Seeing unique Han Geng through my little heart

Han Geng, my new star crush won the crown as China’s most popular male singer at the CCTV – MTV award last month. Who is Han Geng? What makes him special? How my heart sees him?

Han Geng, well known as the only Chinese member of the most popular Korean boy band, Super Junior, started his solo career on July 2010. Had a great concert which the ticket sales broke the record and released his first solo album, Geng Xin, which sold more than 350,000 copies in two months time. A miracle to the Chinese Music Industry.

As the new fan in the world of Han Geng, it was highly necessary for me to find more information about him. My first experience was facing the language barrier, because he speaks Chinese, which I zero understand :p My opportunity to gather more information about him was not easy at my first days of fandom. I really thank those who spent their time to upload many videos of Han Geng with English subtitle to YouTube. Because of them, I was able to watched lots of his videos, reading translated articles, even took a close look to his public appearance pictures frequently.

Take a close look to his picture. Without make ups, Han Geng, with good complexion as the result of having a beautician mother, blessed with a real beautiful straight nose, which made me jealous :p was a Chinese guy with a feline handsomeness. As the result of trainings and workout, his muscular tall and lean figure, which makes any outfit looks good on him, exudes beauty and grace. If you met him on the street, you may turn your head to admire him at once, but won’t fall for him easily.

Han Geng,Asia Dancing King,Chinese Male Singer,Chinese Male Actor

I might harvest complaints from my opinion, but I have my points, and that’s the basic reason I am writing this blog. Throughout my fandom, I found that Han Geng has something more than just a physical appearance. He’s unique. He has distinctive characteristic that made him different from other Chinese guy. Learned more about his characteristics, at the end you won’t be able to fight your feeling anymore. You will admire him full with your heart.

Let’s start from his thin lips. This lips covering a set of dazzlingly white, perfectly straight teeth, which he flashes frequently in a smile. Yes, his smile is the first distinctive characteristic. His smile is genuine, heart-warming but at the same time shows his charming personality.

Han Geng,Asia Dancing King,Chinese Male Singer,Chinese Actor

The second is his laughter. His laughter was the first that caught my attention when I saw him in Exploring Human Body. It’s soft but crispy and contagious. You will feel like laughing too when you hear it. His giggle was endearing, it will send warmth to your heart, but his out loud laughter is the heart-winning one. You can’t say no to it.

Han Geng,Asia Dancing King,Chinese Male Singer,Chinese Actor

The next that made him unique, he’s witty and easy to laugh with. He used to cross the boundaries. He would never hesitate to shut down his charm and acting totally silly. I don’t see much good looking guys able to let themselves off guard and looks foolish in front of the crowd. This witty characteristic makes Han Geng even more alluring.

Han Geng,Asia Dancing King,Chinese Male Singer,Chinese Male Actor

And no matter how cute his curious expression or he looks manly confident, he will always melts my heart

Han Geng,Asia Dancing King,Chinese Male Singer,Chinese Male Actor

Han Geng, the 26 years old Chinese guy captivated my eyes and heart, because he’s charming and genuine. He has the charisma and frankness. I know that my heart will admire him forever. Because he’s unique.

These writings are what I had in mind and what I see through my heart. My writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

All pictures used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

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