Han Geng, a simple man with charismatic strong personality

After experienced so much, to my growth next time or to my career next time, I would be a very great help, no matter good or bad, any way just having a positive attitude. Good, that’s good. Bad, it’s giving you an experience. Giving you a lesson, next time you have to take a note

These days, there is one name that becoming the most important topic throughout Asia Entertainment Industry. The name that can raise rating of TV shows. The name that can guarantee the high sales of magazines. The name that can put countless attendants to one event. The new Chinese most popular male singer, crowned as the new Asian Dancing King, the new Asian superstar, Han Geng. But this good looking Chinese guy was not someone who’s been catapulted into stardom in one single night. His journey from a naïve young boy to a very famous entertainer was heart-breaking and painful.

Han Geng,Asian Superstar,Dancing King

Han Geng was not the only person who struggles to reach the ultimate dream, there are many other young people who try their best to reach the level where Han Geng stands now. But Han Geng experienced things that not much young people would experienced. His ability to endure every single pains and overwhelm the storm made his life story one of the phenomenal and inspirative to others.

Behind all the glamorous Diva status, Han Geng was a simple man. A guy with feline handsomeness, who likes simple colors of black, white, gray and silver for his outfits, after flying solo and in speed lighting, climbing his mountain of success, admitted that he has no ambitions. “I have no ambitions. It’s not like I want to be a big shot, be a superstar. It just like what I’ve said, do my job well, let things work out naturally. No need to force myself to do certain things, must get to certain status. I don’t feel that way will necessary get me to that place, I will only tire myself out”. To someone with no ambitions, Han Geng showed success beyond the limits.

Han Geng,Asian Dancing King,Chinese pop singer

Han Geng has a backgrounds that made him strong as a rock. He even emphasized that suffering was good for young people. “Actually, I think it’s good to suffer a little. It’s really good. So, after you experienced all these, you would feel that this is my gain. The other may not have these experience, I am happy because I have this experience”.

Born as the only child in the family in 1984, raised in not so good environment, Han Geng grew as someone who has to responsible to himself. Detached from his family in Mudanjiang to entered school in Beijing since his very young age, formed him into a person with strong heart. The condition of his family made him a person with great consideration and responsibility, “When I just graduated, I told my mum that I definitely not take a single cent from home anymore. I told her please do not worry, if I have no more money, I’ll work, you don’t have to worry about me. That is what I did. There was only once when I had no other choice, it was already winter, I had no blanket, I asked my family for $500.

A strong commitment since a very young age. The commitment along with his strong heart were the courage that made him certain to pursue his dream in a foreign country, South Korea. “One person’s attitude towards life determines the direction of his life. 10 years ago, I was just a boy who just graduated. I didn’t think about my future and only wanted to strike out on my own. At that time, I have always felt that the world out there is so big that there would be a day that I succeed.

Since the first day he arrived in Korea in 2003, entering the tight schedule of trainings, his first debut in 2005 to his decision to terminate his contract with the Korean Company at the end of 2009 and took a step to solo career in July 2010, Han Geng faced many experiences. Bitter sweet moments that sharpen his personality. No matter how hard the difficulties, he never gave up. “Every decision, no matter right or wrong, or whatever is the result, I’ve made them myself. I need to face the consequences and be held responsible; therefore, every step I’ve taken I have never regretted. My father always said to me, no matter what decision you make, it’s all your business, but it’s up to you to see how you treat it, how you are going to deal with it mentally”. I’ve taken everything pretty lightly now, very peacefully; whatever they say in the outside world is not for me to say”.

Han Geng,Asian Dancing King,Chinese pop singer

After the news of his contract termination emerged, many wants to know how he reacts on his case. Those who really support him or those who tried to find words that can bring him down. But Han Geng never whining. He took his period in Korea as one precious experience “To me, this is an excellent experience, and it also serves to remind me to increasingly appreciate my achievements now. If I hadn’t worked so hard in the past, I would probably be intoxicated by my status as a celebrity, and get stalled in my steps, or maybe even giving up when I meet even the smallest difficulties”. This kind of character easily pulls respects from others. Han Geng was not perfect, but about his principles, he’s almost impeccable.

The Chinese singer who exudes the aura of a king while he’s dancing also famous as the poorest Chinese celebrity. Not because he was the type of freespender celebrity, but his poor and difficult past gave him an ocean wide heart. A heart that put empathy for others who’s not as lucky as him. A mighty heart that made him crying with those who suffer. And his status as a celebrity gave him more responsibility to influence more people to hand in hand helping others. One of his dream was doing more charity, “”Last time in Korea I did not have the time to do charity. But now I have the time and chance, I hope that I can help more. I always believe that celebrities should encourage others and lead others, lead young people to help others. I have the responsibility to do that.”

Han Geng,Asian Dancing King,Chinese pop singer

He was one of the big supporter of “I want to go to School” program. He donate big amount of his fee to Taiwan earthquake’s victims and more other charity events. He even firmly said to his fans not to spend their money to buy things for him, during variety shows or through his CY, “Everyone, please don’t waste your money on purchasing gifts for me, it’s not worth it, because you can collect the money and donate it to people who need it more.” I totally admire him for this. He can buy anything he wants these days, but his action speaks louder than words, spend your money for more important things, charities.


The most unique of Han Geng was his relationship with his full of support fans. The charismatic Han Geng highly gratitude his fans, “When I step out of the airport, I can see them everywhere, and sometimes they even forgo their sleep and wait overnight at the airport. The amount love that they give is not something that can be repaid with one song or a dance”. On the other hand, though he appreciate his fans in high level, he’s not afraid to state his words about respect, “I hope that everyone would respect each other in work. My concert, my album, my hard work is all for those who have been supporting me. Even if that there is only just one audience left at the stand, I will still give my all on the stage. I am very sincere towards every one, I respect every show I attended. So, I hope that I will receive the same degree of respect”. And not like other celebrity who can’t not avoid that their fame would effect their family, Han Geng really protect his family and he firmly said that many times, “I’ve always been very protective to my family. Really very protective of my family. I don’t want their life to be added into my work or to let a lot of fans go find my mother everyday, finding her to take pictures or something like that. Because it’s really their life, but my work is my work”.

Han Geng,Asian Superstar,Dancing King

Since the first day I started my fandom, I positively believe that it was Han Geng who took the first step in building the mutual understanding and respect with his fans. His full of respect attitude was the starter to formed the unique relationship. It would be easy to understand if Han Geng might satisfied with his unexpected fame after going solo that made him the most famous Asian super star these days, but his humble and down to earth attitude made him didn’t posses the Diva – like attitude, because Han Geng was a simple man with charismatic and strong personality.

Han Geng,Asian Superstar,Dancing King

I never met Han Geng, not yet 😀 All of his statements above came from those who interviewed him or articles posted in Geng-Bao.net. I wrote this blog because I want to share how my heart sees Han Geng.
To my heart, Han Geng is someone with rare personality. To him, I give my humble and full support.

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