Strict Expectations for Action Scenes, Han Geng and Wu Chun Frequently Injured on set.

163 Ent. Reports on February 25th: Scripted by Zou Jingzhi, action directed by Sammo Hung, directed by Gao Xiao Song and starred by Han Geng, Wu Chun and Barbie Hsu, romance action big production is currently in tense post-production. Recently, the crew unveiled a set of photos from an action scene between Han Geng and Wu Chun. Under the tutelage of Sammo Hung, the duo’s life-risking fighting spirit mirrors with Donnie Yen.

brothers becoming enemies

Han Geng & Wu Chun fought to the end

Han Geng with murder in his eyes

Sammo Hung personally demonstrates for Han Geng and Wu Chun

Sammo Hung Keeps Nothing and Personally Passes on Marital Arts Secrets

Having started showing his skills since Bruce Lee era, Sammo Hung is without a doubt the most reputable number one in the current movie industry. No matter traditional, detailed, Hong Kong Action flicks, or grand Mainland Martial Arts films, as long as there’s Sammo Hung’s participation, the movie gets a stamped of approval. Actually, Sammo Hung does not only have such a high reputation in China, the international movie scene also sees him as the epitome of Chinese Kung Fu. International media often shower him with praises on the martial arts spirit that he shows through the camera.

Movie can be said as a work that Sammo Hung put his heart and soul in. The plot is of a story that he dreamed of for a long time, a script that he waited years for. Before the filming the movie, he had already designed all the action settings and the moves, and filmed these moves and actions to let the actors to prepare a head of time. The two male leads, Han Geng and Wu Chun started training two months before filming. From cable hanging to wrestling to one on one fights, Sammo Hung personally supervised, corrected their movements and was extremely strict with these two actors with no prior martial arts training, not letting a single move by.

During the formal shooting, in order to reach the best image, instructed Han Geng and Wu Chun move by move, and even often demonstrates the martial arts moves personally, and tells the duo to practice again and again. When shooting starts, he never minded keeping on reshooting in order to reach perfection, training the two newcomers like Donnie Yen. According to the staff, in shooting hardship like never before was experienced, a scene where the brothers fought took more then 50 hours to complete. Due to the high risk and danger of the scene, Sammo Hung and another martial arts director, demonstrated over ten times before letting Wu Chun on set. In the three day two nights of filming, neither the director nor the actors had any breaks in between, only to show the “perfect martial arts” on the silver screen.

Han Geng Life-risking, Wu Chun Frequently Injured by Cable Hanging

After the devil training by Sammo Hung and the Hong martial arts troupe of teachers acting as personal practice partners 24 hour a day, Han Geng and Wu Chun already had all the moves and martial arts actions memorized by heart. From the scene that was shot that day, “younger brother” Meng Er Kui, played by Han Geng and “older brother” Guan Yi Long played by Wu Chun no longer had the loving brotherhood relationship that they had when they first stepped into Shanghai, the duo’s relationship was that of hatred caused by differences, they became enemies. In the cramped second floor of the theater backstage, Han Geng loomed closer to Wu Chun holding a dagger towards him, every punch connecting, every stab for the kill, his eyes showed murder. However Wu Chun couldn’t bear to fight back, rapidly dodging and defending himself, it seemed that that the duo’s years of brotherhood had vanished.

Han Geng holding the dagger, not only needed to remember the movements but also had to be careful not to accidentally hurt himself or Wu Chun, at the same time needing to show the anger and hared in Er Kui’s heart. It was an extreme challenge to his acting. In this scene, Wu Chun needed to be cable hanging, to get kicked by Han Geng to the level below. It needed tactic understanding between the two of them. Han Geng and Wu Chun have been hanging and cables for two days, both arms and hands were full of injuries due to constant fighting, but they kept on having to hit on the previous injuries. It was a challenge both mentally and physically. Not only until after finishing the filming of the scene did the two male leads realize that due to constant raw fighting, the back of their hand were scrapped, their arms were bruised, their backs and legs were in pain due to swelling. Full of injuries, the duo have to start fighting with full energy the next day. Their work ethics moved even Sammo Hung.

Working together for the first time, both Han Geng and Wu Chun sees as their representative work, and weren’t afraid to film while injured for the perfect martial arts effects. In the current lack of top martial arts movies, the filmed containing the heart and soul of Sammo Hung, Han Geng and Wu Chun, is definitely worthy of the audiences’ wait. According to our information, this movie will air in the second half of 2011.

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