Han Geng, he just perfect..

For many months following Han Geng, I read zillion times about his charity works. I read zillion times his cute and adorable attitude towards his fans, his friends and his co-workers and I still amazed by how great his personality is.

The latest was what he did for one handicapped girl, Liu Miao who became his hardcore fans for three years during the China Dream Show. Quoted from Geng-Bao.net

In order to fulfill Liu Miao’s dream to be on the stage with him together, Han Geng did not charge the program for his appearance, completely “zero compensation”.

Watching this video showing the interraction between the Chinese superstar with his hardcore fan, made me realize one thing. This is the reason why my love for Han Geng is getting deeper and my respect is getting higher. He’s a perfect role model for young people. He’s perfect as a star and human being.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer: Video to GengBaoChannel. No copyright infringement intended.

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