The world of Robert Pattinson after Twilight

When I decided to share a piece of my Little Heart for Robert Pattinson & Ben Barnes, I didn’t have any purpose to compare the two British Actors and choose who’s better between these astonishing hunks. I didn’t intend to influence others to change their minds and fanatism to Robert Pattinson.

As stated in my first blog, both of Rob & Ben were rocking my little world in different times. I wish to see them acting for long time. I wish both of them are not just dashingly handsome faces. Because both actors reached their fame almost in the same year, I tried to be realistic, pouring my personal opinion about their talents and personal life which I think, could influence their career. I decided to write it separately.

I will start from my first star crush, Robert Pattinson. Rob, for his role as Edward Cullen, did so much personal work to create a character that has been emotionally dead for hundred years but reawakened by Bella. Weeks before filming, he took a transparent cocoon around himself, did himself an exploration to get into Edward’s head including writing a pained letters to his vampire father (from the Complete Illustrated Movie Companion).

Because Twilight consists of 4 books, he signed contract for the other three books, New Moon, Eclipse and (I think the decision came later) Breaking Dawn. It was great to have a long lasting contract, at least for around 2 – 3 years, he will still have a job. But in conjunction to his role in Twilight saga, Rob has to keep his youthful looks as the 17 years old vampire while his actual numbers are adding. I see this as problem number one, a dilemma of forever young versus aging for his role ^_^


Because of the age dilemma too, the breaks between movies were very short, so the film still could capture Rob’s youthful 17 years old face. In my opinion, it gave him problem number two. This situation would limit his opportunity to take variety roles. As we knew, during the breaks of New Moon and Eclipse, Rob could only take a role in adaptation movie, Remember me, because the filming needed only few weeks for filming. I wished, during the filming break of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, Rob could get enough time to explore various roles in other movies.

Not only the age dilemma, but being in the same character of a drop-dead gorgeous brooding vampire in four movies could trap him in. It’s possible, as problem number three, Rob would take his role as Edward to deep and make him not able to get out of his Edward Cullen’s character easily.


Though he got a chance to play Tyler Roth in Remember me, but I think the role was not too much different from his other roles before. I am a bit relieve and glad that next year he would get the opportunity to filming Unbound Captive with Hugh Jackman and the rumored movie, Bel Ami. Hope he could jump into another totally different character smoothly, so after Twilight, he still has the opportunity to say goodbye to the family-friendly franchise characters and move onto different roles.

Twilight movie was a big hit. It catapulted Rob to stardom in just one night. I couldn’t deny, because of his role in Twilight, Rob’s face were shockingly famous across the universe. His fame as Edward Cullen, brought him huge amount of magazine covers and articles, and money too :D. I have posted several blogs before, about his journey to fame and the magazines most wanted couple

But I don’t see it as a lucky charm for him. On this stage, I was not sure, when directors offered him a role, it was because he is a talented and award-winning actor or simply because his famous face would make any movie worth watching and bring money to the producer’s pocket. I try to be sincere and genuine in my opinion about this.

He proved that he could be brooding, tormented, awkward, cynical, eccentric. His role in How to be, even gave him several awards.


But after that, most of the awards received were popular awards, based on votes and more to his hyperventilating appearance as Edward Cullen, not to his acting talent. More to his uber-handsome appearance, his polite demeanor, his hot British accent and his captivating charm. I still think that he could win lots of another popular awards within the coming years, as long as he has the devoted fans to support him. I know it sounds rude, but again, I try to be logic.

Rob still need to proof his talent after Twilight if he really wants to be an award-winning actor. His fame as Edward Cullen could bring him lots of movie offers. People would and must give him the opportunity to explore more of his talents. It’s up to him to decide, would he choose an award-winning role or taking the easier route of doing a work that cashes in “flavor of the month” trends. I am longing to watch his future movies, Remember me and Unbound Captive. He should win an award for his acting talent not only for his physical appearance and his affable charm.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer: All photographs and manips used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners.

Twilight made me write


I’m a 38 years-old woman, a wife and also a mom to my 9 years-old son. Let me share my experience with Twilight World.

