The journey of my heart to the exceptional Han Geng

I had lived long enough, I guess 😀 Experienced many fandoms since my teens. Through the whole fandom period, I thought the craziest period was 3 years ago, when I started to follow Robert Pattinson and realized that I have a passion to write. But I was wrong. Though I wrote many blogs and imaginary writings about him, but I realize, it was not the craziest period in my fandom life.

I stopped following Robert Pattinson after a year, because my fangirl side distracted by another star, Ben Barnes. The British heartthrob who won my heart through his role as Prince Caspian. But again, following him was also not the craziest period. I still admire Ben Barnes till the day I write this blog, because I admire multi-talented star with heart-winning attitude and he’s one of those stars. Then, after almost another one year, I distracted once again. This time from someone unpredictible. Someone barely known in my small world. Someone without glorious appearance. Someone very humble and sincere but able to knocked my sense harder than the others. Someone with a name taken from the brightest Venus star, Han Geng. Of course he’s different. The other two stars are actors from England, while Han Geng is a pop singer from other part of the world, China. Of course he’s different. While the other two stars admired by their great looks and acting ability, Han Geng is praised by his dancing talent and crowned as the new Asia Dancing King. Though soon, Han Geng will prove his acting ability too ^_^

Until today, I still mesmerized by his dancing. Everytime I watch his dancing video, I can’t take my eyes off my laptop screen. He’s too dazzling.


and without any logical explaination, I, the Indonesian Geng Sister Fan, someone who don’t understand Chinese languange, never liked Chinese songs for almost the entire of my life, totally fell to his thin & soft tenor voice and to all of songs sang by him. ^_^
A Love Letter to a Stranger still caress my ear and soothe my heart, while his Fire still topping my playlist and becoming my mobile ring tone, which often shocked my surroundings because it so loud.. :p

Besides the multi-talents, I also admire his heart-winning infectious smile and heart-warming contagious laughter. His smiles and laughters reach his eyes and make him beautifully adorable.


But Han Geng is more than just admirable superstar. He is one exceptional rocking superstar. Han Geng rocked my little world and forced out more hidden side of myself that sometimes, shocking.

I remember the first day captivated by his charm. It was 8 September 2010, when I heard him singing “Wings of Love for the first time. Five months after that, on February 8, 2011, I valued each milestone in my Han Geng fandom period, which I never experienced before. The journey of my heart in following and supporting the exceptional good-looking Chinese guy, Han Geng.

Milestone #1
Han Geng made me joined the most friendly forum for non-speaking Chinese international fan like me, GENG-BAO.NET on September 22, 2010. I joined so I can fulfill my needs in finding more information about him. By joining the forum, indirectly, Han Geng gave me the opportunity to met many wonderful friends from around the world and sharing my crazy obsession with those who have the same love for Han Geng.

Han Geng also taught me the new meaning of “devoted fans”. Never in my life, I met a fanbase as strong and mature as the so called “Gengfans”. And because of the special manner, I am proudly calling myself, Gengfans.

(To all admins, moderators, translators, timers and encoders, who dedicated their valuable time for GENG-BAO.NET, I send my highest gratitude)

Milestone # 2
My Geng Obsessive Disorder, gave me shocking moment number one. It made me write 12 blogs in 5 months, while in the same period of months, I only produced 4 to 5 blogs about Robert Pattinson & Ben Barnes. Han Geng definitely the stronger booster to my writing desire.

(I also thanks my Thai ZenZhyn and my Vietnamese Ginny for giving their time to read my blogs)

Milestone # 3
Because he is Han Geng, I joined the Birthday Singing Project, last year organized by GENG-BAO.NET. Shocking moment number two, I let myself singing one line in GENG-BAO.NET’s Wings of Love with my face seen by everyone. Embarrassed? nope. I am proud of it. Because I did that all together with other Gengfans from around the world, in expressing our loves and supports for Han Geng.

(from the deepest of my heart, I send thanks to windchime, for her countless effort in compiling the whole pieces of video sent from around the globe, to one beautiful piece of singing project video. Also to onewhomust, TJ, Windchime, hsupergirl and abcdehs for their lovable thoughts in producing a very heart-touching wordings for the openings).

Milestone # 4
Through GENG-BAO.NET, I met someone who was the first reader of my blog about Han Geng and day by day becoming my partner in crime, my translator, and at the end my Gengster Editor, sltan. Because of our love for Han Geng, sltan encouraged me to compose a book, as a gift for Han Geng’s 27th Birthday. Shocking moment number three, in almost two months, both me & sltan finished the e-book and the final result already sent to Singapore, ready to handed over to Han Geng, during the Thai Fan Meeting on February, 26, 2011.
Wish me luck? thank you 😀

(On the delivery process, I send my thanks to my Kpop friend, Eka and my Geng-friend, paranoiakim)


Milestone # 5
Han Geng not only made me write and done something I never thought before, but without he realizes, he encourage me to learn the most difficult but beautiful languange, Mandarin. From the first day I met sltan, I made simple notes to every single Chinese character she taught me, and at the same day of Han Geng’s 27th birthday, on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, I will start my first private Mandarin lesson. ^_^


Milestone # 6
Because of my admiration to his charming manner and personality, his amazing dancing talent and his beautiful voice, I challenged myself to join the subbing team at GENG-BAO.NET. For this purpose, I, who’s not at the age of learning complicated things anymore, forced myself to learn new things, subbing and encoding programmes. For this, I send my grateful thanks to onewhomust, whose with her patience taught me the subbing and encoding steps, till finally, able to submitted my first subbing video on February 7, 2011. Proud of myself? of course. But on top of that, I am happy. Because I can contribute my little effort to support Han Geng.

I can not tell, how long my fandom towards Han Geng will last or how many milestones I will have in my journey to support him. Today, on his Birthday, I only want to share my story about how someone with exceptional personality rocked my little world and made me out of my comfortable shell to do things I never imagined before.


To Han Geng, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thank you for being so inspirational for me. May all the blessings be with you throughout the new additional year. Keep your hardworking and charming personality as well as your great relationship with Gengfans. I might not be able to give you the 20 years commitment, but as long as I can support you, I will do it with my wholeheart. Because you are one of the exceptionals. GOD bless your wonderful soul.

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis.

Disclaimer:All pictures used in this blog are belongs to their rightful owners, No copyright infringement intended.

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