Kissing my angel in public

I was totally aware that Kristen used to lean herself on me. During Twilight, every time a picture was taken, she was comfortably leaned herself. I believed it was because of our very good chemistry as co-stars.


During our encounter from premiere to premiere, I was still believed, every time she leaned herself, it was because of our friendship. But our feelings were growing stronger. I knew that every time she leaned herself, it was not only because of our very good chemistry nor our friendship. She told me once that my arms is her castle and my heart is her sky. It was an assurance. Every time she gravitated herself and leaned to my chest, it was because she loves me and she was trusting herself to my arms.

I still remembered clearly, during the filming breaks, the way she leaned and putting her finger on my shirt gave a thrill to my heart. It was not Edward Bella’s moment anymore. It was our moment. That was the moment I was certain, she’s the only one I want.


I also aware, that after so many trial during our separation and every single moment we have after that, she was getting comfortable and certain about our relationship. I was satisfied. She slowly showed without hesitant, that I was hers.


I was so much ready to announce our relationship. Her love note and knowing how I meant for her, strengthen my decision. I have made my commitment. I will do anything for us. Because when you love someone, you don’t give up. But I still have to wait. Kristen was not that confident about my decision. It was King Leon concert. We have decided to join the other casts to that concert. I told Kristen that I want her to sit next to me. I need her to be with me and she agreed.

It was out of my plan. I only wanted her to be near me. Close to my build. I just love to share my comments and stories during the performance with someone like her. Someone whom my heart attached to. But when she leaned herself, I could not hold myself. I took her hand, folded it into my hands. I felt her warmth. She smiled bashfully. My heart grew in satisfaction. I love my angel so much. Then she turned her face and whispered, “Rob, I am ready”. I was stunned. “ready for what love?”. She pulled herself closer and brought her lips to my ear “to follow your commitment”. I knew what she asked for. I was amazed by her decision. My angel, ready to announce our relationship, asking me to kiss her in public.

From the first time I sat next to her on that chair, I told myself to hold. I should not do anything to follow my desire. I must wait until she was ready. But I was also very sure. If she asked, I won’t be able to hold myself anymore. It was my longing, to kiss her passionately not only for the movie sake.

I was waiting for that moment, when we need no more hidden action. And she was ready now. Nothing could hold my decision. I bent my head and slowly kissed her lips. I could taste her lips on mine. It was soft & sweet. Not letting her hands, I deepen my kiss. I knew Kellan & Jackson were shocked. Usually we were able to hide our reaction in public. But it was different. We both were ready to stepped into the next level. It was the answer to my long waiting desire. I kissed my angel in public.


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I could not tell that they were really kissing. The picture was not clear. But for my imagination, they were kissing. Whatever the true story behind the wide-spread pictures & newest gossip, my writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

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30 thoughts on “Kissing my angel in public

  1. ruchdiani

    mom, at the 1st pic dear god kris still so young so pure, loak at the different after a view last pics, she become a women mature women…
    all because of him, her true love…
    your fanfic still amaze me as usual by the way…
    keep on writing mom…

  2. Tirta

    aaaaaaa! udah ditunggu-tunggu XD
    my fave part : I will do anything for us. Because when you love someone, you don’t give up.

  3. Blue

    Hi! I simply love your writings! I discovered them some weeks ago and today I`ve searched to see if there`s something new… And it was! So amazing!I can tell you`re very passionate in what you do and have done so much hard work to gather and synthesize such a quantity of information… And the artistic form that you succeed in shaping it all… And the pictures of Rob… Some of the most beautiful. It`s a lot of passion and intelligence here, and talent.
    So, I was thinking if you maybe want to become affiliates. To make this wonderful thoughts known also to Romanian fans of Robert. If you do, please answer by email.
    I wish you lots of inspiration.

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