Love note for Kristen

My heart was rejoicing. My love for Kristen was getting stronger day after day. It’s almost no boundaries. I was ready to shout to the world that she’s mine. Since we’re back together, we had a new routine ritual. We started our day with morning encounter. I almost neglected the paps and photographers. They could take my picture leaving Kristen’s house as much as they want everyday. This morning, following my rejoiced heart, I left a note I wrote the night before on her bed and I asked her to read it after I left. She chuckled and gave her warmest hug, kissed my lips softly before she whispered, “you’re still the guy I met 2 years ago, take care Rob. I’ll see you soon”.

What else I could say. There are so many reasons that made me love her. Few of them were poured out in my note for her.


I have a very strong desire, soon after the whole sagas completed, I could walk the street together with Kristen. I am desperately seeking for that moment. Moment that we could declare our relationship freely. Moment that we will be seen as a love couple. But for the upcoming days, I will enjoying every single time I have with Kristen to show her that she means a lot to me. That would be enough for now.

The wordings in the note came from my eternity favorite old song You’re the inspiration by Chicago. You could see the complete lyrics and listening to the song here

Whatever the true story behind the wide-spread pictures & newest gossip, my writings is just my point of view, my own analysis.

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37 thoughts on “Love note for Kristen

  1. demaria

    Love letter-nya bisa dipake bt janji nikah niy hihihihihihi

    Jd tambah deg2an nunggu mrk “go public” deh *grin*

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