Han Geng, his liberty to flying high

“But Geng is famous now because SM took him and promoted his talents“.

I still wish him to return to Super Junior

The above comment, tickled my sense a little. Have you ever read this superior statement before?

China has advanced a lot recently, but at the time, how could he have earned the skills in China in order to become an international star? Hankyung himself knew that SME’s star system was superior, which is why he came to Korea

Yeap, it was from SME officials So last year? I know. But I love to bring it back now, because I do know that there are still people think that Han Geng is un-grateful and he will never reached his place today without him joined SM Entertainment.

Starting from December 2009, there is one name that becoming the most important topic throughout Asia Entertainment Industry. The name that can raise rating of TV shows. The name that can guarantee the high sales of magazines. The name that can put countless attendants to one event. The new Chinese most popular male singer, crowned as the new Asia Dancing King, the new Asian superstar, Han Geng. But this good looking Chinese guy was not someone who’s been catapulted into stardom in one single night. His journey from a naïve young boy to a very famous entertainer was heart-breaking and painful.

True, that Han Geng was not the only person who struggled to reach the ultimate dream, there are many other young people who tried their best to reach the level where Han Geng stands now. But Han Geng experienced things that not much young people would experienced. It was his ability to endure every single pain and overwhelmed the storm that made his life story one of the phenomenal and inspiration to others.

Behind all the glamorous Diva status, Han Geng was a simple man. After flying solo and in speed lighting, climbing his mountain of success, admitted that he has no ambitions.

“I have no ambitions. It’s not like I want to be a big shot, be a superstar. It just like what I’ve said, do my job well, let things work out naturally. No need to force myself to do certain things, must get to certain status. I don’t feel that way will necessary get me to that place, I will only tire myself out”.

To someone with no ambitions, Han Geng showed success beyond the limits.

Since the first day he arrived in Korea in 2003, till the day of his decision to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment at the end of 2009 before he announced his solo career, Han Geng had experienced many bitter sweet moments that sharpen his personality. No matter how hard the difficulties, he never gave up.

After the news of his contract termination emerged, many wants to know how he reacts on his case. Those who really support him or those who tried to find words to bring him down. But Han Geng never whined or complained or shed bad things. He took his period in Korea as one precious experience.

To me, this is an excellent experience, and it also serves to remind me to increasingly appreciate my achievements now. If I hadn’t worked so hard in the past, I would probably be intoxicated by my status as a celebrity, and get stalled in my steps, or maybe even giving up when I meet even the smallest difficulties”

This kind of character easily pulls respects from others. Han Geng was not perfect, but about his principles, he’s almost impeccable.

People tend to forget that Han Geng didn’t win the audition with no efforts. To the ratio 3000 : 1, Han Geng must be someone with excellent talents and personality that met the requirements of SM Entertainment. Through the whole years of his period in Korea, Han Geng didn’t just sit on a chair, having a silver spoon on his mouth and let SME do everything to make him famous. He’s been working very hard with all of his heart and energy to make sure that the amount of money SME has spent for him would get re-paid.

I have said enough in my previous blog, but I like to emphasize once again, there is a terminology called “Mutual Respect”. An important potion to any kind of relationship. Without that, both parties would suffer and the relationship will end. Han Geng left the relationship because the mutual respect had became un-equal. Mutual respect for mutual benefit. Han Geng lost his mutual benefit position when the mutual respect became un-equal.

“I will respect you, why won’t you respect me. I need respect too. But when I gave your respect but you didn’t give me respect, then I won’t be happy with you”.

Han Geng,Asia Dancing King,Chinese Pop Singer,Chinese Actor

I am not speaking for Han Geng’s sake, I am not his spokeperson. I speak as one of his devoted fan. People must stop telling Han Geng about respect and gratefulness. He knew about those things better than any of us because he experienced more than any people can imagine. Stop linking him with SM Entertainment. He won the lawsuit. His contract has terminated. End of story. Period.

And to those who still believe in 13 or wishing Han Geng to return to Super Junior, please kindly put your dream down. Let’s speak professionally. Google these names, Robbie Williams became huge after he left Take That. Ricky Martin became crazily famous after he left Menudo. It’s a normal and common thing for talented stars to grow bigger by leaving their group. So nothing is wrong with Han Geng’s decision to terminate his unfair contract. Every precious talents must have liberty to grow bigger wings and flying high.

I wrote this blog because I want to share how my heart sees Han Geng. To my heart, Han Geng is someone with rare personality. A simple man with strong and charismatic personality. To him, I give my humble and full support.

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