Prince Caspian, a dream come true.

Ben Barnes was a massive fan of Narnia books. He still can’t believe that he’s playing the main character from one of his favorite childhood tales. “I found my original copy that I had in 1989, so I know that I read the stories when I was 8 years old because the book had my writing on the front. There was a little sticker with a picture of a bear and I had written “I can’t BEAR to be without my book. The book belongs to Benjamin Barnes” with eight year old hand writing”. He found out that he got the role of Prince Caspian about 3 AM and He was running around the house and screaming. “It was just one of those life-changing moment” he said. “My mom and dad are quite cool. When I told them I got the part, they weren’t screaming or anything. But I was”.

the Prince

Becoming the lead role in the blockbuster movie adaptation of the Narnia sequel, Prince Caspian, propelled him to stardom. As down-to-earth actor, he might say “I honestly don’t know what they saw in me during auditions, I think it was probably a case of “we have to make this film” So who ever walks in the door next, we’ll pick him” Or he might say that his foreign looks was the reason, but the truth was more than that.

If it was only looks Andrew Adamson, the director of Prince Caspian was going for, it would be taken him less than 13 months traveling from Argentina, Italy, France, Spain and England to find the right person to fill the role of piratical Telmarines prince. “Well, I am sure you’ve seen his charm,” the director said. “He understood Prince Caspian. He had a love of the book and the character. He so wanted to do it and he just kind of sold me on him I guess. He has got a very youthful exuberance and he loves horse riding, sword playing and all that kind of stuff. He’s been great”.

It also helped that he was good with accents, so he was able to nail the Iberian accent very well. Later Andrew also said that there was a line that everyone else had one way, but which Ben said differently. Ben had emphasized a certain words that nobody else had done. During some interviews, it was confirmed several times that his Spanish accent was convincing and flawless.

“Ben flew to Los Angeles straight after a Saturday performance (the History Boys) and it was pretty clear right away that we had found our man, said Mark Johnson, the producer. “Ben is like a movie star in the old tradition. He’s tremendously good looking (agreed to that ^_^) and has a real intensity and charisma about him”. Wendy Rogers, the special effect supervisor, been charmed by Ben’s charisma said, “He’s such a nice guy and he’s very cute obviously (I still not sure that cute was the right word to describe Ben). He looks terrific on film. I love his delivery in some other lines. He has this kind of sense of humor under the surface that I find really endearing”

And above all that was of course, the smooth entrance to the tight-bounded Pevensies. He connects really well with them. William Moseley said that Ben has been great & a real laugh. “I am happy they chose him. He is sort of on Pevensie wave length and fits right in”. Skandar Keynes called him the “fifth Pevensie”. Anna Popplewell thinks that they were really anxious about meeting Prince Caspian and Geogie Henley confirmed that they were all worried that they wouldn’t like Prince Caspian, but after meeting Ben she said, “we love him. We all thinks he’s wonderful”

Though his mother still can’t hear the word ‘Ben’ and ‘horse’ in the same sentence without getting the giggles, he showed us that he’s the high-skilled Telmarine prince Caspian who was able to swim horses through rivers, slalom through pillars and mastering the sword fighting, speaks Iberian accent and delivered the role of vulnerable and naïve young prince convincingly. Ben Barnes, with his strong personality and talents, has proved that Andrew’s choice of making him the leading role for Prince Caspian was absolutely perfect.

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