While Kristen back to my arms in Italy

I knew it’s only a scene, but I felt like it’s real. We’ve shared our script before, Kristen knew her part on this scene. But I still wondering, after our long separation how we would react for this scene.

pic 1eh

I started very slowly, like a striptease dancer, but my purpose was clear, I wanted to know her reaction. It’s not difficult to look brooding. All I had to do was only thinking about my lonely nights before she arrived in Italy. It was painful. I am ready to take off my shirt. My thought is still on her, still on my tortured feelings without her. I felt really sad. I didn’t like being alone again. I didn’t want her away from me. Never again. I knew my move was slowing down. I couldn’t help it. The thoughts of being lonely was really distressing.

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It’s done, I was half naked. The crews and the extras might see me acting broodingly. They just didn’t know it was not acting at all. I was brooding for Kristen. Time for me to walk into the sun. I was waiting for the moment. In the script, Kristen will run to save me. I was longing to see her reaction.


Then, I heard the director said “Action!”. It’s her turn.
She refused to have body double. She wanted to do the scene herself. I should be grateful,
after that long miserable separation, she wanted to be with me. But still, I was worry. I knew she’s athletic, more athletic than me. But she must ran and jumped through the fountain. I only whispered in my heart, “don’t fall down love, please be careful, don’t get hurt”


Then I could see her running closer to me. My heart started to beat faster. This is the moment. After the first take that made me stumbled, the director sent someone to prevent me from falling backwards. So I can remained solid when Kristen throws herself to me. I took few seconds, before I put her down. I wanted to hold her more longer, this is our moment I’ve been waiting for. She’s back into my arms. Then I heard she whispered only to my ear, “Rob, I knew my feelings. I knew I can’t bear it anymore. Please, you should never left me alone again”. I was fluttered. I didn’t know what to say. I just drown my face into her hair and hold her tighter. Wishing she would understand that I didn’t want to be away from her either.

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And the kissing moment. I couldn’t help myself from longing her so bad. I knew I should act very carefully to kiss her. I was the strong vampire. Too much passion could kill the love of my life . Inside of me, my heart was beating very hard, I believed Kristen could feel it too. I kissed her slowly and carefully. I could hear gasps around us. I knew what it looked like. The kiss was different. It was new. Our relationship was getting stronger. And for other people, our chemistry was flammable.

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Then the director said “cut!!”. it was done. I released her but not really let her go. I still needed to be with her. To felt her. She smiled at me and said “You look damn hot with those packs Rob”. I felt a strong relief. I laughed at her. While Kristen back to my arms in Italy, it was the best moment for us. It strengthen our relationship.


Whatever the true story behind the wide-spread pictures & newest gossip, my writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

read winning bare-chested Rob to my arms to have same imaginary line based on Kristen’s point of view.

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