Silly things that Twilight made me do

The beginning was a discussion forum in Twilight Indonesia, started by my friend Nocturne, “the Silly Things Twilight Make You do”. I gave my opinion. After few days, another friend, Clair de Lune replied by saying “Dear, I just couldn’t keep myself from smiling when I read your reply.. You rock! XD”

I was surprised by the “You rock!” statement. I started to think, what exactly this Twilight did to me 😀

Twilight poster (S)

I realized. After Twilight, I did some things I never done before. Most of them are really silly except of course the number one thing. Joining Twilight Indonesia was great. But the others, well.. you can give your own opinion about that.

Twilight made me:
1. joined twilight indonesia and forgot that i’m over 35 years old and stay loyal to it everyday.

2. started to discuss sport cars with my son, who has worldwide knowledge about that, and read articles about Aston Martin Vanquish, Porche 911 or Mercedes AMG.

3. asked my son not to wash his hair for 2 weeks, so he can has “RPatzz’ messy hair” – my husbie got mad on this.. LOL and my son said “mama jorok..”

4. Tried to make my husbie wears a wrist band. He refused of course, because he knew it’s edward’s thing :p

5. kept telling my son that his height must be 185 cm (as tall as RPatzz), he was drooling his eyes and said, ” yeah.. just like edward pattinson…” He used to call him Edward Pattinson to pissing me off :p

6. Started to note various words in every articles about anything I read, everywhere I go, only to find perfect words to describe Robert Pattinson.

Actually, I still have many in rows, but the above are enough to describe my craziness about Twilight and especially Robert Pattinson. My new star crush.

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