Because Han Geng is not breathtaking but heart-soothing

How long have I been following Han Geng? Questioning myself everytime I start to write a new blog about him.
My first “encounter” with the adorable-shy only Chinese member in a famous Korean boyband was on September 2010 and started to wrote my first blog about him on October.

From many blogs I wrote, I noted special keywords in my writings. Han Geng’s distinctive character. I learned that he’s a simple man with strong and charismatic personality. He’s a man of respect and commitment. Above all else, Han Geng is a humble and sincere superstar, who treated other people including his fans in equal way.

During may obsessive disorder fandom period, I also met new friends who’s also a fan to Han Geng. Most of us admire Han Geng not only because of his breathtaking features or his flawless dancing skill, but more because of his charming and adorable attitude. The other thing that made admiring Han Geng is different from admiring other stars was, I never bored in watching videos or reading articles about him, no matter how old the they’re.

It was an ordinary day. Normal office activity, when I found old print out from one fan account, sharing experience when standing on stage with Han Geng, during Singapore fan meeting, October last year. Re-reading the story, dragged me back to an old video from that event. I remembered watching that video not long after the initial event. But re-watching it after re-reading the fan account story gave different feeling.

I felt an urge to bring all back to my personal blog, share it to more people, because the story confirmed my thought about Han Geng, he is exceptional. Share in 2 parts. This is the first one.

fan account, written with warm-heart by Huiwen Yeo

At around 8:25 PM, we were called out by the ushers to prepare for stage time. We were standing on the right side of the stage, while the host and Han Geng is talking, Han Geng did look over at us, probably wondering what is all the commotion about XD

I remembered about something the host said. She said, ‘Han Geng, you should have received lots of love letters before, am I right?’ This cheeky boy replied, ‘Not really, just 2 to 3 letters a day. Everyone laughed at his reply. You guys should know which song this conversation leads to. Yes, Love Letter to stranger. (Oh my goodness! It’s my favourite song) But, I couldn’t watch it from the audiences seat, kind of sad! But when I was watching the fan videos, goodness, he just looooook sooooooo good!

Two fans got chosen and went up to the stage, there was a lucky draw and they won a chance to interact with Han Geng. One of the fans was really agitated, after she whispered something to Han Geng, she started crying all of a sudden. Han Geng probably panicked and comforted her immediately. However, the fan is still crying, so he cutely said, ‘Don’t cry anymore! Don’t cry!’ He tried to act angry but he doesn’t sound or look angry! Haha! After she calmed down, she read out a poem she wrote herself. As Han Geng was signing on the little panda, he was listening to her poem as well. After she finished reading, he said that it has a really ancient feel.

Then, it’s our turn to go up to the stage, there were 3 Singapore reps, 2 Hong Kong reps and 2 China reps.
Han Geng said that it was like a sports meet and hummed a tune. Dadalada ~~
The host then said, ‘Look at our representatives, carrying big and small bags.’ Firstly, my friend, Huayshan reads out a letter on our behalf. Han Geng is too cute. He stood by her side, held o to the microphone and look at the letter, looking serious ~

She reads out: ‘Dear Han Geng’ Then he replied, ‘Hm’ (Really cute!) She continued with the letter: ‘Since you love to eat so much…’ she stopped and looked at him. I don’t know if he wanted to laugh or to cry XD he had that complicated look on his face. Then he said, ‘oh no, this is not correct, I don’t really love to eat.’
She continued to read the letter and Han Geng actually reads out the words in the brackets.
Huayshan: There are so many nice foods in Singapore, we hope that you would come more often.
Han Geng: Hehe! (Huayshan did not plan for this part to be read out)

Now, it’s Huayshan’s turn to laugh and cry, she put down the letter and felt helpless. But he smiled and stubbornly said that everything in the letter must be read out. He pointed at the letter and said. Huayshan then said that she didn’t want to read this part out. He replied: ‘I will help you then, hehe!’ According to Huayshan, he helped to hold on to the letter again and she thinks that he wanted to read the letter himself.
Then, she talked about his gastric problem and asked him to listen to his doctor. Everyone started laughing, I am sure that everyone know about the story of the doctor and him. There is another line I a bracket and Han Geng read it out voluntarily: ‘Although the doctor is fierce, er, but it’s all for your own good. Haha!’
He said ‘Haha” so cutely that it made all of us laughed. She also named the other countries to mention about the international fans. He thanked her and the host took the microphone away thingking that it’s over. But Han Geng kept his microphone there. (He must have really finished reading it)

Huayshan also mentioned about donating portion of the funds for charity… because Han Geng would love to do charity works. Everyone cheered and Han Geng complimented that she is really obedient and hugged her a little. Huayshan said that she was shocked and panicked a little. The most important part, she told Han Geng to speak louder and clearer in the future because translators are having a hard time listening to him He had this helpless expression again and he didn’t know what to say. But instead, he took a deep breath and said loudly, ‘Alright, NEXT!’

Everyone laughed and Han Geng, you are obedient too. He shook our hand again. The next gift is a pair of black Puma Shoes. He said that it ws pretty. HAHA! The host then said that we are confident about the size and Han Geng thougt that we colluded with the host at the fansign to get his shoes size. To be honest, we bought that pair of shoes on the 26th September so we didn’t ask the host to ask that question. We took so long to buy as well because we couldn’t believe that his feet are that small. We both tried the shoes and were skeptical about the size because we could wear. LOL!

Next gift was the candies. I asked him to open the box himself.
He hobbled backwards a little and said… ‘is it?’ I was like… no, it’s not. It’s foods. And he went… food again?! HAHA! This is my first time seeing him grumbling about food. Heh! When he opened the box, he took out a foam buffer and asked, ‘this is for me to eat?’ I said no immediately and everyone was laughing when he said, ‘oh no. this is a foam bubble’. I took out the bottle for him and his eyes are sharp! He practically snatched the bottle from me when he saw his name on it.

He snatched it lightly XD He asked me a total of 3 times, how did I make them? So I answered, I customized it. Well, it’s a duh~ answer but saying the whole process would take forever. Then the funny part came, I reminded him not to finish the whole jar himself and he laughed out loud and asked why I gave it to him. OMG! I made his classic laughter came out! Well, everyone laughed with us.

And one last present, the cross stitch I did.
When I took it out, everyone cheered *aww~ shy* Han Geng asked how long I took to complete the stitch. I kept hiding from his microphone. I answered him, around 1 month and more. He was stunned seriously and kept saying that it’s impressive. He held on and took a look at it again. Oh goodness, his look of admiration shocked and touched. I felt really accomplished! He asked me how did I do it? I was like, what else can I say? I answered, ‘by hands’ That’s what came into my mind. Han Geng doesn’t know what to rebut and laughed, ‘of course, I knew that you did it by hands’ Everyone laughed so hard. But I really don’t have anything else to say!

Someone shouted, VERY COOL from the audiences and Han Geng replied, ‘WHAT?!’ Han Geng thanked me again and the host said that this would be one of his collections. I hope so too Okay! We all felt really accomplished.

This video captured only the part when the Singaporean fans interact with Han Geng, because Huiwen is one of them 😀

Last week, Huiwen brought back her memory about her encounter with Han Geng and summarized it as “whn i met Geng, i felt calm and was just doing what comes to my mind. So the point is… I CAN THINK WHN I MET HIM. What a feat xD

In my opinion, Han Geng is not breath-taking. He’s heart-soothing..


I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

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