the most heart-winning of Ben Barnes

Show his pictures to everyone, without argumentation, it would be agreeable that he’s one of the most undeniably handsome man ever lived

But Ben is more than just handsome guy with remarkable cleft chin, sharp cheekbones, a pair of big & heart-melting dark brown eyes and a flocks of flowing chestnut hair that can make him a model of Herbal Essences adverts. He’s almost complete in package. I found his genuine distinctive qualities caught my attention but the most heart winning quality of him was his brilliant-infectious-contagious-smile. Been searching the fan sites for months, rarely found his picture without it.

From the very-sweet-charming-melts-my-heart

the Prince

to the most-adorable-friendly-sincere-from-the heart-smiles

the Prince

or the-dreamy-smile-you-couldn’t-resist, he’s the multi-talented actor with charming personality that could win many hearts.

the Prince

I write so I can share what I see through my heart, my personal point of view and my own analysis. To see pictures in bigger size or more pictures of Ben, you can click the thumbnail of Ben’ Gallery under Valuable Friends.

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32 thoughts on “the most heart-winning of Ben Barnes

  1. deasy0318

    when i see this whole BB smile pictures, i get hypnotized of his smiling face.. and i’m doing the same, smiling.. oohhhh just can’t endure it.. <3<3

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