For me, you are my world

Just like Bella, ”I don’t trust myself to be… enough. To deserve Robert. There’s nothing about me that could hold him“. – quote from New Moon –


But the more I spent my time with him, I also realized it’s getting hard to stay away from him. His absence was the most torturing moment for me. Robert was ready to announce our relationship. He was so much ready since we were back from Italy. But I was not confident with his idea.

After Italy, I found out. You learn to love someone, when you find out what makes them laugh. But you can never love someone, until you find out what makes them cry. Robert was no ordinary guy. He has distinctive qualities. He had done many things to made sure that my hold on his heart was permanent & unbreakable. Robert not just found out what makes me laugh, but he also knew what makes me cry. I do certain, he loves me. My growing confident made me comfortable to show publicly, that he’s mine.


I remembered, days before, at Chateau Marmont, having his arm around my body, putting my cheek on his chest, felt the closeness with an affable chap I was crazy about, I told him. “My heart feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it doesn’t belong to me anymore. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I’d wish for nothing in exchange. Just your heart in exchange for mine” – quoted from Stardust (movie) –

He said nothing. I felt his breath on my hair. Slowly, he pulled me, brought me closer to his face. “you knew how I feel about you Kristen. You knew how I feel about us. I am ready to show it. But I will wait until you have a same decision with me”. ” I just want you to be happy. It was my priority”. Robert was a man of commitment. I knew, I must made my decision. And it was at King Leon’s concert.

He asked me to sit near him during the King Leon’s concert. I agreed. I was confident and certain. We were just enjoying the concert, until he pulled my hand and folded it into his arm and brought it close to his chest. He said nothing. But within his warmth, I knew, it was my time. I turned my face and whispered, “Rob, I am ready”. He was stunned. “ready for what love?”. I pulled myself closer and brought my lips to his ear “to follow your commitment”. I knew he was waiting for that. He knew what I asked from him. He just made sure that I was ready. That moment, I felt a woosh of happiness. I love him. And trying to describe it was like trying to describe the color of air. Impossible.

With my hand still in his, he pulled me closer, bent down and started to kissed me. My heart was rejoicing. His lips brought satisfaction to mine. He smelled tobacco and beer. My Robert. I dragged my body higher, so I could match his deepening kiss.


I knew, our action were caught by many eyes and cameras. But I didn’t care anymore. My true love was right in front of me. Kissing me in public. We have nothing to hide. To the world, Robert is only one person. But for me Robert is my world.

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I could not tell that they were really kissing. The picture was not clear. But in my imagination, they were kissing :D. Whatever the true story behind the wide-spread pictures & newest gossip, my writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

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34 thoughts on “For me, you are my world

  1. NeGin

    it was awesome u just said my imaginationSs…i think all the robsten fanZz have this same imagination….(sigh) i hope they were really rtue and i miss kristen…thses daySs … 🙁 i wish for just ONE new robsten pic 🙁

  2. Blue

    I think I was waiting to know your opinion about “the Kings Of Leon concert kiss”! I liked these very much: “I love him. And trying to describe it was like trying to describe the color of air.” I`m a Robsten supporter, too. And, if their relation is true, I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  3. nocturne

    beautiful…like always 🙂
    sorry if i can’t visit ur blog as often as before…but i always looking forward to read ur stories!

    luv 4 all fellow shippers ^.^


  4. d!4

    “I’ll be tremendously happy if they could be a real couple, but if not at least I still have something to comfort my feelings”

    it’s rarely fans would feel(truely)happy by that, and to imagine it even more, you must love them both…
    if this story just belong to your imagination, thanks for imagine it!!!
    (even i’m not they fan, indeed…)

  5. toebildonk Post author

    Hi d!4. Thanks for reading my blog even you’re not their fan :D. Hope I can keep my heart for them, even if someday they’re not together anymore.

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