City of Barnia – day two

Me, the freaking crazy overdosed fan of Ben Barnes is planning to stay longer in the city of Barnia, so from her room she called the toll-free number written on the city info paper placed on the desk.

the Prince

* husky warm voice* “hello, good morning, this is Ben speaking, may I help you?”

* hyperventilated* “rrrr good morning Ben, this is me again. I called yesterday for information and had visited the City Center and Ben’s shop yesterday as per your guidance.” *Exhale* I need more info on where to go for today”.

* chuckled* “ah, I remember you. Hope you enjoy your tour yesterday mam. Well, for today, next to the Ben’s building, we have a large Ben’s technology exhibition, you can find lots of Ben’s gadget there. It might be interesting for you mam”

the Prince

* still in his warm friendly baritone voice* ” or, if you’re interested in modern and fashion updates, this afternoon at the Plaza, you can join the Barnia Fashion Show. You will see the latest Ben’s fashion collections from famous designers. It’s free of charge mam”.


* again, in almost fainted voice* “rrrrrr Ben, does the city provide a tour guide? I think it’s a lot more easier to go with a tour guide, rather than to call the information every single day”

* warmly laughs* (imagine Ben Barnes’ heart-warming laughter) “Of course we do mam, please check our city website, you can choose one of the tour guides online. Have a nice tour day mam, a pleasure talking to you”.

* exhale deeply* okay Ben, thank you”. After she hung up the phone and still in a very difficult time to exhale after the conversation, the freaking crazy overdosed fan went down to the media center and check the city website. She found the required information that made her almost fell from her chair, about the city tour and the tour guide.

the Prince

She decided that she need friends to accompany her touring the city. It’s not easy to have a city tour, alone with a mesmerizing-heart-melting chaperon and tour guide like BEN..

These are what I had in mind when I looked at his pictures. My writings is just my point of view, my own analysis to comfort my feelings.

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