Declare to you loudly
Willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing for you, to forget my name
If it means for an extra second, I could stay in your arms
Losing the world would be unregrettable
I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing for you
Be banished to the ends of the earth
You only need to be true, answers me with your love
Anything, I’m willing
Anything, I’m willing
For you
Anything, I’m willing
Anything, I’m willing
For you

I know this is from awhile back, but if you ever wonder why there is such a strong bond between Han Geng and his Gengfans, this is just one of the reasons. Han Geng loves his fans deeply.

As for me, I brought this to my personal account and wish to share it to more friends, not to show how difficult Han Geng’s life before he finally decided to take his solo career. I brought this to my personal account, because I am also one of the proud Gengfans who without doubt know very well that Han Geng loves his fans deeply.

How can one love repay the abundant endless supportive love of millions… only sincere love from a humble heart who keep the promise to work hard..


I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer:Picture & video used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners, No copyright infringement intended.