Han Geng and his deep love for Gengfans

Every time I speak or write about Han Geng, I can’t avoid his past in Korea. Though it was a one very painful and unbelievable experience, but Han Geng never stated a single complain about it. I learned that Han Geng is someone who tried to keep every pains only to himself. Not much people can really understand him. Only those who really close to his heart. Out of the circle, there are group who always with him, since the first day he left China. The group that grew bigger every day. The group called “Gengfans”.

Since my first day of Geng fandom, beside himself, the uniqueness of his fans also caught my heart. The relation between Han Geng and Gengfans is different from other star – fans relation I ever knew. Spazzing to more fan accounts, I found one very touching one posted on tumblr. Left me a very deep impression. After reading the translation from its original lyric sang by Han Geng in below video, I know the song has strong meaning for Han Geng and his fans. As you can see, when the camera took a short shoot on the audience’s side, most of them were crying, because they knew completely how Han Geng felt that time.

Fan account: gengwuolai

I’m sure you’ve all seen this clip before with Han Geng insisting on singing “I’m Willing” to his Gengfans while he was ill. Have you ever read the lyrics? Well, here it is.

Yearning is an extraordinary thing
Accompanies like the shadow
Silently, from deep within the heart
In an instant, swallows me in loneliness
I have no strength to resist, especially at night
Missing you until I can’t breath
If I could only run towards you at once
Declare to you loudly
Willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing for you, to forget my name
If it means for an extra second, I could stay in your arms
Losing the world would be unregrettable
I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing for you
Be banished to the ends of the earth
You only need to be true, answers me with your love
Anything, I’m willing
Anything, I’m willing
For you
Anything, I’m willing
Anything, I’m willing
For you

I know this is from awhile back, but if you ever wonder why there is such a strong bond between Han Geng and his Gengfans, this is just one of the reasons. Han Geng loves his fans deeply.

As for me, I brought this to my personal account and wish to share it to more friends, not to show how difficult Han Geng’s life before he finally decided to take his solo career. I brought this to my personal account, because I am also one of the proud Gengfans who without doubt know very well that Han Geng loves his fans deeply.

How can one love repay the abundant endless supportive love of millions… only sincere love from a humble heart who keep the promise to work hard..


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