Another piece of my heart: Admiring Han Geng from afar

Things never happen the same way twice
– C. S. Lewis –

Life is like a book. Everyday has a new page with adventures to tell, things to learn and tales to remember. How do we value our live? By piling our wealth? So we can live happily ever after while we’re old and no longer productive? Or by yielding our passions to any temptations, while we’re young and posses enough money to buy anything? Or we can value our life by learning from others about wisdom of life.

If I look back my entire life, I had experienced many moments and among them, there were moments I value higher than the others. Moments when I met valuable people through various occasions, that brought unforgettable memories and sometimes learned about wisdom of life that change my perspective and way of thinking.

In the last 6 months, I’ve been following one Chinese male singer, Han Geng who’s been skyrocketed to the highest level of popularity since he returned from South Korea in 2009, back to his own country, China to start his solo career. Until now, he is still on top of his popularity and I believe will continue till unpredictible period.

At the beginning, it was his soft soothing voice, his crispy laughter, his adorable cute handsome face and his undeniable breath-taking dancing talent that caught my attention. But is he the real womanizer who without the diva attributes can still melt the hearts of many women? Though he usually looks like the aristocrat handsome Chinese guy, but there were also times when Han Geng looks just like those ordinary Chinese guy from your neighborhood. (Read more of my writings before you get furious on my comment :p)


Those who had an opportunity to see him in person, can give a firm confirmation. One of my Thai Geng friend was my eyes on Han Geng during his visit to Thailand on February. She followed Han Geng since the day he arrived at the airport. From her “report” I believe Han Geng can melts many women’s heart with his physical appearance.

At the airport he wore jacket, but when we arrived at the mall he removed his jacket and wore only undershirt and jeans *drool*
Oh I can’t describe about his figure ~ blush~ he want to kill his fans isn’t he =__= by showing his figure hahaha his face is so adorable I expect he’s so handsome but I can tell you He si SO SO adorable.. Han Geng is not handsome.. but he has something that made us drooling.. but if looking to his body……. I only describe it by one word “Gorgeous”

(That picture freezed my brain and caused new disorder, GOMAD ==> Geng Obsessive Muscled Arm Disorder.)

Again, my Thai Geng friend confirmed how she felt when finally she’s able to see Han Geng face to face during the book signing.

“I was happy, saw him so close made me lost my word, =____=
I want to tell him that “Thailand fans always support you” I was going to tell him but he….he stop his hand and look up to see my face. It made me lost Haha Oh…. with his gentle smile“


Reading her comments brought happy big grin to my face, but I know that speaking about Han Geng is more than just physical appearance. Speaking about Han Geng is more to his unique and distinctive characteristics. No need to re-tell how strong heart and hard worker Han Geng is. His life story became a legend for many years. His hardships and how he struggled to reached his dream has become a strong encouragement for many young people, not only in China but also throughout the Asia continent.

No need to re-tell how filial Han Geng as the only child in the family. The statement of “I would like my family to have a better live” resulting more respect and admiration. Spent his first 100K to buy a dumpling store followed by opening a beauty saloon for his mother proved his strong commitment and has become a wish for many mother fans, including me, to have a filial son like him. Above all else, without he realized, he also made himself the top candidate of future dream husband ^_^

Though lately I found its getting harder to follow his updates, because my lack of Chinese language, but I am firm about one thing, admiration and respect that grow in my heart is expanding from his physical appearance to his distinctive characters.

The more you show concern about the welfare and rights of others, the more you are a genuine friend. The more you remain open and sincere, then ultimately more benefits will come to you.
– H.H the XIVth Dalai Lama –

I, together with my Gengster Manager, sltan from, composed an e-book for his 27th Birthday. The gift has given to him during his visit to Thailand. But my heart was only ballooning for few hours before I read his weibo update:

Thank you Thailand Fans for all the birthday presents, but there are too many that I am unable to bring back to China, so I will entrust the Thailand staff to use them for charity! Also to spread everyone’s love!

On one hand I only had one perfect word to summarize my feeling, afraid. He might never see my gift, but on the other hand I also realized that I can’t do anything. I just let the nature take it course until I read another weibo update from Xiu Lan, about what he’s done to all the gifts:

#Han Geng# 2011.02.26 Last night @Han Geng did not sleep!
He opened all the gifts given to him by the Thailand Fans. Except for food, he brought back all the other gifts to China! The Thailand Staff will donate the food to charity.
Because he did not have enough luggages, he had to use those belonging to the Chinese Staff! Haha

What should I say? I remembered my reaction that day. I was sitting in front of my laptop screen, looking at the pictures of piled boxes and what Han Geng did to them. I was speechless for minutes before finally I shed my tears. The respectful and admirable pop idol, with a deep concern and appreciation to his fans. He won my heart and increased my respect to the higher level.


There were days, when I was thinking about my Geng fandom. How long it will last? What can make me stay loyal to him? But there was also day when I saw a picture of the heart-winning laughter that reach his eyes, while he’s doing charity in a remote area, far from his convenient shell, Bei Jing. The day that made me confident to say, I might stop being his fans someday, but I will never stop admire and respect him as a man with an ocean-wide heart.

“He overcame all obstacles, Hangeng cleared the morning and afternoon of the 13th for this charity event. Beforehand, he reminded us a million of times to not reveal that he’s going He just wants to do something by himself. Not as an idol, but as an ordinary person, a volunteer that’s just like everyone else.”


Read complete story of Han Geng’s Charity Activities in Zanhuang, Hebei China

The reason behind his decision to joined his Gengfans in the charity event is his ocean-wide heart, that made him strong in giving more to others in needs.

Personally involved, will enable us to understand more their needs and desires!
Do not hesitate and wait any more, do whatever you can, take action, start from bit by bit!

Han Geng’s weibo update on 15 March 2001

There are Gengfans, who considered as lucky fans, because they had a chance to be on stage with him even hugged by the warm hearted Chinese star. There are also lucky Gengfans who can see him in person at the airports or during a fan meeting. A little tickling question in my heart, am I not one lucky fan? I never met Han Geng. As a Gengfan, it’s a normal thought if I wish to meet Han Geng. I might meet him someday, who knows ^_^ But, even though I never had the opportunity to meet him for the entire of my fandom period, I know that deep inside of my heart I am more than just a lucky fan, I am blessed, because through my Geng fandom period, I had the opportunity to learn about wisdom of life from Han Geng.

Worry about your character not your reputation. Because character is who you are and reputation is what people think about you. – Bumblebee –


Han Geng I admire from afar is a young man who says what he thinks and does what he says. A sincere star who prefers people to see how hard he tried rather than his appearance and value his life by doing more for others. Han Geng I admire from afar is a simple handsome young man with heart-warming smile, but has strength to influences many people around the globe by his humble wisdom of life.

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