The charming Robert Pattinson

I have tried very hard to reduce my overdose on Robert Pattinson, but of course, again I failed 😀
I have to face it. My overdose on Robert Pattinson set my teen soul on fire… I need to pour something.. I am going to write about people’s comment or opinion about him.

I knew how FEMALE all over the globe, including me react on Robert Pattinson,

Mentioned one of Kristen’s comment about Rob being Edward “He is perfect”. “He’s a good actor and has a really insane work ethic.” “He is really sensitive; he’s perfect. He’s my perfect Edward.” (but of course, she has more comment on Rob)

Catherine Hardwicke put Robert this way “He’s obviously ridiculously photogenic, but he’s also so talented… I see him creating stylized, odd, wild, fantastical characters.”

Stephenie Meyer gave her approval on Rob by saying that Rob has both sides, pretty and dangerous, which not much guy has. (my note: this make him not only perfect as Edward, but also perfect for other role)

even Reese Whiterspoon (star of Vanity Fair) gave her opinion on Rob as “”I remember he was very handsome. I do remember that. I thought, ‘I have a really handsome son.” (he’s already very handsome on 2004)

Well, it was normal to have women in all ages express their adoration to this drop-dead captivating male even if GAY guy gave comments on him (Perez Hilton adores him a lot)

this picture is manipulation, but for me this is almost perfect manipulation

but when S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T guys dare to gave their comments about him, I guess he’s really has something.

Matthew McNulty (played Luis Bunuel in Little Ashes) said “There’s something that draws you to Rob. He is really intelligent and he’s a charming chap as well.”

Javier Beltran the Spanish actor who played Garcia Lorca also in Little Ashes said that “Robert is an exceptional guy, on and off the set. Generous and very nice. A professional from head to toe. I can’t tell you anything else. It was a pleasure to work with him and meet him in person. I’ve just have good words for him, the same with the rest of the cast and the shooting team.”

Then Ryan Reynolds described him to MTV as “dreamy” (Ryan has never met Rob in person actually).

Which hilarious was, Hugh Jackman and Baz Luhrman invited Rob to a karaoke party after they chatted on the flight from LA to Tokyo. He just talked to the Australian famous people and the next thing, he was invited to karaoke, and later on, Mr. Jackman said that he’s a really good singer

Now, Alex Meraz (who’s also very tempting himself) said “the first time I met him, I was like, ‘Dude, you smell fantastic!'” […] He’s comfortable in his own sexuality.”

And not to forget, Emma Watson insisted that she knew all along that Rob’d someday become like the Beatles all rolled into one. “Of course I did; he is incredibly handsome!” she grinned. “He is a very, very handsome man, so I’m not too surprised.”

So, what else I can say, Robert Pattinson is the magnet to both men & women. Simply combustible. An alluring British male, that caught many eyes in this planet


It will be very difficult to turn off his manly charm.

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