The permanent and unbreakable hold to my heart

I really felt sorry for Emilie. I didn’t mean to acted cold fish. I knew I have to be professional. The script requested me to have a lip-lock with her.


I heard the director said “ACTION!!” Emilie started to run then crashed me on the sand before we did the kissing scene. I felt nothing. It was hollow. I hugged her awkwardly. That was not the expected kissing scene. The director said “CUT!!” and we had to started again.


I tried to gather my chemistry for Emilie. It was difficult. She sat next to me, tried to have a little conversation to built the chemistry. I still could not picture her in my head.


I heard Emilie’s voice indistinct. I was surprised, the harder I tried to get my chemistry for her, another chemistry peeped out clearer in my head. My kissing scene with Kristen in Twilight. The chemistry was so bold. It was so easy to kiss her.


and the most important moment in our relationship, our kissing scene in Italy. The moment when we both realized how strong was our feeling for each other. That time, I really could feel Kristen in my arms. Felt her to every core of my body.


Enough for the contemplation. We have to got back for the next shoot. I brought my memory on my kisses with Kristen, hoping that it could give more chemistry to my kissing scene with Emilie. But I failed. Again, I could not act passionately for her. My heart has been hold. I knew the truth.


So, when I met Kristen on the week end, when she laid her soft and tender cheek on my chest. I already knew what to say.


“I knew something is bothering you love,” I started the conversation. She was hesitant. She hold me tighter, not able to say anything. I asked again, “it’s about Emilie, right?”. She kept quite. So I just waited, breathed slowly on her hair. Then she answered, “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin this moment. But it was not easy to let you with another girl Rob.” “Every time I saw her picture, I got nervous.”
I don’t trust myself to be… enough. To deserve you. There’s nothing about me that could hold you“. – quote from New Moon

I was waiting for that moment. I kissed the tip of her head, I hold her tighter. My last experience with Emilie, gave me more faith to say, “Kristen, your hold is permanent and unbreakable. Never doubt that.” – quote from New Moon


My heart has been taken. Kristen hold my heart. And as long as I live, her hold to my heart is permanent and unbreakable.

Whatever the true story behind the wide-spread pictures & newest gossip, my writings is just my point of view, my own analysis. I’ll be tremendously happy if they could be a real couple, but if not at least I still have something to comfort my tortured feelings.

read My hold is permanent & unbreakable to have the same imaginary lines from Kristen’s point of view.

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