I was not interested at all when the information about Twilight novel sent by Harlequin group of Gramedia reached my inbox. The book was too thick compared to my-used-to-read Harlequins, but I got anxious about this vampire-human love story, when the movie was wide-spread published and I saw Robert Pattinson portraying Edward Cullen.

Then, I started to borrow the books from my colleague at the office. Brought Robert’s face during my readings, I was not able to stop. I even spared extra time to read the e-book of Breaking Dawn at my husband’s notebook, nonstop from 3 pm to 10 pm. But the craziest thing was comparing the English – Indonesian version for 3 – 4 times.

I also forced my husband, my son, my brother and his wife to accompany me to the cinema to watch the movie, few weeks after the movie was released. In practice, it was only me and my sister in-law who watched it :D. After that, I can’t get rid Twilight and the drop-dead gorgeous brooding vampire, Edward Cullen from my head.

I made my own analysis. I was obsessed with Twilight, so when I first decided to join Twilight Indonesia, I had only one big aim. To get more information on Twilight, to ease my obsession about it. And it was true, after few months of joining, my obsession was cooling down. I can hold myself from talking about Twilight anywhere, anytime to everyone. Problem solved? Well, nope.. because my decision of joining Twilight Indonesia, gave me a new obsession, stronger than my previous obsession. New obsession called Obsessive Robert Disorder

Robert Pattinson

I’m no fan of Edward Cullen, I know he’s damn hot handsome sexy vampire, but it’s very easy for me to down my fond of him. Simply because I know he’s just imaginative figure, no such male could be that perfect. No man can live more than 90 years old nowadays and still look that handsome. And, vampire is not exist in my real world :D. It was also easy to say enough to Twilight movie and novels because again, they’re only imaginative things.

But to my obsession of Robert Pattinson, no way. I found it very difficult to wipe him off. My problem is getting bigger and bigger everyday. My obsession of him becoming an overdose. I can not resist his charm and not perfect personality, I can not deny his alluring, dazzling figure. I can not do anything to ease my overdose, because for sure, he’s no imaginative figure. Edward Cullen could be that damn hot, because Robert Pattinson is damn hot himself. He is real, existing in my real world. He’s out there.

I need my personal place. I knew, someday Twilight Indonesia would not be enough to accommodate my new freaking crazier obsession.

Thanks to my friends in Twilight Indonesia, who I can’t name one by one here, but totally encouraged me to have my own blog and to write more. I also give special thanks to my husband who gave his trust on me and spent his precious time to prepare my personal blog.

I will not counting my writing days. As long as I can find interesting photos, which could touch my heart, I will keep writing and share desire for my friends.

Silly things that Twilight made me do

The beginning was a discussion forum in Twilight Indonesia, started by my friend Nocturne, “the Silly Things Twilight Make You do”. I gave my opinion. After few days, another friend, Clair de Lune replied by saying “Dear, I just couldn’t keep myself from smiling when I read your reply.. You rock! XD”

I was surprised by the “You rock!” statement. I started to think, what exactly this Twilight did to me 😀

Twilight poster (S)

I realized. After Twilight, I did some things I never done before. Most of them are really silly except of course the number one thing. Joining Twilight Indonesia was great. But the others, well.. you can give your own opinion about that.

Twilight made me:
1. joined twilight indonesia and forgot that i’m over 35 years old and stay loyal to it everyday.

2. started to discuss sport cars with my son, who has worldwide knowledge about that, and read articles about Aston Martin Vanquish, Porche 911 or Mercedes AMG.

3. asked my son not to wash his hair for 2 weeks, so he can has “RPatzz’ messy hair” – my husbie got mad on this.. LOL and my son said “mama jorok..”

4. Tried to make my husbie wears a wrist band. He refused of course, because he knew it’s edward’s thing :p

5. kept telling my son that his height must be 185 cm (as tall as RPatzz), he was drooling his eyes and said, ” yeah.. just like edward pattinson…” He used to call him Edward Pattinson to pissing me off :p

6. Started to note various words in every articles about anything I read, everywhere I go, only to find perfect words to describe Robert Pattinson.

Actually, I still have many in rows, but the above are enough to describe my craziness about Twilight and especially Robert Pattinson. My new star crush.