Han Geng, from humid continent of Mudanjiang to the Hall of Fame

Over so many years, I still can remember my admiration period to Chinese Actors & Actresses. From Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Gong Li to the older generation before them. But I can’t remember that I ever had an admiration period to Chinese singer, male or female. Only when my Kpop friend introduced me few months before the year of 2010 ended, I started to listen to a Chinese male singer, Han Geng and easily fall to his soft and soothing tenor voice.

Before 2010, Han Geng was known as the only Chinese member of the famous Korean boy band, Super Junior. It was my curios heart that pushed me to find more about him. His journey to where he is now was something that really captured my heart. I can say that through my entire life, I never met a young man, who struggled as hard as Han Geng to reach his own dream. What he has now was not an overnight success.

Han Geng, an ethnic Nanai from Northeast China was born as the only child in the family, in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China on 9 February 1984. From many of his interviews, he said that he loves to dance since he was six years old. Every time his mom put on a music, he would start to dance. Because of this great interest to dancing, at the age of 12, he was accepted into Central University for Nationalities and left Mudanjiang for Beijing to perfect his craft in dance. Han Geng was one of the prime dancing student, who also learned ballet and martial arts. His forte in dancing, especially the traditional, brought him to many places to performed along with other talented dancer from his school. He was also a representative of the young people of Nanai, to participate in the parade in honor of China’s 50 year anniversary in 1999.

18 years old Han Geng was ready to take his path as a dancing teacher after he graduated from Central University, when one of the most important moment of his life arrived. H.O.T. CHINA Audition Casting in December 2001. During his interview with Lu Yu back in 2007, the story of him entering the audition was very common. Accompany a friend, join the audition, forget about it and after more than a year, he got the “call”. He won the audition. 3000 :1 opportunity. It was his moment. One of the most important decision that changed his entire life. Though his father was hesitate about the contract, but Han Geng, a cute and naïve Chinese boy with a strong will, decided to leave his hometown, his family, his convenient shell, barely understanding the Korean language, has no friends, flew to South Korea in March 2003.


His road to fame was not easy, but Han Geng never complained. Many hours of trainings and fractured arm were not enough to stop him from chasing his dream. Because he was a strong-heart person. “I train myself continuously everyday and also lacking in sleep for a long time. Not because of work but when (I do) not do a good job while working out, choreographing dances, practicing singing (then) I will not be able to sleep” His efforts would give him a great result. He passed less than 2 years of training, before he got his opportunity to debut.

After his first debut in 2005 along with the new formed boy band, Super Junior, Han Geng started to steal the heart of his fans. His charming and witty personality made him a darling to many Korean Variety Shows. His unique pronunciation to Korean words and his ability to do Chinese traditional dance were another strong points that made him outshine. Throughout many years, Han Geng strengthen his path. Chosen as a torch bearer for 2008 Beijing Olympic was another important moment. His fame was skyrocketing. Another monumental period was being a leader to the sub-group of Super Junior, SJ-M. Leading the group of 7 young men to enter the Chinese music Industry and harvesting another level of popularity. With a sense of genuineness and frankness, charismatic Han Geng showed his other strong personality.


In fact, not many knew that behind the cheers and heart-warming smile, real life was not always as beautiful as you think. Han Geng was enduring pains and heartache. As he grew older, he knows that all he needs in work was mutual respect. “I will respect you, why won’t you respect me. I need respect too. But when I gave your respect but you didn’t give me respect, then I won’t be happy with you”. After a long consideration, at the end of 2009, gave shock to many who know him, he placed the law suit to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment. It was not an easy decision. He knew the risk. His dream was to sing and dance, to be on stage for the entire of his life. Leaving a super famous group through contract termination would impact his future career. And starting a career in Chinese music industry was hard. One need to be a real talent to stand strong in that field .

But Han Geng was someone who’s been through many difficult times. He’s not afraid of challenge and ready to endure more pains. His mature and strong mind can give firm statement, “Our lives are not surrounded by fame and fortune, even if you make me into what I was before, to start all over again from zero, I will be OK


He proved his statement. After a long contemplating hiatus period, with his strong heart completed with excellent dancing skill and improved singing ability, he was able to emerged with full force. Releasing his first solo album, which sold out more than 350,000 copies in 2 months period, holding his first solo concert in Beijing, which resulting a phenomenal strike to Asia ticketing sales. Thousands of his first day concert’s ticket sold out only in 37 minutes. Proof to his popularity.


His engine was starting to move forward. After his successful solo concert, he was everywhere. From the commercial performances to the prestigious events. Han Geng gave his best performance for the opening ceremony of Shanghai World Expo, singing “The World is Watching China”. He was the image spoke person for Guangzhou Asian Games “Colourful Volunteers” and the member of Asian Games Volunteer Hall of Fame. He was taken to duet with the senior female singer, Tanjing, singing a theme song “Unforgettable Memories” for the Commemoration of 150 years destruction of Summer Palace”. Many song writers and producers are ready to work with him. His performance before and after he won the prestigious award from CCTV – MTV “The most popular Chinese male singer”, only few months after his decision of flying solo, almost countless. The famous director, Gao Xiao Song decided to have as one of the lead actor for his latest movie, Da Wu Sheng, made another dream of his came true. Han Geng is paving his path perfectly. Nothing can stop his popularity. He was the phenomenal Asian Super Star.


Chen Lu Yu, one of the famous host in China, who became a very good friend of Han Geng, back in 2007, when Han Geng first appearance in her show delivered a message from another successful senior Chinese actor, Jackie Chen “Maybe there isn’t many people paying attention to you now. But if you make great effort, put all your hearts and mind into it, you will catch everyone’s eyes someday”. That time, Han Geng was tremendously appreciated the wise statement of Jackie Chen. Over the 3 years after that, he was under the spotlight. He caught everyone’s eyes on him. His great effort, his full heart and mind brought him to the higher level of his career.

Han Geng was exceptional and special. From the humid continent of Mundanjiang, he’s entering the Hall of Fame. Through his song, My Logo, he firmly stated that he’s going international with his new logo, Han Geng. As his fans, I truly believe that he would reach that goal. My only wish, he keeps his hard-working, his down to earth personality and his charming attitude. Those will strengthen his career and keep him long lasting in the entertainment industry.

These writings are what I had in mind and what I see through my heart. My writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

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