Because Han Geng is exceptional

Recalling my own experience when I first fell in love with one ordinary Chinese guy with remarkable dancing talent and a giggle that melt my heart, I put my little heart in the world of Han Geng. From that moment until the day I wrote this blog, I found many friends who shared the same experience. Most of us didn’t fall for him because of his physical appearance. Most of us fall for him because of his strong heart and how he overcome his troubled years in foreign country.


Throughout my short fandom period, I also questioned by others on the reason I admire Han Geng. I am still compiling my answer, while I found this one remarkable blog post, written by eyeesmile on her tumblr

Below is her simple but very touching words to express her support for the polite and engaging young man, who won support from millions fans because of his extraordinary characteristics.

fan account: post #900 Han Geng

post 900 is for han geng. idk why 900 is such a special number to me, it just is, so i left it for han geng. i’m not very good with words, and there are so many geng fans out there that can express this feeling better. throughout these 5 years, i’ve received too many questions about why i love you, why i chose to love you. it all began on november 4th, 2005, i was flipping through baidu and came across the news of a chinese member in a korean boy group. as everyone knows already, you were the first foreigner to debut in korea.

i was curious, very very curious. what could be the reason for one of the biggest entertainment companies in korea to sign a mere 19 year old chinese boy. no one knew what would happen next for this chinese boy, but i had my suspicions. when they debuted, i found myself being attracted to him, he was the first celebrity i’ve ever felt that way about. one day, that boy disappeared and was replaced by a back up dancer with a mask, my first thought was that he was injured and couldn’t make it. i was disappointed, but i didn’t think too much of it. i forgot what day it was, but geng fans were enraged when we found out that you were the person behind that mask. my whole life, i’ve only known celebrities that try everything to be popular, and especially at the start of their career. when everyone else was getting recognized and had a strong fanbase, you were hiding behind a mask because of the korean laws. it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair at all. you seemed happy, so i’m sorry, i assumed you were.

i was there, when chinese geng fans lost that chance to have you endorse something in china in 2006, and i was extremely touched to see you reaching out on your cyworld to them, i saw you comfort and reassure them. super junior show, han geng’s diary made me see a new side of you. you were so happy in china, different from being in korea. you bought fans ice cream, you were like their big brother, not just another celebrity. when the time came to say good bye to your dad for the second time, you cried. from that point, i knew you’d go far, you not only treat your fans with respect and love, you are a filial son and you have a heart of gold. your personality is not easily found in the industry, and i wanted to see how far you can go. i began to fall for you. you were so innocent in full house, yet so fierce in u. you were the king on stage, yet you were so humble deep down. the first time i’ve ever met you was, 2007 hollywood bowl. you were so wonderful, so much more beautiful than in pictures. in 2008, you brought sj-m to china and you treated them with such hospitality. 2008 was the year, all the chinese around the world, were most proud of their homeland. i bet you were too, you were different. you talked more, you knew your stuff here, you were home. those heartfelt “han geng, welcome home”s, we all know how much that meant to you. you’ve wanted to be home, you miss china. you were the group’s big brother, even when you were sick, you couldn’t rest because you were what the group depended on. i saw your efforts, the way you pushed other members to answer questions asked to you. i saw you promote them, i saw you sink into the background, i saw it all happening in front of those cameras. i saw your face when your stomach started hurting, because your stomach has always been a problem.

gengfans know how much effort you had to put in, and what little rewards you received. 2009, you were back in korea and when you came back, you looked tired. tired, that was the only word i had for you. sj-m has endless activities in taiwan and china. you became a flying superman. super junior won album of the year, of course it was a celebration, but right after, was the event that took our breath away. i couldn’t believe it when sarah & sahar invited me to chat and showed me the news. “han geng submitted lawsuit to sm”. omtd! went wild, akp went wild, you suddenly became the headline of the week. most people worried about super junior, they worried about how they might react to this. i worried about you, i worried about how much you must’ve handled to finally make this decision. how much anguish is saved up in that tiny body of yours. i wondered what you were going to do next, because i’m not going to lie, you weren’t the strongest singer. i watched people panic, misunderstand, and even bash you. at that moment i understood one thing, that no matter what, i believe you.

i believe every single word that comes out of your mouth. why? because i felt like i know the guy i’ve followed for 5 years, the guy i’ve cherished and dug up every detail about. i knew you wouldn’t make such a move unless you couldn’t stand it anymore. it was not for money. no matter what rumors there were, han geng hasn’t spoken, i wasn’t gonna believe any of the rumors. you reappeared in may, and oh my god what an amazing surprise that was. we missed you, so so much. i will never forget the day that video of you on sohu chat appeared, “han geng’s alive!” “wow, he looks good!” i still remember. you looked well-rested, very well-rested. i don’t know what you did for 5 months, but i knew my geng was back, and you were back to take the chinese music industry for a storm. july came, your first solo concert, your first solo album. you have achieved more than anyone this year, and with every step, i am proud to say that i’m a geng fan and i have never left your side. 2011’s coming, and i believe in your abilities, the sky is your limit.

han geng, it’s been 5 years, and i want to let you know that my love for you never swayed, never. thank you for coming into my life, you were the first celebrity i have ever loved, and will

I dunno how long I will support Han Geng, but for now all I know is my love for Han Geng is getting deeper and my respect is getting higher. All because he’s someone exceptional.

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