Han Geng and the Wings of Love

“Actually my fans are quite good. They are more rational, not those type of crazy fans.
Every time I travel, they will go to the airport to receive or send me off,
they are really self-conscience, split into two rows and left a path for me to walk,
they will form a barrier to prevent others from going in. Yes, they are very mature”

– Han Geng, Chinese Pop Singer & Actor, Asia Dancing King –
(Azio Entertainment with Patty Hou, September 2010)

Throughout my entire life, I experienced many fandoms. Since my teenagers till my mature age, I have been a fan to male singers, actors and of course boy bands. But never during those periods, have I really cared about the attitude of the so called “hard core fans”.

I learned about this hard core fans through Robert Pattinson, the British actor who catapulted into stardom through his role as Edward Cullen of Twilight. I met much kind of fans. From those who admire him as Edward Cullen to those who admire him blindly as the object of their dreams or embarrassing drool. That time, I asked myself, what makes a fan called as hardcore? Those who admire the star blindly and follow more to his personal life than to his projects or those who support his works with full heart and leave the part of personal life as the private area?

But since few months ago, I found another kind of hardcore fans through my latest fandom, Han Geng, the good-looking Chinese guy, who became very famous throughout Asia, after leaving his former Korean boy band, Super Junior and decided to have solo career. During months of my fandom, I found that the relationship between Han Geng and those who famous as “Geng Fans” was remarkably unique.

I believe that Geng Fans, especially the Chinese Geng Fans were formed since the first time Han Geng left China in 2002 to pursue his dream in Korea. They follow his every single steps with full heart. The bond formed between them was getting stronger throughout many years.

The most touching and strongest momentum in this relationship was when Lei Lei, a fan, composed a song called “Wings of Love” and through Baidu’s Han Geng Club, the song given to Han Geng as a gift from his fans around the world for his 23rd Birthday in February 2007. From that moment, the song was following Han Geng’s steps. Where ever he goes, this song becoming a “national anthem” for Geng Fans. Strongest bond ever created, between one star and the fans, only belongs to Han Geng and Geng Fans.

Geng Fans also have the behaviour, which totally different from the other fans. From the first time I learned about Geng Fans, I was already surprised by their behaviour. Quoted from a blog wrote by onepinetree, I also learned more about Han Geng style’s fan support during events.

Lifting the banner high will block other people’s view to the stage; it’s just enough to lift it to the chest high. Han Geng on the stage would be able to notice it easily. No need for screaming his name; the concert is for enjoying the signers’ performances not for testing my voice volume. Therefore, I had to revise the hypotheses: 1. Lift anything related Han Geng only to your chest height. 2. Do not chase Han Geng around. 3. Do not need for chanting or screaming of Han Geng’s name.

Then, Han Geng, who has a special talent in accurately recognizing his fans, will eventually come to you. About what is the true Han Geng style’s fan support… * With a simple indication of being Han Geng’s fan, no fussy, noisy, rowdy actions, Han Geng will notice, recognize, and appreciate us.*

I can understand that for Chinese Geng Fans, Han Geng was their precious star. Their love for Han Geng might be the greatest among the Geng Fans, but what amazed me the most, the behaviour was contagious. Throughout many videos from many events everywhere, most of Geng Fans showed almost the same behaviour. Mature and full of respect though sometimes, over protective 😀

As one of international Geng Fans, I have my own opinion. Geng Fans may come from different countries, different ethnicity and culture background. These differences may formed different ways in admiring Han Geng. But it doesn’t mean that, I and the other international Geng Fans can not love Han Geng as deep as the Chinese Geng Fans. The love for Han Geng didn’t come from crazy obsession. Han Geng was not the type of drop-dead gorgeous male. He just one good-looking Chinese guy who sometimes looks average among the others, so we would never fall for him only by his physical appearance. The love for Han Geng came from admiration and respect. Admiration to his multi talents. Respect to his distinctive characters and hard working.

Han Geng said that his fans was the best. He always very touched by the love & support of his fans. He may lost his words, but always able to give promise from his heart.

“You all put in so much effort and never ask for any return. Everyone gave me so much strength and motivation, so I will work extra hard with more and better works to return all you have done (for me). I will not disappoint you”

Han Geng admitted by re-singing the song, Wings of Love, the love of his fans were his wings. The wings that made him strong and able to fly high. Han Geng has a dream to go international as a singer and actor. He needs more effort. He needs stronger and wider wings to reach this dream.

As his wings of love, let us put our hands and heart together. Let’s spread our love for Han Geng and the stories about his projects as well as his wide-ocean heart activities to more people throughout continents and nations. Let’s put aside our differences. Let’s trust each other as one unity, Geng Fans. Let us create the stronger and wider wings for Han Geng. So he can fly higher and reach his ultimate dreams.

Han Geng & the Wings of Love

My writings is just my point of view, my own analysis and what I had in mind and I see through my heart.

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